FEATURES: GenTool for C&C Generals and Zero Hour


GenTool provides enhanced game controls and optimizations to maximize your online gaming experience. Additionally it comes with three anti cheat solutions for Generals and Zero Hour. The program is easy to install and is fully functional with C&C Generals 1.8, C&C Generals Zero Hour 1.04, Generals Deluxe Edition, The First Decade and The Ultimate Collection.


GenTool is created by xezon, and published by GameReplays.org. CNCNZ.com doesn’t provide support for GenTool. We only host this mirror for convenience. For more information about GenTool please visit the following links…

The CNCNZ.com GenTool mirror is hosted on our MediaFire account. When you click the download button below the MediaFire download page will appear. Only click on the big GREEN download button from that page.


New Features 7.4

  • Added rank support for more custom community maps

Fixes/Improvements 7.4

  • Slight performance improvement on custom ranked map validation routine

Fixes/Improvements 7.3

  • Fixed GenTool compatibility bug with Generals German2 version
  • Fixed an exploit in LAN
  • Added ‘CNC Online’ match mode to Upload Mode text information
  • Updater: Fixed a faulty result message in GenTool Updater
  • Refactored minor parts of code

Fixes/Improvements 7.2

  • Fixed GenTool bug that would crash game on Windows XP
  • Fixed Game File Validation incompatibility with Zero Hour ME 2009
  • Added ‘GameRanger’ match type to Upload Mode text information

New Features 7.1

  • Added full GameRanger support for Upload Mode, Ticker and GenTool updater
  • Added Fault Tolerant Heap to help against C&C:Online match freeze
  • CNC Online: Added Point Reward Preview for Shatabrick Ladder
  • Anti Cheat: Added a Game File Validator that blocks cheat mods

Fixes/Improvements 7.1

  • Fixed critical crash and performance issue from ‘Origin In Game’
  • Fixed GenTool crash on game shutdown (when run without compat mode)
  • Fixed GenTool crash in ‘WorldBuilder’
  • Added a warning message in the event that ‘Origin In Game’ is used
  • Improved internal Anti Cheat mechanisms
  • Removed the game version mismatch message for ‘WorldBuilder’
  • Removed obsolete terrain draw modes from Render Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the ticker would draw an empty message
  • CNC Online: Now disables stats if not all players are on proper GenTool version (6.6)
  • CNC Online: Fixed a bug where the ladder display could stall the lobby
  • Updater: Fixed a code bug in the registry lookup of the Maps Patcher
  • Updater: Fixed a bug where the updater would re-download GenTool every time
  • Changed ‘upload.log’ (Unicode) to ‘gentool.log’ (ANSI)
  • Fixed general flaws in code
  • Refactored major parts of code

Fixes/Improvements 7.0

  • Fixed a series of critical exploits: SCUD bug, tunnel bug, building bug
  • Added a latency presentation as light blue frame count in GenTool HUD
  • Updater: Added update package to fix cracked game.dat in Zero Hour

Fixes/Improvements 7.0

  • Improved the Unofficial Maps tab in statistics enabled game room to remember map selection within current session
  • Changed MDS lag tolerance to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 64
  • Removed error messages on failed ticker loading
  • Added notification on game start to advertise cnc-online.net to GameRanger players

New Features 6.9

  • CNC Online: Fixed a crash on log in

New Features 6.8

  • CNC Online: Enabled Relax Maps to be playable with statistics from unofficial map list
  • CNC Online: Added shatabrick.com top 10 scoreboard(s) to online experience

Fixes/Improvements 6.8

  • Fixed a bug where matches were uploaded without date to server
  • Refactored GameSpy API to increase lobby performance
  • Updater: Added option to cancel installation of third party packages (e.g. Relax Maps)
  • Updater: Removed forced RUNASADMIN WINXPSP3 flags
  • Updater: Removed Direct Connect Fix for GameRanger users
  • Updater: Improved Updater functionality for UAC enabled systems

Fixes/Improvements 6.7

  • Fixed black screen issue in The First Decade – Generals Zero Hour

New Features 6.6

  • CNC Online: Added access to Generals Statistics server
  • CNC Online: Added exclusive access to Shatabrick.com Generals Ladder
  • Updater: Added Generals version mismatch fix for The Ultimate Collection (Origin)
  • Updater: Added Relax Maps as downloadable package for Zero Hour users
  • Updater: Added direct connect fix for non-English GameRanger users
  • Updater & Installer: Added force set of RUNASADMIN WINXPSP3 on generals.exe for Windows Vista and higher

Fixes/Improvements 6.6

  • Fixed a bug where the resolution text was not printed correctly on uploaded images
  • Improved GenTool Updater

New Features 6.5

  • Added game access to cnc-online.net servers (Revora)
  • Added Auto Updater

Fixes/Improvements 6.5

  • Fixed a crash when launching a Generals Campaign mission
  • Fixed cursor lock with dual monitor setup
  • Adjusted UI content

Fixes/Improvements 6.4

  • Fixed potential crash on application shutdown
  • Fixed MDS issue where repairing unit on stealthed building caused false positive
  • Moved GenTool save folder from C:\GenTool to C:\Users\…\Documents\GenTool
  • Removed Upload Mode text when inside match or replay
  • Removed version specific Ticker messages
  • Changed Upload Mode to work with latest game versions only
  • Changed Screenshot folder name from “Shots” to “Images”
  • Changed maximum JPG quality setting from 100 to 95
  • Changed Lobby FPS to 20 when windowed game is not in foreground
  • Reworked game version authentication

Fixes/Improvements 6.3

  • Fixed Windows 8 Crash (apphelp.dll)
  • Fixed Origin crash from Origin Game Overlay (IGO32.dll)
  • Fixed upload bug where screenshot was taken twice
  • Fixed non-unique upload player ID in folder name
  • Fixed some exploits in Upload Mode
  • Added fixes to prevent local zoom hack in LAN matches
  • Added check for GameRanger to hide GenTool intro screen (-nologo startup parameter)
  • Changed GenTool’s brightness behavior
  • Refactored key management
  • Improved memory usage

Fixes/Improvements 6.2

  • Improved Fix for ScudBug
  • Improved time management for Upload Mode and other clock dependent features
  • Removed force time update on Windows clock
  • Added incompatible version warning to Generals – The Ultimate Collection
  • Improved some code

New Features 6.1

  • Added full support for Generals and Zero Hour from The Ultimate Collection
  • Added code fixes for Scud Bug
  • Added code fixes for Multiplayer Crash when many units are in movement

Fixes/Improvements 6.1

  • Fixed potential crash when Player Table was opened
  • Fixed broken online nickname warnings
  • Fixed broken MDS in Generals
  • Changed Player Table layout
  • Minor code optimizations

Fixes/Improvements 6.0

  • Reverted some MDS changes from version 5.9
  • Improved MDS techniques
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