GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – Allied Structures


a_conyardConstruction Yard
The basis for all Allied operations, the Construction Yard builds structures that train troops and create vehicles, and then releases clearances to upgrade the available technologies.


a_boot_campBoot Camp
A first rate training centre for the Allies’ infantry, animals, spies and specialists.



a_power_plantPower Plant
Power Plants keep all base structures and defenses running, without enough power to support a base, production stops.


a_amour_facilityArmour Facility
From armoured cars to Mirage Tanks, all the Allied land based vehicles are put together in the Armour Facility.


Seaports are tasked with creating a navy that can rule the waves.



The first step to air superiority, an Airbase is responsible for building things that fly…. and shoot, and bomb.


a_ore_refineryOre Refinery
The centre of the Allied economy, Ore Refineries turn ore delivered by Prospectors into credits. Each Refinery comes with one Prospector.


a_command_hubCommand Hub
A remote base outside the Construction Yard, Command Hubs help expand areas of control and can be used to up-tech units in their vicinity.


a_defense_bureauDefense Bureau
Ultra-weaponsand superior defenses are provided by the Defense Bureau, once the technology tier to build one has been unlocked.


a_multigunner_turretMultigunner Turret
Basic base defenses, garrisoning infantry in a Multigunner Turret will change its weapons to match the occupants.


a_spectrum_towerSpectrum Tower
Advanced base defenses sporting a spectrum dispersion cannon similar to the Mirage Tank’s.



The Chronosphere has the ability to instantly teleport units anywhere on the battlefield, giving them a huge tactical advantage. It can also relocate units to hostile environments. The teleport process is fatal to infantry.


a_proton_colliderProton Collider
A base killer, the Proton Collider is the Allies weapon of last resort…. and final reckoning.



a_wallFortress Wall
Defense at its most basic. Each purchase creates one section of wall. Place two section within a few grids in a straight line, and they will automatically connect.


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