GenTool for C&C Generals and Zero Hour


GenTool provides enhanced game controls and optimizations to maximize your online gaming experience. Additionally it comes with three anti cheat solutions for Generals and Zero Hour. The program is easy to install and is fully functional with C&C: Generals v1.08, C&C: Generals Zero Hour v1.04, C&C: The First Decade and C&C: The Ultimate Collection.


GenTool is created by xezon, and published by doesn’t provide support for GenTool. We only host this mirror for convenience. For more information about GenTool please visit the following links…


Fixes/Improvements 8.8

  • Reverted FPS limiter changes to avoid the performance issue on Windows 11

New Features 8.7

  • Added compatibility with Generals and Zero Hour The Ultimate Collection (Steam, EA App)
  • Added warning message popup for non-x87 compatible generals executables
  • Fixed game version mismatches for various compatible executables
  • Fixed missing hashing of scb files for game version hash generations
  • Fixed C&C Online login kick by generating random ergc game keys when so required
  • Added -showFrameCount command line argument to draw frame counts

Fixes/Improvements 8.7

  • Fixed severe performance degradation with Steam Overlay (GameOverlayRenderer.dll)
  • Fixed crash on application boot with Windows XP 32
  • Fixed dysfunctional GenTool Updater in Windows XP
  • Fixed theoretically unsafe code with Windows XP
  • Fixed minor inaccuracy of FPS counter and FPS limiter
  • Fixed incorrect terrain draw distance after changing camera height
  • Changed Upload Player ID generation by adding another salt
  • Improved game version names for uploaded txt files
  • Removed forceful disabling of Origin In Game (IGO32.dll)
  • Updater: Improved patch file formats and capabilities
  • Updater: Improved the maps patcher for future map releases
  • Updater: Removed the replacement of the Zero Hour no-CD game.dat
  • Updater: Removed the replacement of the Generals Origin generals.exe

New Features 8.6

  • Added PNG screenshot option in GenTool Menu
  • Added limited feature compatibility for Thyme

Fixes/Improvements 8.6

  • Fixed crash on game start affecting some users

New Features 8.5

  • Added auto detection for modifications that require full viewport (Control Bar Pro)
  • Added fixes for scroll speed to act consistently in different resolutions, viewports, pitch

Fixes/Improvements 8.5

  • Reworked GenTool functionality related to accessing BIG Files

New Features 8.4

  • Added new Upload Mode for Replays and Screenshots

Fixes/Improvements 8.4

  • Fixed potential MDS false positives with “OverlordGattlingCannon”
  • Fixed broken version number in GenTool menu

Fixes/Improvements 8.3

  • Fixed crash when pressing Shift + Number while playing
  • Fixed crash on application boot with Windows XP 32 bit

New Features 8.2

  • Added alternative brightness settings at +129 to +256

Fixes/Improvements 8.2

  • Fixed issue with Money Display
  • Fixed issue with text in MDS Popup
  • Changed SAVE REP, SAVE ALL Upload Mode options to also store censored Replay file on disk

New Features 8.1

  • Added new User ID generation for Upload Mode
  • Added some user hardware information in uploaded *.txt file
  • Added fix for game bug that would crash all clients in a multiplayer match
  • Added fix for black supply piles in Replay playback
  • Added full viewport support with command line argument “-forcefullviewport”

Fixes/Improvements 8.1

  • Fixed wrong names in Money Display on some maps (“Rain”, “Civilian Res”)
  • Changed GenTool brightness option range to -128 +128

New Features 8.0

  • Added Replay Controls bar at bottom of the screen in Replay mode
  • Added feature to set a Time Pause (JK) in Replay to Fast Forward (F) to
  • Added Mod support for player colors in multiplayer.ini that will work with Money Display
  • Added censorship of IP addresses for Replay and Text files uploaded with GenTool

Fixes/Improvements 8.0

  • Fixed a crash on game launch with Zero Hour The First Decade installations
  • Fixed an issue where GenTool notification popup would never disappear after game launch
  • Fixed an issue where game controls would freeze at match start
  • Fixed an issue where Generals would freeze on shutdown
  • Fixed an issue where WindowZH.big and Window.big could no longer be patched
  • Fixed an issue that would log file names incorrectly in gentool.log file
  • Fixed an issue that would generate images for upload after game session was completed
  • Fixed an issue that would break Upload Mode when toggling its menu option
  • Removed LastReplay.rep functionality in Upload Mode
  • Removed the ‘You are using a cracked binary’ GenTool message
  • Added Display (Menu) options 19, 20
  • Changed Frame Step (O) replay functionality to no longer turn off Fast Forward (F)
  • Changed font type and size of Ticker and Event message(s)
  • Changed MDS+ Text to no longer show when GenTool Display (Menu) option is turned OFF
  • Changed MDS Popup to display player names with player colors
  • Changed MDS Popup to longer show button information
  • Refactored replay parsing code

Fixes/Improvements 7.9.3

  • Undocumented change(s)

Fixes/Improvements 7.9.2

  • Two critical bugs fixed (undocumented)

New Features 7.9

  • Added player rank (*) and experience points (XP) to Money Display
  • Enabled Money Display for match observers
  • Enabled full access to Camera Height and Camera Pitch feature for match observers

Fixes/Improvements 7.9

  • Fixed a crash on game shutdown caused by the use of a DirectX 8 to DirectX 9 wrapper
  • Fixed an issue that would show Money Display for players sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where Camera Height feature could be exploited in LAN matches
  • Fixed non-functional ranked maps if game client was started without internet connection
  • Removed observer player entries from Money Display
  • Removed popup message when launching the game with GameRanger
  • Reworked GenTool key input manager
  • Improved Match Timer to show the actual match progress instead of passed time
  • Enabled full compatibility with Zero Hour Contra Mod
  • Upload Mode: Fixed a directory issue when uploading files
  • Upload Mode: Fixed errors 23, 35, 56 at begin of upload session
  • Upload Mode: Increased quality of uploaded images
  • Upload Mode: Decreased upload session retry wait time from 120 to 60 seconds
  • Upload Mode: Removed minimum replay size limit (5 kb) from upload session
  • Upload Mode: Improved contents and formatting of replay text information
  • Upload Mode: Improved upload session success message to show full upload url
  • Updater: Fixed broken patching of Window.big or WindowZH.big for some game installations
  • Updater: Removed broken map.ini from [RANK] Australia ZH v1
  • Updater: Disabled installations of ReadMe txt files
  • Updater: Implemented new *.dat format for generic patch files

New Features 7.8

  • Added new ranked maps to GenTool updater
  • Added custom map list size patching to GenTool updater to list up to 1200 maps
  • Added player money display in replay and observer modes
  • Added text size toggle on [Numpad +] and [Numpad -] keys
  • Added player name and player id information in uploaded replay txt file

Fixes/Improvements 7.8

  • Fixed tick threading issue that would cause wrong timers
  • Changed folder structure in uploaded data to separate online and network matches
  • Changed text in GenTool menu
  • Improved code in Upload Mode

Fixes/Improvements 7.7

  • Fixed a crash when GenTool failed to connect to the Internet
  • Fixed a crash in Upload Mode when using certain Mods
  • Fixed a bug in Upload Mode where replays would be uploaded with wrong dates

Fixes/Improvements 7.6

  • Fixed a bug where a new team selection would not be selectable for 2 seconds
  • Fixed a bug in Upload Mode where replays would be uploaded with wrong dates
  • Fixed MDS false positive when an infantry unit captures a stealthed abandoned vehicle

New Features 7.5

  • Enabled reveal of random colors and start positions with Random Balance
  • Enabled extra camera height in singleplayer missions
  • Enabled low camera pitch values in singleplayer missions
  • CNC Online: Added 2v2 ladder scoreboard and points preview
  • Added menu display option to disable ticker/event/ladder displays
  • Added support for chain loading other d3d8 files (d3d8x.dll, -proxy custom.dll)
  • Added MDS checks for detecting maphack with buildings during replay playback
  • Added support for custom camera heights in mods and custom maps (singleplayer, online)

Fixes/Improvements 7.5

  • Disabled GenTool initialization in WorldBuilder
  • Changed scroll speed value steps in GenTool menu
  • Changed the ini file validation to accept the modification of a variety of UI related files
  • Improved the screenshot feature to allow taking images without limitations (F11 button)
  • Improved Anti Cheat
  • Improved MDS performance
  • Improved internal memory management and performance
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong ticker event times for American time zones (UTC-x)
  • Fixed potential crashes
  • Refactored major parts of code

New Features 7.4

  • Added rank support for more custom community maps

Fixes/Improvements 7.4

  • Slight performance improvement on custom ranked map validation routine

Fixes/Improvements 7.3

  • Fixed GenTool compatibility bug with Generals German2 version
  • Fixed an exploit in LAN
  • Added ‘CNC Online’ match mode to Upload Mode text information
  • Updater: Fixed a faulty result message in GenTool Updater
  • Refactored minor parts of code

Fixes/Improvements 7.2

  • Fixed GenTool bug that would crash game on Windows XP
  • Fixed Game File Validation incompatibility with Zero Hour ME 2009
  • Added ‘GameRanger’ match type to Upload Mode text information

New Features 7.1

  • Added full GameRanger support for Upload Mode, Ticker and GenTool updater
  • Added Fault Tolerant Heap to help against C&C:Online match freeze
  • CNC Online: Added Point Reward Preview for Shatabrick Ladder
  • Anti Cheat: Added a Game File Validator that blocks cheat mods

Fixes/Improvements 7.1

  • Fixed critical crash and performance issue from ‘Origin In Game’
  • Fixed GenTool crash on game shutdown (when run without compat mode)
  • Fixed GenTool crash in ‘WorldBuilder’
  • Added a warning message in the event that ‘Origin In Game’ is used
  • Improved internal Anti Cheat mechanisms
  • Removed the game version mismatch message for ‘WorldBuilder’
  • Removed obsolete terrain draw modes from Render Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the ticker would draw an empty message
  • CNC Online: Now disables stats if not all players are on proper GenTool version (6.6)
  • CNC Online: Fixed a bug where the ladder display could stall the lobby
  • Updater: Fixed a code bug in the registry lookup of the Maps Patcher
  • Updater: Fixed a bug where the updater would re-download GenTool every time
  • Changed ‘upload.log’ (Unicode) to ‘gentool.log’ (ANSI)
  • Fixed general flaws in code
  • Refactored major parts of code

Fixes/Improvements 7.0

  • Fixed a series of critical exploits: SCUD bug, tunnel bug, building bug
  • Added a latency presentation as light blue frame count in GenTool HUD
  • Updater: Added update package to fix cracked game.dat in Zero Hour

Fixes/Improvements 7.0

  • Improved the Unofficial Maps tab in statistics enabled game room to remember map selection within current session
  • Changed MDS lag tolerance to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 64
  • Removed error messages on failed ticker loading
  • Added notification on game start to advertise to GameRanger players

New Features 6.9

  • CNC Online: Fixed a crash on log in

New Features 6.8

  • CNC Online: Enabled Relax Maps to be playable with statistics from unofficial map list
  • CNC Online: Added top 10 scoreboard(s) to online experience

Fixes/Improvements 6.8

  • Fixed a bug where matches were uploaded without date to server
  • Refactored GameSpy API to increase lobby performance
  • Updater: Added option to cancel installation of third party packages (e.g. Relax Maps)
  • Updater: Removed forced RUNASADMIN WINXPSP3 flags
  • Updater: Removed Direct Connect Fix for GameRanger users
  • Updater: Improved Updater functionality for UAC enabled systems

Fixes/Improvements 6.7

  • Fixed black screen issue in The First Decade – Generals Zero Hour

New Features 6.6

  • CNC Online: Added access to Generals Statistics server
  • CNC Online: Added exclusive access to Generals Ladder
  • Updater: Added Generals version mismatch fix for The Ultimate Collection (Origin)
  • Updater: Added Relax Maps as downloadable package for Zero Hour users
  • Updater: Added direct connect fix for non-English GameRanger users
  • Updater & Installer: Added force set of RUNASADMIN WINXPSP3 on generals.exe for Windows Vista and higher

Fixes/Improvements 6.6

  • Fixed a bug where the resolution text was not printed correctly on uploaded images
  • Improved GenTool Updater

New Features 6.5

  • Added game access to servers (Revora)
  • Added Auto Updater

Fixes/Improvements 6.5

  • Fixed a crash when launching a Generals Campaign mission
  • Fixed cursor lock with dual monitor setup
  • Adjusted UI content

Fixes/Improvements 6.4

  • Fixed potential crash on application shutdown
  • Fixed MDS issue where repairing unit on stealthed building caused false positive
  • Moved GenTool save folder from C:\GenTool to C:\Users\…\Documents\GenTool
  • Removed Upload Mode text when inside match or replay
  • Removed version specific Ticker messages
  • Changed Upload Mode to work with latest game versions only
  • Changed Screenshot folder name from “Shots” to “Images”
  • Changed maximum JPG quality setting from 100 to 95
  • Changed Lobby FPS to 20 when windowed game is not in foreground
  • Reworked game version authentication

Fixes/Improvements 6.3

  • Fixed Windows 8 Crash (apphelp.dll)
  • Fixed Origin crash from Origin Game Overlay (IGO32.dll)
  • Fixed upload bug where screenshot was taken twice
  • Fixed non-unique upload player ID in folder name
  • Fixed some exploits in Upload Mode
  • Added fixes to prevent local zoom hack in LAN matches
  • Added check for GameRanger to hide GenTool intro screen (-nologo startup parameter)
  • Changed GenTool’s brightness behavior
  • Refactored key management
  • Improved memory usage

Fixes/Improvements 6.2

  • Improved Fix for ScudBug
  • Improved time management for Upload Mode and other clock dependent features
  • Removed force time update on Windows clock
  • Added incompatible version warning to Generals – The Ultimate Collection
  • Improved some code

New Features 6.1

  • Added full support for Generals and Zero Hour from The Ultimate Collection
  • Added code fixes for Scud Bug
  • Added code fixes for Multiplayer Crash when many units are in movement

Fixes/Improvements 6.1

  • Fixed potential crash when Player Table was opened
  • Fixed broken online nickname warnings
  • Fixed broken MDS in Generals
  • Changed Player Table layout
  • Minor code optimizations

Fixes/Improvements 6.0

  • Reverted some MDS changes from version 5.9
  • Improved MDS techniques

New Features 5.9

  • Added MDS Profiler/Output
  • Added Brightness option to GenTool menu

Fixes/Improvements 5.9

  • Fixed “GetLogicalProcessorInformation” crash for Windows XP SP2 and lower
  • Fixed “unknown” upload directory in CCG upload mode
  • Fixed blurry GenTool image on boot up
  • Changed Config Save to keep settings accross new versions
  • Increased overall MDS performance
  • Improved MDS detection accuracy by scanning player actions
  • Improved MDS AIState retrieval strategy
  • Improved Scrolling behaviour when the Spetating mode or MDS Popup is active
  • Improved Event readability by converting UTC to local times
  • Improved Event logic
  • Refactored/Optimized code for readability and efficiency

Fixes/Improvements 5.8

  • Fixed major performance issues by improving Single Core and Multi Core CPU techniques
  • Fixed missing plane lock warning in CCG MDS
  • Fixed missing deletion of left over files from Upload Mode on application quit during active upload
  • Added deactivation of scroll while player spectating is enabled in Replay mode

New Features 5.7

  • Added event scheduler in main menu

Fixes/Improvements 5.7

  • Fixed possible crash when MDS was used with replays containing non-ASCII player names
  • Fixed MDS false positive due lock under fog on buildings
  • Fixed MDS false positive due workers clearing mines
  • Fixed MDS false positive due angry mobs auto locking units in fog (added warning)

Fixes/Improvements 5.6

  • Fixed Error 45, Error 13 and similar on game launch/exit
  • Fixed MDS false positives due attack-move with high range and similar moves
  • Fixed user error with wrong windows clock DST settings by increasing clock adjustment tolerance to 1:05 hours
  • Fixed upload.log not being saved to correct location when storage was changed
  • Added modding support by allowing custom camera height settings from GameData.ini
  • Added popup on game start if game version is not fully supported
  • Changed texts
  • Changed major parts of code

Fixes 5.5

  • Fixed mismatch bug from previous GenTool version
  • Fixed potential crash with replay observer
  • Fixed non closing MDS popup when pressing P without player selected
  • Minor code changes

New Features 5.4

  • Fixed multiple game crashes when selecting players in replay mode
  • Fixed game crash when leaving replay mode while player places beacon
  • Added Fog of War in replay mode to see match through player’s eyes
  • Added Auto Focus Spectating of observed player (ZH only)
  • Added Auto Camera height adjustment in Replay when fog enabled
  • Added Maphack Detection System in replay mode
  • Added Frame Stepping for Pause in replay mode
  • Added automatic Windows Clock adjustment if it is set wrong on game start

Fixes/Improvements 5.4

  • Fixed rare crash on game start caused by Upload Mode
  • Fixed uploading issue when using # in LAN nickname
  • Fixed text size issue when using Windows DPI higher than 100%
  • Fixed replay match timer inaccuracies when using fast forward
  • Fixed minor issue with ControlBar toggle in replay mode
  • Fixed minor issue in font class
  • Added cracked game.dat to be compatible (ZH only)
  • Added version recognition in PlayerTable with older GenTool versions
  • Added note about match location in Replay Information text file
  • Changed match length time format in Replay Information text file
  • Changed storage device options to decrease user mistakes
  • Changed lobby ping appearance of non GenTool players
  • Changed GenTool menu appearance and colors
  • Changed appearance of lobby nickname warnings as popups
  • Changed appearance of game timer
  • Removed [Pause] key of replay pause but kept [P]
  • Reworked major parts of code

Fixes 4.7

  • Fixed crash when files failed uploading
  • Fixed missing GenTool root folder creation leading to failing uploads/screenshots
  • Fixed storage device not being saved to config

Fixes 4.6

  • Fixed 3 potential crashes
  • Fixed several config exploits
  • Fixed minor intro screen text issue
  • Fixed minor nickname warning message issue
  • Fixed window position issue from using left/top windows taskbar
  • Added new upload server at
  • Added Upload Mode status to Player Table
  • Added frame counter to replay timer
  • Added new messages in upload.log in case of upload failures
  • Excluded Observers from turning off Random Balance
  • Excluded Observers from uploading screenshots
  • Changed render mode shader
  • Changed minor aspects of menu
  • Changed Player Table making it incompatible with older versions incl. Random Balance
  • Decreased upload screenshot quality
  • Improved upload security
  • Improved upload pipeline
  • Improved upload status output
  • Improved replay save to store broken replays
  • Improved ticker system
  • Improved major parts of code
  • Removed game freeze when quitting game during active upload
  • Removed ticker message when using WorldBuilder

Fixes 4.2

  • Fixed possible crash on game launch
  • Fixed crash when toggling Camera Rotation in Generals
  • Fixed Resolution Lock & Cursor Lock toggle issue on Windows 7
  • Fixed Replay Speed & Camera Rotation settings not restored correctly from config file
  • Fixed logic issue with Camera Pitch toggle keys
  • Fixed minor issues in Screenshot procedure
  • Improved performance of 16 Bit screenshot procedure
  • Improved Window Position to consider windows taskbar and 2nd monitor
  • Improved code
  • Renamed default Fps Limit value to “Default”
  • Removed Camera Pitch numpad key toggle in lobby
  • Removed Camera Pitch toggle when replay is paused
  • Added alternative Pause button on P-key
  • Added upward limit for Scroll Speed option

New Features 4.1

  • Added Camera Rotation speed option
  • Added Replay Fast Forward speed option
  • Added Replay Pause button
  • Modified Replay Game Timer to display the real runtime
  • Modified Replay Camera Pitch to allow changes down to 16.5
  • Added Replay Camera Extra option to increase camera height and draw entire terrain
  • Added Replay Render Mode with wireframes and polycounts
  • Added more FPS limit options
  • Added file size HUD information when taking screenshot
  • Removed Game Controls input when opening GenTool menu in game mode
  • Added Escape for quit and Return for toggle as alternative GenTool menu buttons
  • Added minor visual changes to GenTool menu

Fixes 4.1

  • Fixed crash when launching game with GameRanger
  • Fixed missing upload retry upon failed fileserver connection
  • Fixed HUD/Ticker overlapping GenTool menu
  • Fixed Camera Pitch issues in Replay
  • Fixed Camera Pitch issues in Shellmap
  • Fixed Map scroll bounding issue upon camera change
  • Fixed taking Screenshot in WorldBuilder when window not active
  • Reworked GenTool key technology to avoid issues with other programs using GetAsyncKeyState()
  • Improved Ticker rendering to avoid warping text during loading times
  • Improved GenTool menu code
  • General code refactoring

Fixes 3.3

  • Fixed WorldBuilder incompatibility issues
  • Added 16-bit Color mode support for screenshots
  • Fixed rare gentool menu rendering issue
  • Fixed flaw in Player Table to avoid rare false detection
  • Fixed “null” string in upload.log
  • Improved screenshot messages
  • Fixed minor replay file naming issue when observer was involved
  • Improved some code

Fixes 3.2

  • Fixed rare upload mode hang
  • Increased internet time request from 5 to 10 seconds to help avoiding wrong dates on Fileserver
  • Fixed mistake in ID generation code to avoid multiple and duplicate ID’s

Fixes 3.1

  • Fixed rare ALT+Tab crash
  • Fixed crash from wrong FPS rate
  • Fixed broken scroll speed
  • Fully reworked widescreen, camera pitch and scroll speed

New Features 3.0

  • Improved Anti cheat for local maphack detection
  • Added GenTool menu (press Insert)
  • Added live GenTool detection in GameSpy lobby
  • Added player table to see UID, GenTool, etc in GameSpy lobby
  • Added random balancing feature
  • Unlocked all supported resolutions in options menu
  • Added option to forbid resolution changes
  • Added warning if GameSpy nickname is bugged or bad
  • Added new upload modes to keep/delete local files
  • Changed intro layout and added skip button
  • Added window mode repositioning after resolution change
  • Added more text size options
  • Added JPG quality option for F11 shots
  • Added log file for upload transactions in GenTool root folder
  • Removed unnecessary toggle keys
  • Many other tweaks and improvements

Fixes 3.0

  • Fixed memory leak
  • Possibly fixed rare crash from upload mode
  • Avoid double and duplicate ID’s for upload folder
  • Removed useless underscore in replay name
  • Removed upload retry if connection was not established to file server
  • Improved CPU performance of text
  • Added library to avoid possible XP incompatibility issue
  • Fixed broken F9 menu toggle
  • Fixed failing uploads when previous upload session failed
  • Fixed camera bug

New Features 2.1

  • Added full Generals 1.8 support
  • Added full The First Decade support
  • Added observer chat
  • Added configuration save
  • Upload Mode: Added RepInfo detection
  • Upload Mode: Now attempts to re-upload files to server
  • Upload Mode: Exchanged UID from upload name with unique ID
  • Upload Mode: Changed replay folders to Game\Month\Day\Player
  • Anti Cheat: Shuts down the game when cheat was detected
  • Changed camera pitch limit

Fixes 2.1

  • Upload Mode: Added unicode support to solve path problems
  • Upload Mode: Bad player name will now be replaced with “player”
  • Upload Mode: {0} in player name will now be removed
  • Upload Mode: Now uses system drive as storage location
  • Upload Mode: Now uses internet time to avoid wrong date on file server
  • Improved general performance
  • Fixed crash on game shutdown
  • Fixed many code issues

New Features 1.8

  • Added Upload mode (serves as anti cheat)
  • Added JPG screenshot (F11)
  • Added camera pitching (PgDown/PageUp keys)
  • Added scroll speed adjustment (+/- keys)

Fixes 1.8

  • Improved Ticker
  • Fixed many minor issues

New Features 1.4

  • Added widescreen resolution support
  • Added toggle for menu Bar in replay mode

Fixes 1.4

  • Fixed issue preventing all text not showing up
  • Fixed issue showing ticker with failing content

Initial Release (1.0) Features

  • Clock display
  • Match and Replay Timer
  • News Ticker
  • FPS Limiter
  • Window positions presets for window mode
  • Cursor lock for window mode and two monitor setup