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The Brotherhood of Nod relies on strength in numbers and the use of sneak attacks. Their stealth technology allows for fast hit-and-run attacks and deceiving their enemies. Their units require a lot of micromanagement, as their armour and firepower is mostly weaker than that of other factions. Some of their units make up for their lack of raw firepower with various types of synergy.



tw_nodconyardConstruction Yard
$3500 (MCV) | Power: +10 | Prerequisites: none
Heavily armoured, but mission-critical, Construction Yards are crucial to Nod’s war efforts and tend to be well-defended for that reason. They can pack back into an MCV when needed. They also provide radar display to Nod bases, provided the base’s power isn’t low.



Pack into MCV
free | Cooldown: n/a | Prerequisites: none

Orders the Construction Yard to pack into an MCV. This order is reversible.


tw_powerplantPower Plant
$500 | Power: +15 | Prerequisites: none
The Nod Power Plant is able to generate moderate amounts of power from a small amount of Tiberium at the expense of ecological damage to the surrounding environment.




Liquid Tiberium Core
$500 | Prerequisites: Tech Lab

Adds a liquid Tiberium core to the selected Power Plant, increasing its power output to 45.


tw_nodrefineryTiberium Refinery
$2000 | Power: -6 | Prerequisites: Power Plant
The Tiberium Refinery can rapidly transform raw Tiberium into useful materials. Each Refinery comes with one of Nod’s nearly invisible Harvester vehicles free of charge.




tw_handofnodHand of Nod
$500 | Power: -5 | Prerequisites: Power Plant
The Hand of Nod provides shelter, supplies and training to the legions of Nod militants, fanatics and elite infantry as they wage war against GDI.




tw_nodwarfactoryWar Factory
$2000 | Power: -5 | Prerequisites: Power Plant, Tiberium Refinery
This essential facility is used to construct and deploy Nod’s highly specialised vehicles, as well as host automated drones that quickly repair damaged friendly vehicles in its immediate vicinity.




free | Cooldown: n/a | Prerequisites: none

Orders the repair drones to repair a specific unit.


tw_operationscenterOperations Center
$1500 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Power Plant, Tiberium Refinery
The Operations Center contains advanced communications arrays required for Nod’s higher-tier technologies and can deploy counter-intelligence support powers.



Support powers:


Decoy Army
$500 | Cooldown: 1:00 | Prerequisites: none

Creates a holographic projection of a selected group of units. These units can be controlled as any other and can uncover the fog of war, but do not deal damage and vapourize instantly when fired upon or if one minute is elapsed since their creation.


Radar Jamming Missile
$750 | Cooldown: 1:00 | Prerequisites: none

Temporarily disables the radar displays of all enemy players.


Cloaking Field
$3000 | Cooldown: 2:00 | Prerequisites: none

Cloaks selected friendly mechanical units. Instantly kills infantry, while heavy infantry (Zone Troopers, Black Hand Troopers, and Shock Troopers) only get 25% of that damage.


tw_secretshrineSecret Shrine
$1500 | Power: -8 | Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Nod’s Secret Shrine contains special training rituals necessary to deploy advanced infantry. It can also be used to research advancements that substantially improve the effectiveness of most Nod infantry squads.


Support powers:


Shadow Strike Team
$1600 | Cooldown: 3:00 | Prerequisites: none

Calls 2 veteran Shadow Teams to glide to the selected location.



$1000 | Prerequisites: none

Adds a Confessor to all Militant and Militant Rocket Squads. The Confessor adds 10% to their armour and 15% to their rate of fire, and throws hallucinogenic grenades every 10 seconds which cause enemy infantry units to fire on their own comrades.


Tiberium Infusion
$2000 | Prerequisites: none

Renders all Militants, Militant Rocket Squads, Confessors, and Fanatics immune to Tiberium, also giving them a 25% speed boost and 10% hit point increase.


tw_airtowerAir Tower
$1000 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Operations Center
Air Towers enable air support for Nod operations and production of aircraft. Each Air Tower provides docking bays for up to four Vertigo Bombers, where they are rearmed.



Support powers:


Mine Drop
$1500 | Cooldown: 3:00 | Prerequisites: none

Drops a 21-piece minefield to a target location by an Armageddon Bomber.


tw_nodtechlabTech Lab
$4000 | Power: -15 | Prerequisites: Operations Center
When a Tech Lab is present, The Brotherhood of Nod can deploy its most advanced military equipment, as well as research upgrades to its lower-tech vehicles.





EMP Coils
$1000 | Prerequisites: none

Refits all Raider Buggies with EMP Coils.


Dozer Blades
$1000 | Prerequisites: none

Refits Scorpion Tanks with Dozer Blades, which allow them to crush heavy infantry and safely clear mines. It also gives them a 75% armour bonus on all sides.


Signature Generator
$100 | Prerequisites: none

Refits Venom Patrol Crafts with Signature Generators.


Laser Capacitors
$3000 | Prerequisites: none

Increases attack damage of all Raider Buggies, Scorpion Tanks and Venom Patrol Crafts by replacing their weapons with Spitfire lasers.


tw_tibchemicalplantTiberium Chemical Plant
$3000 | Power: -15 | Prerequisites: Tech Lab
The Tiberium Chemical Plant allows Nod commanders to deploy advanced Tiberium weapons to the battlefield at a moment’s notice.



Support powers:


Seed Tiberium
$500 | Cooldown: 4:00 | Prerequisites: none

Calls an Armageddon Bomber to spray quickly-crystallizing liquid Tiberium over a selected area to create a small Tiberium field worth $3150.


Catalyst Missile
$2000 | Cooldown: 5:00 | Prerequisites: none

Agitates any Tiberium within Tiberium-based units and structures in the target area (Harvesters, Refineries, Silos, Tiberium Waste Facilities, charged Devourer Tanks, Corrupters).


Tiberium Vapour Bomb
$3500 | Cooldown: 4:00 | Prerequisites: none

Calls an Armageddon Bomber to drop a toxic cloud to a target area, which then explodes and damages everything in its wake.


$1500 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: none
Cranes reinforce the production capability of the Nod Construction Yard by adding one extra building production queue.
Note: As of patch 1.07, Cranes can no longer build defensive structures or superweapons.


Support structures

tw_turrethub_aTurret Hub
varies | Power: varies | Prerequisites: vary
Nod’s defensive turrets are organized in such a way that their central hub manages the operation of three turrets that are directly connected to it through visible cables. If individual turrets are destroyed, they will be automatically replaced for free after a delay. If the hub itself is destroyed, all turrets connected to it are destroyed with it. When placing Shredder, Laser and SAM Turrets, the hub has to be placed first, and then the three individual turrets, which must be placed close to the hub.


tw_shredderturretShredder Turret
$600 | Power: -6 | Prerequisites: Power Plant
Shredder Turrets act like giant anti-personnel shotguns when hostile infantry approaches. While these shards do little damage against armoured vehicles, they are horrifyingly effective against flesh and blood targets. They are capable of detecting stealthed units. They deactivate if the base’s power is low.


tw_laserturretLaser Turret
$1200 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Laser Turrets scale down Nod infamous Obelisk of Light technology into a flexible anti-vehicle defence. Laser Turrets can quickly focus their beams against armoured targets within range. They are capable of detecting stealthed units. They deactivate if the base’s power is low.



n_sam_turretSurface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Turret
$800 | Power: -6 | Prerequisites: Operations Center
SAM Turrets fire streams of surface to air missiles against hostile aircraft. A single SAM missile does not pack much of a punch, but concentrated fire from these defences can bring down aircraft quickly. They are capable of detecting stealthed units. They deactivate if the base’s power is low.



tw_nodsiloTiberium Silo
$500 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
Tiberium Silos allow Nod bases to store as much Tiberium as they need to mount a decisive military campaign against its enemies.



tw_disruptiontowerDisruption Tower
$1000 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Secret Shrine
Disruption Towers generate massive stealth fields. Nod buildings, infantry, and vehicles in their vicinity cannot be seen by enemies. Disruption Towers themselves cannot be stealthed. They deactivate if the base’s power is low.



tw_obeliskoflightObelisk of Light
$1800 | Power: -15 | Prerequisites: Tech Lab
Nod’s incredibly powerful laser tower charges up a beam that decimates vehicles and infantry squads. Its impressive range and power may also be enhanced by Nod’s new Beam Cannon vehicles.



tw_templeofnodTemple of Nod
$5000 | Power: -20 | Prerequisites: Tech Lab
GDI’s focus on Tiberium allowed Nod to secretly stockpile a considerable amount of the 20th century’s most infamous weapons, Nuclear Missiles. The Temple of Nod also provides advanced supercomputers capable of resetting the entire base in the event of an EMP attack. Like with other superweapons, when the Temple of Nod is built, all players are notified and the fog of war above the device is removed, with a timer visible to all players.
Note: Only one Temple of Nod can be built at a time per player.



Nuclear Missile
free | Cooldown: 7:00 | Prerequisites: none

Launches a devastating nuclear missile to the target location.


Master Computer Countermeasures
free | Cooldown: 0:30 | Prerequisites: none

Cancels the effects of EMP blasts from all player-owned buildings and restores the radar display.


$1500 (Emissary) | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: none
Gained from deploying an Emissary, the Nod Outpost enables construction in its surrounding area, even if it is far away from the main base. An Outpost can not return back to its Emissary form.



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