GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – The Premier Edition


The Red Alert 3 Premier Edition is the quintessential collectors edition every C&C comrade will want. Not only does it come in a limited edition tin, but you will also get five exclusive multiplayer maps, the official game soundtrack featuring the all-new Hell March 3, a bonus DVD with way too many star-studded features to list here, and an exclusive Beta Key to a future C&C game.

ra3pe_boxartThe Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Premier Edition contains:

  • Limited Edition and numbered Tin packaging
  • Full Red Alert 3 game
  • CD Soundtrack featuring the remixes of Hell March and Hell March 2 from the EA Band, From First to Last and the all-new, never before heard, Hell March 3 from the original composer of the Hell March, Frank Klepacki
  • 5 exclusive multiplayer/skirmish maps
  • Bonus DVD featuring loads of exclusive content:
    • Raising the Iron Curtain behind the scenes documentary
    • From Pens to Pixels (Concept Art montage video)
    • Bloopers/Outtakes (from the Cinematics Shoot)
    • Women of Red Alert 3 (montage video)
    • BattleCast Primetime Special Edition
      • Interview with Mike Verdu on the future of C&C
      • Unit Spotlight feature
      • Fly-through of key MP maps
      • Featured Dev Team matches with commentary
      • Evolution of Tanya featurette
      • BCPT bloopers
      • Main Event – Greg Black vs Greg Kasavin
    • Command School Special Edition
      • General strategies and tips
      • Soviet Strategies and tips
      • Allies Strategies and tips
      • Empire of the Rising Sun Strategies and tips
      • Complete level walk-through of one of the hardest missions in the game
  • Exclusive desktop wallpapers
  • Exclusive beta key to a future C&C Game
  • Warhammer Online exclusive in-game item – Kossar’s Helm

Check out this BattleCast Primetime Special breaking down everything you need to know about the Premier Edition of Red Alert 3.

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