Command & Conquer: Red Alert for J2ME


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Developer EA Mobile Romania
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms J2ME
Release Date 16.10.2009
Unavailable for purchase

What is Red Alert for J2ME?

EA mobile brings real-time Command and Conquer strategy to your phone! The Red Alert mobile phone game features over-the-top action with an exclusive storyline. You must choose to fight with the Soviet Armies for world domination or align with the American Allies to restore global peace. Command & Conquer using classic units like Kirov War Blimps and new units like the Paladin Tank!



  • Choose to fight as the Soviets or the Allies, each with their own storyline and army!
  • Attack your enemies & defend your bases: Battle through multiple objectives and missions on your way to victory!
  • Play up to 15 levels over two campaigns: Fight in Skirmish Mode on 4 different Maps, each with its own unique battlefields
  • Command your units across a variety of maps, with different environmental and weather conditions, adding another layer of strategic depth!
  • Commando Missions feature familiar heroes: Soviet Commando “Natasha” and Red Alert favorite “Tanya” from the Allies
  • Create custom unit groups and control them on the battlefield
  • Develop and utilize new technologies you can use to conquer your enemies!

Features may vary by handset