GAMES: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – GDI Structures


g_conyardConstruction Yard
The heavily amoured Construction Yard doubles as GDI’s forward base. It can pack into an MCV, affording mobility, but needs to be protected at all costs. The Construction Yard provides radar capability to GDI bases.




g_power_plantPower Plant
GDI’s Power Plants provide clean, efficient energy for their forward combat bases. GDI Power Plants are upgradeable with the Advanced Turbine upgrade. Power Plants are critical to keeping base defenses online.




Larger GDI bases employ Cranes to help sustain rapid construction schedules. A single Crane can double the rate at which a GDI forward base is built.





The GDI Refinery is highly effective at processing Tiberium into useful resources. The Refinery comes with a Harvester included and is essential to funding GDI’s military efforts.





The GDI Barracks is a self contained recruitment and training centre. GDI infantry divisions can be outfitted for combat quickly and efficiently here.





The Armoury grants GDI access to it’s most highly trained soldiers. It includes upgrades for the Zone Trooper Power Armour as well as a medical bay that can heal wounded infantry.





g_warfactoryWar Factory
The GDI War Factory builds standard GDI vehicles and is outfitted with automated repair drones that automatically repair damaged vehicles as they approach it.





g_command_postCommand Post
The Command Post is an essential component of an advanced GDI base. It can scan remote locations and is required to build to key structures.





g_tech_centerTech Center
Tech Centers provide cutting edge military technology to GDI forces. Vehicles, tanks and aircraft can be upgraded. Additionally, a Tech Center also grants access to some of GDI’s strongest forces.




GDI Airfields support ground operations in combat zones. Each Airfield contains up to four aircraft. Airfields can all Orca Strikes, deploy infantry and vehicles via air transports and summon elite Bloodhound recon groups.




g_space_command_uplinkSpace Command Uplink
This self contained launch platform allows GDI to deploy high-tech support weapons and send Zone Troopers to the battlefield from orbit. EMP weapons called Shockwave Artillery can also be utilised.




These tall structures, with a good line of sight and rapid firing, are automated anti-infantry machine-guns ensuring the security of the base against hostile threats.





g_guardian_cannonGuardian Cannon
Guardian Cannons, equipped with an automated gun that can punch through tank armour but is less effective against infantry. They are a frequent sight in the areas vulnerable to armoured attacks.




g_aa_batteryAA Battery
The AA Battery contains cannons capable of eliminating aircraft with deadly efficiency. The targeting systems and turret actuators can not track ground targets, so they are useless against infantry or tanks.




g_tiberium_siloTiberium Silo
The Tiberium Silo, made of special materials that allow long term storage, is the perfect storage facility for excess Tiberium.





g_sonic_emitterSonic Emitter
Sonic Emitters were originally developed for breaking down Tiberium, but gained a reputation as extremely powerful base defences.





g_ion_cannon_control_centerIon Cannon Control Center
By building this structure you gain access to the latest version of GDI’s most feared weapon, the Ion Cannon. GDI commanders can call upon an orbital battle station to fire supercharged ion beams in one concentrated blast that vaporizes virtually everything within its significant blast radius.



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