GAMES: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Nod Units


n_mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
The Brotherhood’s menacing looking MCVs are capable of rolling over any relatively clear terrain and unpacking into a Construction Yard.





n_avatarAvatar Warmech
This massive state-of-the-art walker is equipped with a portable version of the Obelisk Laser. Avatars may further enhance their immense power by literally ripping pieces from other Nod vehicles.




n_flame_tankFlame Tank
Nod’s Flame Tank is outfitted with two massive flame throwers capable of clearing out occupied buildings and burning structures to the ground with ease.





n_stealth_tankStealth Tank
In spite of its light armour, the Stealth Tank is formidable. It is invisible to opposing forces, except when it stops to fire a barrage of its deadly and accurate rockets.





n_scorpian_tankScorpion Tank
The Scorpion Tank is the shield of Nod. Highly manoeuvrable, the standard Scorpion is armed with an amour piercing 105mm cannon and has sufficient armour to withstand direct fire, at least for awhile. The Scorpion Tank can be upgraded with Laser Capacitors and Dozer Blades at the Tech Lab.



n_beam_cannonBeam Cannon
Though no intended for direct attacks against enemy armour, groups of Beam Cannons can deal terrific damage to structures given sufficient time. Their energies can enhance the power of Obelisks of Light. They can also reflect their beams of Venom Patrol Craft.




n_raider_buggyRaider Buggy
Equipped with burst firing machine guns that make short work of infantry and light targets, the Raider Buggy is the most common Nod vehicle.





n_attack_bikeAttack Bike
The Attack Bike, quick, armed and equipped with and advanced scanner array, is the ultimate scout for Nod forces. It is respectably powerful against aircraft as well.





Nod Harvesters are stealthed, allowing them to avoid most detection and bring home valuable Tiberium unopposed. Critical to the financial success of both sides, the Harvester is the only unit capable of collecting Tiberium for refinement. Harvesters will automatically begin to collect Tiberium if a field is nearby. The Harvester can be ordered to a specific location by selecting it and targeting the new area.



The Emissary vehicle is designed to travel to distant locations and establish a Nod presence, thus paving the way for additional Nod bases.





n_venomVenom Patrol Craft
The Venom Patrol Craft keeps watch over Nod interests with its rapid firing machine guns that lethal against enemy infantry and quite effective against aircraft and some vehicles as well. The Venom can be upgraded with Laser Capacitors at the Tech Lab.




n_vertigo_bomberVertigo Bomber
Due its its stealth capability, the Vertigo Bomber appears as if from nowhere and delivers its payload of Ground-pounder bombs before opposing forces can muster their defences.





The Carryall is able to transport most Nod units to new destinations at minimal cost and high speed, it sacrifices armour for its mobility.





Nod Commandos, the best of the best of Nod’s infantry, can slink into battle armed with fast firing laser weapons, satchel of charges and portable stealth generators.





n_shadow_teamShadow Team
These infantry units can use stealth and their collapsible glider packs to circumvent defences and expose weaknesses in GDI’s front. Once behind enemy lines, they can plant explosives on structures. Tiberium Infusion and Confessor upgrades can be purchased at the Secret Shrine.




n_blackhandBlack Hand
Extremely well trained, loyal and supernaturally tough, the elite Black Hand forces are armed with flame throwers that can clear out structures and burn enemy squads.





Slow and unarmed, the Saboteur (Engineer) is nonetheless deadly in his own right. Since they’re the only units able to capture enemy structures and now they can take over key destroyed enemy vehicles like the GDI Juggernauts or Scrin Annihilator Tripod. Tactical use of Saboteurs is considered an art among many commanders. They can be used to capture civilian structures and repair destroyed bridges or to repair friendly structures. Saboteurs are also capable of leaving booby traps in neutral structures for enemy forces that draw to close.


Nod Fanatics are equipped with volatile explosive devices that detonate when in close proximity to enemy forces. Fanatics are suppress and must me eliminate before reaching their targets. The Tiberium Infusion upgrade can be purchased at the Secret Shrine.




n_militant_rocket_squadMilitant Rocket Squad
Although armed with rocket launchers capable of destroying aircraft and armoured vehicles, Rocket Militants are still extremely vulnerable on the battlefield. Tiberium Infusion and Confessor upgrades can be purchased at the Secret Shrine.




n_militant_squadMilitant Squad
Poorly trained but numerous, these lowly soldiers of Nod are armed with ageing 20th-Century chain guns.





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