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g_mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
The Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) was invented to provide GDI with a mobile base at a moments notice. MCVs can be seen packing and unpacking into Construction Yards.




g_mammoth_tankMammoth Tank
Armed with dual cannons and rocket pods, the Mammoth Tank is the ultimate in armoured warfare. Although slow, the Mammoth Tank is so powerful it can crush lesser tanks beneath its treads. The Mammoth Tank can be upgraded with Rail-gun Capacitors purchased at the Tech Center.



GDI’s walking artillery platform can support tanks with its long range cannons, serve as a siege weapon when stationed outside an enemy base, and bombard targets with the aid of Sniper Teams.




g_predator_tankPredator Tank
The Predator Tank is equipped with a single amour piercing cannon and can withstand heavy fire thanks to its heavy plating. However, it is ineffective against infantry and vulnerable to hostile aircraft unless supported with anti-air defences. The Predator Tank can be upgraded with Rail-gun Capacitors purchased at the Tech Center.



GDI infantry rely on APCs to move safely through hostile terrain. APCs can fire at aircraft, infantry and light vehicles and are designed to let infantry attack from within. The APC also has a Mine Laying ability.




Description: Although the Pitbull, GDIs primary scout vehicle, can fire missiles capable of damaging ground and air units, it is too lightly armoured to survive direct combat. The Pitbull also has the ability to detect stealth units. Can be upgraded with Mortars at the Tech Center.




The Rig is heavy support vehicle capable of deploying into a versatile Battle Base, which provides considerable defence with two integrated Guardian Cannons, a missile launcher, stealth detection scanners and automated repair drones.




GDI Harvesters are easily recognisable by the light machine gun mounted above the cab, used to ward off marauders that might wish to steal their precious cargo. Critical to the financial success of both sides, the Harvester is the only unit capable of collecting Tiberium for refinement. Harvesters will automatically begin to collect Tiberium if a field is nearby. The Harvester can be ordered to a specific location by selecting it and targeting the new area.



The Surveyor can locate viable base sites and deploy in order to facilitate construction. It is most useful when place near Tiberium fields.





The Orca is effective in a variety of roles including scouting, fire support for ground operations and direct strikes on enemy installations. It can be upgraded with Sensor Pods to increase its scouting capabilities.




Firehawks can carry heavy Hellcat Firebombs or Rattlesnake Missiles for smashing enemy aircraft. When fitted with Stratofighter Boosters, Firehawks can fly outside the range of enemy air defences then plunge in for the attack.




g_v35_oxV-35 Ox Transport
The V-35 Ox, a flying transport, capable of shipping all the but heaviest military forces, also lets GDI mount surprise attacks. V-35 Ox Transports are not durable in enemy territory.





g_zone_trooperZone Trooper
Capable of surviving in otherwise uninhabitable environments, Zone Troopers are highly mobile, well protected and trained to destroy enemy infantry and vehicles with their heavy duty rail-guns. Zone Troopers have the ability to use Jump Jets to get across rivers and reach higher cliffs. They can be upgraded with Scanner Packs and Power Packs.



Thanks to their burst firing prototype rail carbines, Commandos are unmatched when fighting enemy infantry. Their explosives can demolish structures and even large walkers like the Nod Avatar. The Commando also has Jump Jets to get across rivers and reach higher cliffs. Only one Commando can be trained at a time.



g_sniper_teamSniper Team
Sniper Teams can killed most infantry from long range with a single well placed shot and are trained in reconnaissance tactics such as stealth and artillery spotting. The Sniper Team can also call in an artillery strike from supporting Juggernauts.




Slow and unarmed, the Engineer is nonetheless deadly in his own right. Since they’re the only units able to capture enemy structures and now they can take over key destroyed enemy vehicles like the Nod Avatar or Scrin Annihilator Tripod. Tactical use of Engineers is considered an art among many commanders. They can be used to capture civilian structures and repair destroyed bridges or to repair friendly structures.



g_grenadier_squadGrenadier Squad
Grenadier Squads serve as GDIs close assault infantry. They are extremely difficult to suppress and can quickly clear enemy squads out of garrisoned structures with their high powered, rocket assisted grenades. Grenadier Squads can be upgraded with Composite Amour.




g_missile_squadMissile Squad
Missile Squads, the natural counterpart to Rifleman, provide essential support fire. Their heavy anti-vehicle weapons make them slower than Rifleman and thus vulnerable to enemy attacks.





g_rifileman_squadRifleman Squad
Rifleman Squads are the mainstay of GDI ground forces, capable of digging foxholes to protect themselves, and other infantry when defending a position.





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