Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Neutral Units



tw_mutantmarauderMutant Marauder
$600 | Squad size: 6 | Prerequisites: Mutant Hovel
Mutant Marauders are brutish members of the Forgotten, a society of humans who have survived Tiberium exposure, but have suffered horrible mutations because of that. These mercenaries wield chain guns which are good against infantry and aircraft, and can heal in Tiberium.


Unbuildable | Squad size:
These foul, mindless and dangerous by products of Tiberium exposure attack anything that moves and constantly regenerate, particularly in Tiberium fields. They are only seen when certain units are killed from a Corrupter’s attack. Unlike other Tiberium universe games, directly exposing infantry to Tiberium will not create a Visceroid.


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