Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists all the most common questions we are asked about If something you are trying to get answered is not here, contact the staff.

Who founded the site, and who owns it?

The original site, TiberianSun.Net.NZ, was founded on 27 October 1997 by Sonic. On 11 June 2017, the owner and webmaster role was taken over by Rabbit (formerly known as Zee Hypnotist), and on 26 June 2018, he transferred it to Plok.

What happened to TiberianSun.Net.NZ?

TiberianSun.Net.NZ (TSNNZ) is still here, only bigger and better, in October 1998 we changed to Command & Conquer NZ.

When did first open?, or CNC.Net.NZ as it was in the past, was officially opened in mid-October of 1998 as Command & Conquer NZ. The domain itself was first used in 2000.

When did CNCNZ become

The site was officially renamed, using the .com part, when we purchased the domain name. We have, of course, retained that name ever since.

Who hosts

We are hosted by Avalon, who provide reliable web hosting at excellent prices. We are based on a server that is located in Croatia.

Can I get my site hosted on

We no longer host any sites, we are unable to help with this.

Can I join the staff?

If you ask us directly, chances are probably not, but we will keep in you mind. When we need new staff, we advertise on our main page. We sometimes ask certain people directly. You can write us articles and we may ask you join as a permanent article writer if it meets our standards.

How big is the staff at, and do you really need that many people?

In the early days, we had a large team here. All staff comes and goes as they please, since they are not paid to work on View our staff page for the current team.

Can my site become affiliates with

Please send an e-mail to adminemcncnz.

How do I submit news to

Submitting news to can be done via our Community News Forum. Simply post all the details about your community news item and it will be mentioned on the front page of You can also send us a News Tip. If you prefer, you can send you news via an e-mail to adminemcncnz.

Can I advertise on

Please check this forum thread for information and conditions.

What is the Roundtable Discussion?

The Roundtable Discussion feature here on is where the staff and selected people from the C&C community all come together to share their opinions about the most interesting or biggest news topics. The invited people could be from other well-known sites or people who contribute to the C&C community in various other ways. One thing is for sure – the answers given are not sugar-coated, they are presented to you as honest opinions. Sometimes we devote an entire Roundtable to a particular theme, such as a modding discussion.

My question is not covered here, what should I do?

Simple, contact the staff.