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Developer Westwood Studios
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platform Windows
Release Date 26/02/2002 (US) | 01/03/2002 (DE) | 08/03/2002 (FR)
Current Version 1.037

What is Renegade?

Command & Conquer: Renegade is a fast-paced 3-D action game set in the gripping Command & Conquer universe. For the first time, experience the Command and Conquer universe up close and personal as you fight it out on the ground among the structures, vehicles and weapons made famous in the original C&C.

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So who do I play as?

You assume the role of Havoc, elite GDI commando who fights and explores from a first or third-person viewpoint. Battling through exotic indoor and outdoor environments, you’re free to use both brute force and stealth in your mission objectives against the evil Brotherhood of Nod.


  • Experience Command & Conquer up close and personal
    Command & Conquer no longer means just a top-down view of the battlefield – now the action goes on around you and in full 3-D. Explore on, around and inside all the popular structures and units from the original Command & Conquer. What’s it like inside the ominous Hand of Nod? Now you’ll know.
  • Play as Captain Nick “Havoc” Parker, elite GDI commando
    Now is your chance to step into the battle-worn boots of the renegade commando made famous in the original Command & Conquer. Fast, lethal and effective, Havoc is an elite force of one who gets the job done – whatever it takes.
  • Control awesome fire-power from the original C&C
    Put yourself in the driver’s seat of nearly every popular vehicle from Command & Conquer. Use powerful vehicles in hostile territory to your tactical advantage. If you need more fire-power or horsepower, hijacking a Nod Flame Tank might be the key to mission success.
  • Create your own tactics
    How you tackle the multiple objectives within each of the 11 diverse missions is up to you. Seek out the perfect sniping spot for a stealthy assault or drive a 75-ton tank straight through the front lines. Use the environment for a critical edge in combat. Remember, you are a renegade. You make the rules.
  • Show your stuff in multiplay
    Engage in chaotic death matches or cooperative team-based modes, such as ‘C&C’ mode. Call up a friend to help battle through a challenging single-player mission. Prove you’re the best through Westwood Online’s tournaments and ladders system.

Unlike other Command & Conquer games, there are no live-action cut-scenes. Instead, all cut-scenes are present via computer generated images and are sometimes taken from the in-game engine.

Names in different languages

  • Simplified Chinese: 命令与征服:变节者


ESRB: Teen | Blood, Violence
ELSPA: 15+
PEGI: 16 | Violence
USK: 16
OFLC (AU): MA15+
OFLC (NZ): 16 | Violence
SELL: 12
DJCTQ: 18 | Tensão

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