WrathEd v1.10 Released

17 May 2021 Off


One of the barriers for entry for Kane's Wrath modding has been the sheer number of official and unofficial versions of its fan-made mod SDK, WrathEd, including the availability of its links. Today, its creator @Lauren (a.k.a. Darth Jane, among many other names) decided to publish an updated version labeled 1.10 to GitHub with its source code and pre-compiled package available to everyone. While modders for Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath have been making their own definitions to fix the issues in the existing ones without direct feedback to her, some of them are incorrect but pull requests are welcome. This is the only release of the tool that will get Lauren's tech support, all others are hereby considered obsolete.

For the download, click here, and for the source code itself, step right here (hope you know C#).

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Surprise hotfix for C&C Remastered Collection

16 March 2021 Off


Out of nowhere, an EA employee under the tag EA_Aeter wrote a news post on Steam that the C&C Remastered Collection has been patched on the server side with the following changes:

  • Reset the Quickmatch ladder and launched Season 4
  • Quickmatch ladder resets will now happen automatically every three months at the beginning of each month starting June 1
  • Removed the Turkey sub-faction Build Speed bonus (essentially reverted back to June 2020 launch status)

It is important to note that the Turkey subfaction bonus will remain as it was before this hotfix in skirmish and LAN multiplayer.

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C&C Renegade’s 19th Birthday Celebration Events Start Tonight

20 February 2021 Off


Tonight is the first night of a C&C birthday like no other - the community is organizing an 8-day marathon of multiplayer game nights in C&C Renegade and its standalone mods to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the game (released on 26 February 2002, Wikipedia is wrong ;) ).

Full information is available on the event's Discord server, and if you have issues running vanilla Renegade make sure you've installed it using our guide.

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Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units – Episode 6

30 January 2021 Off

The C&C animation series Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units is back from its brief hiatus with episode 6, following Pathfinder, Packer and Paycheck as they enter a large Viktor/Nod base to learn how exactly Tiberium is processed. The production level of these episodes is noticably ramping up...

After watching, check out the newest blooper scene, and consider supporting the project on Patreon and/or Ko-fi.

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OpenRA Playtest 20201213 Released

15 December 2020 Off

Just in time for the Holidays, OpenRA has released its latest version - Playtest 20201213! This latest release adds a slew of new features, including some new options for game lobbies and Discord integration, the latter which allows invites and game lobby sharing. The developers also share a short update on what else is coming in the future for OpenRA - such as full support for Remastered Collection assets and a feature-complete Tiberian Sun mod.


Playtest 20201213


Download Links

You can read the full update here.

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The End of Days 0.97 update

15 December 2020 Off

The dev team behind The End of Days mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour has just posted an update on the upcoming 0.97 version. This "Drone Warfare update" goes further in depth about the new Drones/UAVs for each faction, detailing how they function in the game. Each faction has now access to drones, but they will all have different game mechanics tied to them.


You can read the entirety of the 0.97 Drone Warfare update here.

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RA3 Corona Mod DevTalk #3

15 December 2020 Off

The developers of Red Alert 3 "Corona Mod", which have recently released 2 Development Talks, have now released a third one as well. These Development Talks are animated by the mod author and go further in depth on development updates, detailing audiovisual, design and balance changes and explaining the reasoning behind them.

The mod Corona Mod adds a full new faction, named the "Celestial Empire" based on China and the Mongol Empire. Additionally, it reworks the original three RA3 factions and adds a new Tech Tier (Tier 4), as well as research/upgrades.

Keep an eye on their YouTube channel for more!

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Tiberian Sun Rising: Nod Scarab

10 December 2020 Off

Tiberian Sun Rising, the Command & Conquer 3 mod that seeks to recreate Tiberian Sun faithfully in C&C3's engine, while also modernizing its gameplay, has recently received a development update. The Scarab, Nod's ultimate unit and counterpart to the Mammoth Mark II Prototype, as well as the Amphibious Carrier, has been revealed, alongside new Tiberium life.

Nod's ultimate unit - The Scarab!

You may read the full update over here.

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