Command & Conquer: Rivals


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Developer Redwood Studios
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Release Date 04.12.2018
Current Version 1.6.0
Free Download Google Play | App Store

What is Rivals?

Rivals is a mobile Command & Conquer title which involves GDI and Nod forces facing off against each other on a single screen in 1 vs. 1 matches. Each side has access to a variety of commanders, which provide different bonuses for the player’s forces.

Each player gets to pick up to 6 units from their arsenal to use in a match. These units are split into four categories: infantry, vehicles, aircraft, and specialized tech forces. Units are deployed from respective structures. Tiberium influx is constant, and every commander receives additional Tiberium at the same rate. However, the rate of influx can be increased by constructing Harvesters. Each unit has a special role in which they are good at, and leveling them up increases their statistics. Commanders can also be levelled up.

The main objective is to destroy the enemy’s base. On the center of each map, there is a nuclear missile silo that is controlled by the owner of the most launch pads (control points). Launch pads are owned by simply moving units on the hexes belonging to the point. If at least one unit of the opposing player is found on the same launch pad, the launch pad is then considered contested and does not belong to any one player until only one player’s units remain. Base can take two nuclear missile hits before collapsing. Bases can also be attacked directly by conventional units.

There are three currencies outside the in-game Tiberium: credits, gems, and fuel. Credits can be used for upgrading units and commanders.

The game has a lootbox system, with each lootbox holding cards for units and commanders. Getting enough cards for a specific unit or commander will allow that unit or commander to be levelled up. Daily achivements can also help in this process.

The game received a quick and intense outcry from the core fans of the franchise, especially given it was the first outing of the series since 2013’s cancellation of the “rebooted” platform that was to start with the unfortunate Generals 2. Despite this, Rivals was able to maintain a small community of p(l)ayers that has eventually drained due to a lack of new player influx, leaving matchmaking a severe entry problem for the few who do try it out after the initial release.

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ESRB: Everyone 10+
PEGI: 7 | Mild Violence
USK: ???

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