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Zero Hour features the all new Generals Challenge mode, in this mode you will battle 9 AI computer controlled Generals. Each time you beat one of them, you’ll be able to take that force online against other players. These challenges are definitely meant to test your skills so some research about these Generals will be needed. This is an overview of the new Generals.


Malcolm “Ace” Granger

zh_grangergenerals_faction_usaSide: USA
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: US Air Force
Class Number: 08291102-HBGB
Stationed: Fort Belmont, Houston, Texas, USA
Tactical Overview: Air Force
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

The son of an Iowa crop duster, General Malcolm Granger’s flying career began at the age of 12, when he borrowed his father’s biplane to go to the state fair in Kansas City. As a lieutenant in the Vietnam War, Granger became an ace in a single afternoon, knocking out four MiG-17s over Da Nang. As he moved up the Air Force ranks, Granger earned a reputation for advancing the role of fighting aircraft in the U.S. military. Even-tempered yet uncompromising, Granger has developed novel techniques in fuel management and resource deployment during air superiority operations. Those techniques have been used with success in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theatres. His squadrons are known for precision execution and a strong will to complete the mission.

Unique units: Combat Chinook, King Raptor
Unique upgrades and powers: Stealth Comanche, Carpet Bomber

Army Modifications:

  • All aircraft receive laser point defense systems.
  • Aircraft are cheaper to produce.
  • A-10 Thunderbolts at Level 1, 2, and 3 cost fewer Generals points.
  • Stealth Fighters are available at the start.
  • Crusader and Paladin Tanks are unavailable.
  • When a Supply Center and War Factory are created, Combat Chinooks can be built in addition to the regular Chinooks.


Alexis Alexander

zh_alexandergenerals_faction_usaSide: USA
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: US Marine Corps
Class Number: 07121969-HB
Stationed: Camp Franklin, Belfast, Maine, USA
Tactical Overview: Superweapons
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

A logistics staffer in Okinawa, Alexander attracted the notice of her superiors with her ability to acquire just about anything. Alexander parleyed that ability into a scholarship and a long and distinguished career in the Marines. To protect supply lines during the first GLA conflict, Alexander developed a tiered scheme of defenses that did not allow a single strike on any of her supply columns. While hardly efficient in her use of resources, General Alexander makes defense and resource acquisition priorities in the early phases of conflict. The general’s army takes to the offensive only when she has superior offensive fire-power that cannot be touched by counter-attack.

Unique units: Aurora Alpha
Unique structures: EMP Patriot
Unique upgrades and powers: Advanced Control Rods

Army Modifications:

  • Particle Cannons cost much less to produce.
  • All vehicles cost more to produce.
  • Crusader and Paladin Tanks are unavailable.


“Pinpoint” Townes

zh_townesgenerals_faction_usaSide: USA
Rank: 4-Star General
Branch: US Army
Class Number: 00010204-0IKE0
Stationed: Fort Union, Redwood Shores, California, USA
Tactical Overview: Lasers
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

An early champion of laser technology in the USA Armed Forces, “Pinpoint” Townes has developed comprehensive offensive and defensive strategies for the 21st century around laser-based weapons. It is only in recent years that powerful lasers became cheap enough and light enough to mount on battlefield weapons, and General Townes has deployed them throughout his forces. This four-star general continues to push the technology envelope in harnessing energy and improving power efficiency, and the Army is counting heavily on him.

Unique units: Laser Tank
Unique structures: Laser Defense Turret

Army Modifications:

  • Avengers cost less to produce.
  • Tomahawk Missile Launcher is unavailable.
  • Crusader and Paladin Tanks are unavailable.


Shin Fai “Anvil”

zh_faigenerals_faction_chinaSide: China
Rank: General, Class AAA
Branch: People’s Liberation Army
Class Number: 2030-200403-1
Stationed: Camp Snake, Beijing, China
Tactical Overview: Infantry
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

On the battlefield, China’s greatest resource is the millions of individuals in uniform, and General Shin has staked a career on them. Known to his troopers as The Anvil, General Shin can mobilize four divisions in twenty-four hours thanks to a streamlined, and sometimes brutal, command structure. Discipline is very strong with General Shin, and officers and infantry who can maintain it are rewarded. The General has developed advanced field training programs for the Red Guard and elite operatives. Military analysts credit the speed and professionalism of General Shin’s peacekeeping units with preventing the Taiwan Conflict of 2018 from becoming a global war. His divisions feature several weapons and transport systems unique in the People’s Liberation Army.

Unique units: Mini-Gunner, Assault Troop Transport, Attack Outpost
Unique structures: Fortified Bunker
Unique upgrades and powers: Infantry Paradrop (1/2/3)

Army Modifications:

  • All infantry start at Veteran level.
  • Nationalism upgrade is available at start.
  • Horde Bonus is increased.
  • Battlemaster and Overlord Tanks are unavailable.


Tsing Shi Tao

zh_taogenerals_faction_chinaSide: China
Rank: General, Class AAA
Branch: People’s Liberation Army
Class Number: 0000-CF5E36-1
Stationed: Base Ox, Chengdu, China
Tactical Overview: Nuclear energy
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

General Tsing gets what he wants, at any cost. Impatient to a fault, General Tsing relies heavily on nuclear technology on the battlefield. Unfortunately, there have been several terrible accidents. While General Tsing was the responsible officer during the Mudanjiang Disaster of 2014, his considerable talents saved his career. General Tsing believes such trials and errors are part of the development process. His divisions are beginning to see the results of his convictions, as a prototype of an advanced nuclear power plant has produced better results. Programs to develop tactical nukes and to promote stability in radioactive isotopes are producing better safety records, which will be well-received by his troops.

Unique structures: Advanced Nuclear Reactor
Unique upgrades and powers: Isotope Stability, Tactical Nuke MiG, Nuke Bomber

Army Modifications:

  • All tanks start with uranium shells and speed upgrades.
  • Power plants generate more power.
  • Nuke Cannon is available at start.


Ta Hun Kwai

zh_kwaigenerals_faction_chinaSide: China
Rank: General, Class AAA
Branch: People’s Liberation Army
Class Number: 9999-322436-5
Stationed: Base Rat, Jinan, China
Tactical Overview: Tanks
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Campaign Play, Online

General Ta Hun Kwai is convinced that the People’s Liberation Army will see its greatest military successes in this century through the view holes of its tank divisions. A disciple of Soviet tank tactics of the Cold War, General Ta has produced technical papers on various modifications to them. He has initiated development of techniques to reduce the costs of tank production and has sponsored the Emperor program, whose first tanks rolled off the assembly line in 2019. Considered part of the old guard in the PLA hierarchy, General Ta nevertheless continues to roll up victory after victory in battle.

Unique units: Emperor Overlord
Unique upgrades and powers: Tank Drop (1/2/3)

Army Modifications:

  • All tanks start at veteran level.
  • Tanks cost less to produce. Construction time is unchanged.
  • Aircraft cost more to build.
  • Inferno and Nuke Cannons are unavailable.


Dr. Thrax

zh_drthraxgenerals_faction_glaSide: GLA-allied
Rank: Unknown
Cell: Unknown
ID Number: Unknown
Homeland: Unknown
Tactical Overview: Biological and chemical weapons
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

Little is known about the GLA associate codenamed, “Dr. Thrax.” While background intelligence indicates that he received training as an immunologist in Jordan, he left academics in 1995 and disappeared into a GLA-controlled ghetto in Cairo. For the past twenty years, he has produced chemical and biological weapons for terrorist organizations across the globe, including the GLA. Recent eavesdropping on cell phone traffic indicates that Dr. Thrax has become more involved in day-to-day operations of the GLA. He has scattered labs across Asia and the Middle East, where low-cost WMDs are produced and distributed to local terrorist cells. A cautious and scientific personality, Dr. Thrax never sleeps in the same bed two nights in a row and undergoes frequent cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance.

Unique units: Toxin Rebel, Toxin Terrorist
Unique structures: Toxin Network
Unique upgrades and powers: Anthrax Gamma

Army Modifications

  • All tanks start with Toxin Shells.
  • All Toxins begin as Anthrax Beta.
  • Some missiles are toxin-tipped.
  • Camouflaged units or capabilities are unavailable, except for Jarmen Kell.


Rodall “Demo” Juhziz

zh_juhzizgenerals_faction_glaSide: GLA
Rank: Unknown
Cell: Scorpion
ID Number: Unknown
Homeland: Unknown
Tactical Overview: Explosives
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

This bomb-maker of Middle Eastern ancestry is responsible for some of the most devastating terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century. General Juhziz and his organization have been tied to both the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo and the sinking of the USS Nelsen in 2012. Such bold strikes have drawn more supporters to his side, including bombers from many nations willing to sacrifice their lives for the causes of the GLA. General Juhziz lost the use of a hand in a bomb-making accident and rarely speaks to anyone outside of his own organization.


Unique structures: Advanced Demo Trap
Unique upgrades and powers: Suicide

Army Modifications:

  • Bomb Trucks cost less to produce.
  • All Terrorists do more damage.
  • Booby Trap upgrade is available at start.
  • Combat Cycles are ridden by a Terrorist at start.
  • Stealth units or capabilities are unavailable, except for Jarmen Kell.
  • Toxin upgrades are unavailable. SCUD Storm, SCUD Launcher, and Bomb Truck are packed with explosives.


Prince Kassad

zh_kassadgenerals_faction_glaSide: GLA
Rank: Unknown
Cell: Cobra
ID Number: Unknown
Homeland: Tripoli, Libya
Tactical Overview: Camouflage
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

Prince Kassad has cut a dashing figure across Middle Eastern politics and a violent one in the underworld. This charismatic tribal leader has organized spies and assassins across North Africa to do his bidding. Prince Kassad has been paid millions for assassinations, hijackings, and beatings in the street. For a three-year stretch beginning in 2008, it is believed that no terrorist action was taken on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea without his involvement or blessing. A clever administrator of a serpentine organization, he has never been directly tied to any criminal activity, yet bad things continue to happen to individuals and forces that stand in his way.

Army Modifications:

  • All structures can be upgraded with Camo Netting.
  • After you purchase Camo Netting at the Supply Stash, workers are camouflaged when collecting supplies.
  • Camouflage upgrade is available to Rebels at start.
  • Base Defenses start with Camo Netting.
  • Hijacker is available at start.
  • GPS Scrambler is available at Level 3, instead of Level 5. It recharges faster.
  • Prince Kassad does not have the use of tanks or the SCUD Launcher.


Leang “Tigress”

zh_leanggenerals_faction_chinaSide: China
Rank: General, Class AAAA
Branch: People’s Liberation Army
Class Number: Unknown
Stationed: Near Tibet, China
Tactical Overview: Boss
Availability: Generals Challenge

As a member of the PLA’s Elite Forces, Leang is a flexible commander, leading a mixed military force that brings together the best infantry, vehicles, defensive structures and special forces operatives from the entire world. Her arsenal includes American troops, Chinese tanks, GLA guerillas and superweapons from all factions.


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