FEATURES: Nmenth’s Research Lab

Many technologies exist throughout the Command & Conquer series, but how do they compare to their real-world equivalents? Nmenth researches the real-life military applications of the technology featured in Command & Conquer to discover what among them is realistic or just imaginary.

An article exploring the realism of a different technology will be released on the first Monday of every month.

January 2018 – Lasers and Prisms

February 2018 – Electromagnetic Pulse

March 2018 – Hovercraft

April 2018 – Tesla Coils

May 2018 – Railguns

June 2018 – Grenades

July 2018 – Super-Heavy Tanks

August 2018 – Cryogenics

September 2018 – Magnetism

October 2018 – Mechs

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