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Developer Westwood Pacific
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms Windows
Release Date 26/10/2000
Current Version 1.006

What is Command & Conquer Red Alert 2?

Announced by Westwood Studios on April 13, 2000, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is the long awaited strategy sequel to the number one strategy before it’s time, Red Alert. The Soviets are back and this time they’re on American soil. Fight for the red, white, and blue – or just the red. But be careful – the mystical madman Yuri, with his mysterious mind-control technology, is readying his army for a shot at world domination.

In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Westwood Studios have continued its tradition of producing movie-quality cut scenes. The Red Alert 2 live-action cast, including Udo Kier as Yuri and Kari Wührer as Tanya, bring a set of realism to the player never before experienced in a real-time strategy game. This game was Westwood Pacific’s first entry to the Command & Conquer universe, and the first major title in the series not created by the main Westwood team from Las Vegas.

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  • Take charge of seven unique nations including: Britain, Korea, and Cuba for maximum multiplay mayhem.
  • 30 skirmish and multiplay maps take the battle to the seas, to the streets, to the snow…even to the zoo.
  • Hate getting smoked on the battlefield ’cause you’re too busy harvesting minerals? Red Alert 2’s streamlined design frees you from micro-managing your base so you can focus on the front lines.
  • Red Alert 2’s enhanced AI makes for a computer opponent that’s every bit as devious and ruthless as any clan geek. Watch the computer respond to your strategies-and come up with plenty of its own.
  • Red Alert 2’s vast arsenal of land, sea and air units offer new levels of brain-busting strategy. Infiltrate with Terror Drones. Crush ’em with Apocalypse Atomic Tanks. Light ’em up with Prism Cannons.

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