GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – Empire of the Rising Sun Units


e_mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
Reverse engineered from Allied and Soviet MCVs, the Imperial variant operates in virtually the same way, establishing forward bases and processing centres to expand the Emperor’s reach.


A marvel of modern technology, Nanocores are truck sized, all-terrain devices that unpack into massive military structures in seconds. This allows Imperial forces to move into new territories quickly and efficiently.


e_ore_collectorOre Collector
An armoured harvester tasked with rapidly gathering the massive resources needed to produce the Empire’s top of the line forces. As a precaution, it has been fitted with a small but effective collapsible cannon.


e_wave_force_artilleryWave-Force Artillery
This mobile artillery unit forgoes ballistic shells in favour of a devastating particle beam, able to shred entire fortresses in a few well places shots. Less, if allowed to charge up to full power first.


e_king_oniKing Oni
Few survive the Radiant Eye-blasters of King Oni, the Empire giant robot guardian. Whether crushing tanks in its massive arms of melting entire armies to slag, King Oni more than lives up to it demonic name.


A counterpart to the Tengu, the VX switches seamlessly between anti-air mecha and anti-ground helicopter, unleashing rocket swarms to obliterate the Emperor’s enemies.


e_tsunami_tankTsunami Tank
The Emperor’s mainline tanks, Tsunamis transform into amphibious units as needed. Its armour piercing cannon is weaker than other tanks, but special nano-deflectors can nullify most incoming attacks.


e_sudden_transportSudden Transport
To position their limited forces swiftly and safely, Imperial scientists developed this amphibious transport, able to camouflage itself as other objects or enemy vehicles.


e_mecha_tenguMecha Tengu
A dual purpose interceptor, Mecha Tengu can fluidly change to Jet Tengu and back, allowing pilots to easily engage air or ground units with its 20mm auto-cannons.

e_shogun_battleshipShogun Battleship
The majestic Imperial standard bearer, both decorative and awe-inspiring, the Shogun Battleship is a weapon of mass destruction, bombing coastlines with weaponry that leaves nothing standing. Heavily defended, Shogun’s have historically never needed even minor repairs after battle.


e_naginata_cruiserNaginata Cruiser
The ship hunters of the Imperial navy, a Naginata Cruiser typically closes with its victims at incredible speed and launches a spread of torpedoes, taking out multiple targets before they have time to respond.


Swift and agile, the Sea-Wing is an aerial bomber that converts into an attack sub. Their Aozora air/sea missiles also pull double duty, destroying enemy vessels from above and below.


e_yari_minisubYari Minisub
Light two man subs made for skirmishing and reconnaissance, Yari Minisubs are armed with torpedoes, but their best weapon is the crew willingness to kamikaze enemy ships.

e_yuriko_omegaYuriko Omega
No one knows how Yuriko Omega was created. What is important now is that her mind destroys her enemies utterly, without mercy. Do not believe he innocent school girl appearance. Yuriko Omega is a barely contained monster, using her terrifying psionic powers in the name of the Emperor.


e_rocket_angelRocket Angel
Women are not allowed the honour of combat. Unless they are insanely hyper girls in state of the art combat suits, armed with paralysis whips, firing volleys of missiles, demolishing all in their path. Such are the Rocket Angels.


Master assassins and spies, Shinobi are legendary for their ability to kill silently and escape into thin air. The Emperor’s killer elite resolutely cling to the old ways, the shuriken, the smoke bomb, and the sword.


Men eager and equipped to attack armoured vehicles while on foot. Tankbusters hide in self made spider holes, then burst forth to slice apart enemy armour with barely portable wave force cannons. They are greatly feared.


e_imperial_warriorImperial Warrior
Modern day samurai, brandishing the sacred katana alongside a powerful energy rifle. Light armour is worn with honour, but it is the fate of duty every Imperial Warrior to die in perfect obedience to his Emperor.


Skilled field mechanics and saboteurs, the Engineer is a weasely, grovelling salary-man who nonetheless excels in his art, and fill a vital role in expanding the Empire. If pressed, they sprint short distances without tripping, though this can be exhausting.


e_burst_droneBurst Drone
Even small robotic dragonflies are ready to die at the divine Yoshiro’s command. Burst Drones scout the enemy, latch on to slow moving vehicles, or simply self detonate, releasing and EMP blast to disrupt all electrical systems.

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