Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Tech Buildings



tw_tibspikeTiberium Spike
When captured, the Tiberium Spike gives its owner an instant $750 bonus, and then a steady income at $25 per second.




tw_civiliansiloTiberium Silo
Capturing this building provides a one-time bonus of $500. After it is captured, it functions as any other Tiberium Silo.




tw_expansionpointExpansion Point
Capturing this building provides ground control in its vicinity, allowing the placement of structures in that area.




tw_subwayhubSubway Hub
Capturing this building provides access to all the Subway Entrances on the battlefield.




tw_subwayentranceSubway Entrance
If a Subway Hub is captured, Subway Entrances allow friendly units to travel through the subway network.




tw_empcontrolEMP Control Center
Capturing this building allows the use of an EMP Strike support power.




Support powers provided:


EMP Strike
free | Cooldown: 3:00

Disables all ground vehicles in a target area.


tw_mutanthovelMutant Hovel
Capturing this tech building allows the recruitment of Mutant Marauders.




tw_defensivetowerDefensive Tower
Capturing this building provides a long-range stationary turret that is effective against light and medium-armoured vehicles. It has a minimum range at which it can fire, however.




tw_reinforcementbayReinforcement Bay (campaign only)
Capturing this building provides additional units.





tw_garrisonablestructureGarrisonable Structure
Garrisonable structures are otherwise civilian buildings which can be garrisoned by all but the heaviest GDI and Nod infantry units for protection and area control. Scrin can only garrison buildings with Buzzers, but they do not deal any damage. When a garrisonable structure is significantly damaged, the infantrymen within leave it to save their lives. Garrisoned structures can be cleared instantly by grenades (GDI), flamethrowers (Nod) or Buzzers (Scrin). Their shapes and capacities vary.



tw_bridgegatehouse1Bridge Gatehouse
These buildings are found on bridge edges. Ordering an Engineer, Saboteur, or Assimilator to enter a bridge gatehouse will fully repair the associated bridge.









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