Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Campaign-Only Objects



Global Defense Initiative

tw_asatbuildingA-SAT Control Center
The heart of GDI’s advanced satellite-based defense grid, used to observe and analyze enemy movements. Located in Goddard Space Center.





The command center of the United States armed forces, hence an important building for the GDI. Located in Washington, D.C..





tw_gdilogisticscenterGDI Logistics Center
The center of GDI logistics, responsible for coordinating GDI personnel and armaments. Located in Washington, D.C.. Also appears prominently in the skirmish/multiplayer map Tournament Tower as a garrisonable structure.




tw_whitehouseWhite House
The residence of the President of the United States of America. Located in Washington, D.C..





A large warship armed with powerful cannons.






Bombard Area
free | Cooldown: 0:20 | Prerequisites: Sniper Team

If a Sniper Team is deployed somewhere on the battlefield, the Battleship can bombard the area within their line of sight from any location, even from the opposite edge of the map. The Battleship fires one shell every 5 seconds.
Note: This ability also appears in the support power list.


tw_aircraftcarrierAircraft Carrier
A large ship capable of hosting GDI aircraft. Inactive in all of its appearances.






An amphibious transport meant to deploy GDI forces on beaches.






tw_gdiportauthorityPort Authority
Port authority building at the GDI military port in Hampton Roads, USA.






tw_genericresearchlabResearch Lab
This structure design is used on several occasions: first as a science facility in Munich (München), Germany, devoted to Tiberium research, made in honour of the first Yellow Zone converted into a Blue Zone; the second as a GDI research lab from Sydney, Australia, holding nuclear launch codes.



A simple barrier. Unlike in most other Command & Conquer games, walls are not buildable.










tw_artilleryemplacementArtillery Emplacement
A long-range variant of the Tech Defensive Tower, specializing in anti-armour combat. Has a minimum range, within which it cannot fire.





Brotherhood of Nod

tw_noddockhq1Port Authority
Port authority buildings at the Nod military port in Alexandria, Egypt.










tw_noddockloadingcraneLoading Crane
A crane for loading ships with large cargo.






A large warship armed with powerful cannons. Inactive in all its appearances.






A simple barrier. Unlike in most other Command & Conquer games, walls are not buildable.










tw_nodresearchlabResearch Lab
A Nod Tiberium research lab in Casabad, Egypt.






tw_nodcommandcenter3Compound Headquarters
These buildings serve as command centers in major Nod bases.











tw_nukefactoryNuclear Missile Factory
A nuclear missile facility in Cairo, Egypt.






tw_nukelaunchfacilityNuclear Missile Launch Bay
A nuclear missile launch bay in Cairo, Egypt.






tw_nuketransportNuclear Missile Transport
An armoured truck meant for transporting nuclear warheads.






tw_liquidtibtruckLiquid Tiberium Transport
An armoured truck meant for transporting liquid Tiberium containers.






tw_templeprimeTemple Prime
Nod’s capital structure and Kane’s command center, built near the foundation of the original Temple of Nod from the First Tiberium War in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.





tw_iondisruptiongeneratorIon Disruption Generator
This building jams the signal for the Ion Cannon, preventing it from firing within the Ion Disruption Generator’s area of effect.





tw_nodcommandcenter1Kilian Qatar’s Headquarters
The main base of operations of General Kilian Qatar.







tw_thresholdtowerThreshold Tower
A gateway between the Scrin homeworld and Earth.





tw_relaynodeRelay Node
Placed next to Threshold Towers, Relay Nodes control all Scrin forces on a planet.





tw_phasegeneratorPhase Generator
Phase Generators protect Threshold Towers from enemy attacks.







A barrel containing explosive materials. Spectacle guaranteed when destroyed.





tw_civilianbunkerCivilian Bunker
A fortified garrisonable structure.





tw_targetdummyTarget Dummy
A static object meant for shooting practice.





Common citizens, unarmed and helpless. Unlike in previous Command & Conquer games, they are not selectable and can not be directly targeted. In fact, they rarely appear.










tw_civiliantransportCivilian Transport
A well-armoured transport meant for emergency evacuations of civilian populations or important personnel of GDI research centers.




tw_tibwallhubTiberium Wall
A special type of wall which prevents the spread of Tiberium. Usually found in Blue Zones.





tw_sydneywallSydney City Wall
A wall protecting a small Blue Zone in Sydney, Australia from the contamination of the rest of Australia, and the enemies of GDI.





tw_parliamentHouses of Parliament
The seat of the government of the United Kingdom, located in London. Right next to it is the Big Ben, a landmark clock.





tw_buckinghampalaceBuckingham Palace
The residence of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, located in London.





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