Command & Conquer: The First Decade


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Developers EA Los Angeles, Barking Lizards Technologies,
Base Camp Films, Gametap Entertainment; prior work by Westwood Studios
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms Windows
Release Date 07.02.2006 (US) | 14.02.2006 (AU/NZ/ZA) | 16.02.2006 (DE/DK) | 17.02.2006 (UK/FR/IT/PL)
Current Version 1.02
Unavailable for purchase

What is The First Decade?

Command & Conquer: The First Decade is a monumental milestone in the lineage of the franchise, marking ten remarkable years of passionate fan dedication from one of the largest gaming communities. It includes the following titles:

  • Command & Conquer: Gold, with The Covert Operations
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert, with Counterstrike and The Aftermath
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, with Firestorm
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, with Yuri’s Revenge
  • Command & Conquer: Renegade
  • Command & Conquer: Generals, with Zero Hour

Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor is not included with The First Decade.

The original classics like Command & Conquer and Red Alert have been modified to work with modern computers running Windows XP as their operating system.

To make things more a bit more special, The First Decade features a bonus DVD that will include a half-dozen exclusive video features like an interview with Louis Castle, who is also co-founder of Westwood Studios. As a special bonus, C&C fans have also had the opportunity to be featured on the exclusive DVD – EA searched the globe to find the world’s biggest C&C fan that can showcase and prove their undying devotion to the C&C series via video submission.

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Names in different languages

  • Simplified Chinese: 命令与征服:十年版
  • Traditional Chinese: 終極動員令:十年典藏
  • German: Command & Conquer: Die ersten 10 Jahre

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