Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units Episode 3 Released

You may have seen a bunch of cute and chunky Tiberian Dawn unit videos floating around the community in the past several months. These come from Benjamin Tay, an animator who worked for Lemon Sky Studios (including the C&C remasters), who has decided to make a video series of short stories with such adorable unit designs. Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units follows a GDI light scout and APC scouting around a nearby Nod(dy) base.

If you're new to the series, visit the official channel to catch up.

C&C Remastered Collection Patch Launches Today


Today, the first patch for Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection is planned to go live. The changelog is quite long, but here is our summary:

  • Performance issues will be resolved by loading everything before the match launches, which will prolong loading times but should reduce stuttering in the middle of the game
  • Private (passworded) game lobbies are now available
  • Muting players in chat enabled
  • Overwriting existing saved games now possible
  • Random faction choices available in custom matches
  • Deploy hotkey now universal to all units with such a function
  • Manual saving in custom missions enabled
  • Tweaked balancing of the Hard difficulty mode in Tiberian Dawn
  • Fixed bug that changed the difficulty of the mission after reloading
  • Nod Cargo Planes no longer destructible
  • Mission-specific fixes
  • Various mismatching tile fixes on maps
  • Map pool adjustments
  • Tweaks to mod menu
  • Jukebox now available in the main menu

To read the full changelog, click here.

Renegade-X: Firestorm Revealed

Moments ago, Renegade-X: Firestorm was officially revealed after multiple teases in recent months. As can be seen from the trailer, it is a Tiberian Sun version of the game, but it will exist as a separate mode, or rather set of maps that will be available for seamless switching through map voting at the end of each round. The expected release date is fall 2020.

C&C Remastered Collection – Launch Update and Patch News


In his first update after the release of the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, producer Jim Vessella has shown appreciation for the positive response following the release, shouted out the work of @CCHyper who has immensely helped the project and created the new "installation" sequences, and commented on the upcoming patch. His update, in full, is below:

Fellow Command & Conquer fans,

The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection has now been live for ten days, and our teams have been absolutely humbled by the response from players and journalists around the world. I’ve been spending the past week engrossed in streams, articles, and community comments about the game, trying to absorb every piece of feedback players are providing. But at the same time, also just smiling as I observe players being transported back to their childhood with waves of nostalgia, hopefully providing a positive moment during these times. Congratulations and thank you to everyone in the community for helping to make the launch such a memorable event.

I wanted to cover a few topics in today’s post. The first is to highlight one of the most meaningful features of the Remastered Collection - the Installation Videos. Players from around the world have been loving these sequences, with entire articles being written about the emotional reaction they garnered. But unless you went into the Bonus Gallery to read the details, you may not know that these two videos were not created directly by our development teams, but instead by long-time C&C community member, Luke “CCHyper” Feenan.

Luke has been an integral part of our Community Council since the beginning of the project. When I learned Luke was a graphics designer by trade, I asked if he would be willing to remaster the installation sequences into something truly special. He created a five-second test for us, and it was instantly clear he would be able to pour the passion and attention to detail into the project. So we contracted Luke to work with us, and over the course of six months he created the sequences, brainstorming with Petroglyph and myself on how to shift them from an “Installation” sequence to an “Upgrade” sequence. We would review the progress with Luke every two weeks or so to provide feedback, and Luke’s skills and creativity were surpassed only by his professionalism. I’m so proud of Luke for creating content that will go down in C&C history, and that the first thing anyone experiences in the Remastered Collection was created by a member of the C&C community.

The second topic I wanted to discuss was our upcoming patch. We’re currently putting the final touches on this patch, as we continue to prioritize and react to player feedback. The goal of this patch is multifold:

  1. Complete several of the top community requested features which just missed the launch date, including items like Private Game Lobbies and a choosing sub-factions for RA Quickmatch
  2. Address many of the top bugs which have been seen in the launch version, including a potential improvement to the framerate stuttering issue
  3. Implement some additional quality-of-life improvements, such as enabling the “Deploy” hotkey to unload APCs and multi-queue units on the Repair Facility in Tiberian Dawn (same now as RA)
  4. Iterate on our Quickmatch ruleset to ensure we’re creating the proper foundation for competitive play

In total, there should be several dozen items addressed in this patch, and we’ll provide a comprehensive set of patch notes when the patch is released.

Regarding the Quickmatch rules, we’ve heard strong and unanimous feedback from our engaged multiplayer competitors. In fact, we’re actually able to make several of these changes on the backend and have decided to implement several of these changes effective later today. The key changes to Quickmatch as requested by the community are the following:

  • Increasing the Game Speed from Normal to Fast
  • Reducing the Starting Units to zero
  • Removing Aftermath units from Quickmatch in Red Alert (due to extreme balance issues)
  • Adding two more maps to the Tiberian Dawn map rotation: Monkey in the Middle, One Pass Fits All

We’re hoping the community can play with these changes over the next week and continue to provide us feedback as we strive to improve this mode of the game.

Thanks again for all the appreciative words over the past ten days, and please continue to provide your feedback so we can improve your experience with the Remastered Collection.


Jim Vessella


C&C Remastered Collection – Release and Comments


To say that yesterday's release of C&C Remastered Collection has been a success would be an understatement. Don't take it from me - SteamDB's charts alone (no data on Origin numbers) showed a peak of 42,587 concurrent players about an hour after launch, and the lowest point still being over 16,000 - something even StarCraft II can wish it has. The demand is so high that the multiplayer server keeps crashing, and the package has topped Steam's top seller page (sorted by relevance) days before release and is not letting go.

The game's size turns out largely to be due to the fact that the original MIX files are distributed in their entirety in the game's directory. The source code is also within the directory, so you don't need to bother pulling it from Github. There have been issues with stuttering as well, but the team is aware of this and has proceeded to investigate.

As a nice little tribute, the icons of the Tiberian Dawn engineer and the Red Alert grenadier appear to have been modeled after the late John "Totalbiscuit" Bain, who was a big fan of the Command & Conquer franchise.

And now, time for subjectivity - I've played it for several hours on launch day, and even though I expected a lot given Jim Vessella's transparency and the very positive vibes from some of my friends who were in the community council, I was still pleasantly surprised at the overall quality of the project. It did exactly what it set out to do - not only did it faithfully recreate all the visuals, clean up the audio, and bring all the content from the expansions and console variants, but it also built an unprecedented level of trust that the series is back and there is hope that any future project will follow the same thread of thought.


Dear Electronic Arts, as you can see, we have voted with our wallets. As you can see, we bought this not for the games that we have already had for free for over a decade - we bought it to support a kickass team who took their time and effort to make a release as good as it can be. If this were an entirely new title instead of a remaster, I guarantee you the sentiment would have been the same. Unlike the utter trash (and here I am insulting actual trash) that you have tried to give us from 2010 to 2018 and convince us to like it with zero merit, this is what we want - good gameplay, no microtransactions, no nickle-and-diming, and giving a well-suited team the necessary time and freedom to do things right.

Was this so hard???

New C&C Community Hub Launched


Mere hours before the launch of C&C Remastered Collection, a group consisted of major Command & Conquer communities (us included) and content creators have launched C&C Community [sic], a website that's intended to be a hub for all Command & Conquer content. Using centralized feeds from, Project Perfect Mod, the C&C subreddit, Twitch and YouTube, this will be the homesite for anyone new or returning to Command & Conquer.

Visit the site now at


Aside from one last update from Jim Vessella on the C&C subreddit, we now have an official message from Kane himself!

GenTool Version 8.0 Released


GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has received a new update, version 8.0. Here's what's new:

New features:

  • Added Replay Controls bar at bottom of the screen in Replay mode
  • Added feature to set a Time Pause (JK) in Replay to Fast Forward (F) to
  • Added Mod support for player colors in multiplayer.ini that will work with Money Display
  • Added censorship of IP addresses for Replay and Text files uploaded with GenTool

Fixes / improvements:

  • Fixed a crash on game launch with Zero Hour The First Decade installations
  • Fixed an issue where GenTool notification popup would never disappear after game launch
  • Fixed an issue where game controls would freeze at match start
  • Fixed an issue where Generals would freeze on shutdown
  • Fixed an issue where WindowZH.big and Window.big could no longer be patched
  • Fixed an issue that would log file names incorrectly in gentool.log file
  • Fixed an issue that would generate images for upload after game session was completed
  • Fixed an issue that would break Upload Mode when toggling its menu option
  • Removed LastReplay.rep functionality in Upload Mode
  • Removed the ‘You are using a cracked binary’ GenTool message
  • Added Display (Menu) options 19, 20
  • Changed Frame Step (O) replay functionality to no longer turn off Fast Forward (F)
  • Changed font type and size of Ticker and Event message(s)
  • Changed MDS+ Text to no longer show when GenTool Display (Menu) option is turned OFF
  • Changed MDS Popup to display player names with player colors
  • Changed MDS Popup to longer show button information
  • Refactored replay parsing code

If you already have GenTool installed, you can update it by simply running Generals/Zero Hour and exiting. If you want to do so manually or you do not have it installed yet, you can download it from the GenTool website or from here at

C&C Remastered Collection Ready for Preload, Source Code Already Out


Right now, Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection is available for preload for all those who preordered them on Steam, Origin or through Limited Run Games. This means the game's files will be on your hard drive, but encrypted until the official release time (Friday, 5 June at 17:00 GMT).

Also, the source code has already been posted and made publicly visible on Github, written in C++. To access the repository, click here.

Trailer of Dawn of Tomorrow released

After a decade of work, Kilkakon is finally ready to release his massive storyline-centered total conversion mod for Tiberian Dawn, named “Dawn of Tomorrow”.


It features tons of new units, structures and terrain, and a story line replacing the normal campaigns, which features a complete custom-made world map for mission selection, and animated briefing cutscenes between the missions.

The mod will release on the 30th of May.

Mod website:
Mod Discord:

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