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More random and interesting facts about Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

  • The return of full motion videos, after being notably absent in C&C Renegade and C&C Generals.
  • The return of resource harvesting and Mobile Construction Vehicles.
  • The return of Kane, it has been confirmed that Joseph D. Kucan will reprise his role as the Nod leader.
  • Steve Jablonsky, rather than Frank Klepacki, has been brought in to compose the soundtrack for C&C 3.
  • Command & Conquer 3 returns to the classic side bar interface featuring improvements that make it more useful. A key addition is the centralized production queues in the classic C&C side bar with contextual space for selected units and structures. The new interface will let the player quickly build units and structures, easily control grouped units, and access build queues anywhere on the map – even in the middle of a battle.
  • Units from previous Command & Conquer games will be making a comeback (See GDI Units, GDI Structures, Nod Units and Nod Structures pages).
  • The Scrin is the third Alien faction that can be played after the player has completed both the GDI and Nod campaigns (See Factions page).
  • The development team, with help from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has devised information to see how Tiberium would work in real-world science.
  • AI has been improved and campaigns will be more immersive.
  • A heavily modified version of SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine) has be used for Command & Conquer 3. SAGE technology was used to power the RTS series Generals and thus it stands to reason that most of the SAGE benefits (e.g. zooming in and out of specific areas on the map, 360 degree rotation of the map, etc.) will be present in C&C 3.
  • Support for wide screen monitors.
  • Multiplayer will feature VoIP support.
  • EA held two fan summits for previews, feedback and discussions. The first one took place in December 2006. The second one was in early March 2007.
  • C&C 3 will be released in three separate editions; the pre-order edition, the standard edition (box art featured to the right), and the Kane Edition (also pictured to the right) which constitutes as a special collector’s edition with numerous extras.
  • The game will be released for the Xbox 360, with Louis Castle previously having stated; “And I know for a fact that they (the developers of Battle For Middle Earth II on 360) are doing this because these are the same guys, the same team, who’s doing Command & Conquer 3 and they’re definitely going to release it for the 360, you heard it here. And so what they are doing is they are really using Battle for Middle-earth II to sort of use it as a spring board to test, to see, how it is going to work for Command & Conquer 3, so they are trying to almost use this BFMEII as a beta; a very good beta.”. It will feature support for the Xbox Live Vision Camera.
  • The Scrin waited intentionally before invading. They waited for “the signal”. They thought that signal was the destruction of the Philadelphia, and thus, they started by invading the red zones.
  • C&C3 plays just like any true C&C game, you get the C&C feeling even just by building a refinery.
  • There will be absolutely no in game ads, except the so-called “spectator client” which might show some ads in a small ticker.
  • Every faction has a special infantry unit. GDI has the Commando, Nod has a female soldier and the Scrin have “The Mastermind”.
  • EMP weaponry is back.
  • The actors in C&C3 make the universe and the story believable, you’ll grow to love their characters and either agree with their decisions or not, just like with any human in real-life. These developed characters make the story of Command & Conquer 3 go forward.
  • The Mutants are back and available via captured special buildings, the mutant hovels. Just like a tech building.
  • Nod players have to do more micromanagement than GDI players.
  • The mystery around Kane will grow quite a bit, until the player eventually makes the ultimate decision.
  • The campaigns are parallel instead of linear.
  • Three campaigns, with a total of around 30 missions will each tell the story from a different angle. Each campaign leads to a different ending.
  • There will be a GDI mission against The Scrin that is set in Cologne. This mission has very dark setting.
  • Shader 3.0 is used for the graphics.
  • The Scrin buildings cause a “Matrix-like warp” when they are hit.
  • Arrows indicate mission objectives.
  • Part of The Scrin arsenal is composed of Gun Walkers, Buzzers, Shock Troopers, Annihilator Tripods, Gunships, Corruptors, The Mastermind, Devourer Tanks and the Alien Mothership
  • The veteran system is the same as in BFME2.
  • Very fast loading times (less than 10 seconds).
  • The Scrin Mothership is a giant super weapon, which can destroy entire bases in no time.
  • The Scrin plays a bit like Nod in a sense that you have to be “creative” when using their special abilities.
  • The Scrin have some very powerful late-game units like tha Annihilator Tripod, and some early-game mass cannon-fodder units (Razor Drones).
  • Air units of The Scrin include plasma-equipped Devastator battleships, transports that can carry lots of units and a (super-weapon) mothership.

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