GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – Allied Units


a_mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
Tough, amphibious and versatile, the MCV is vital to setting up forward bases, gathering resources, manufacturing support craft and training Allied forces. Protecting their MCV is always a commanders highest priority.


This unassuming, unarmed workhorse keeps the Allied forces functional. Prospectors endlessly gather ore and deliver it for processing. They can also deploy into a self-sufficient outpost for base expansion.


a_athena_cannonAthena Cannon
Linking to orbital laser satellites, the Athena can paint targets and rain down fire to spectacular and devastating effects. The satellites can also temporarily shield the Athena from attack.


a_mirage_tankMirage Tank
A scalpel to the Guardian’s club, the Mirage is a stealth-active tank sporting a spectrum-dispersion cannon that boils metal. Its active camouflage can be redirected to hide nearby forces.


a_guardian_tankGuardian Tank
The backbone of Allied armoured units. If its 90mm cannon can’t solve a problem, the Guardian can easily designate targets targets for bigger Allied weapon platforms to obliterate.


a_multigunner_ifvMultigunner IFV
The Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a robust armoured car featuring variable weaponry, its standard rocket launcher adapts to whatever weaponry its passengers are carrying.


a_riptide_acvRiptide ACV
A small and manoeuvrable hovercraft good for troop transport and fire support, thanks to a mounted machine gun and dual torpedo tubes.


Medium-range bombers specializing in tactical strikes on ground forces using two laser guided bombs.


An experimental light helicopter armed with the latest in non-lethal weaponry: a freeze ray as its primary option, a highly impressive shrink ray for special occasions.


a_apollo_fighterApollo Fighter
A superior air-to-air fighter armed with beam weaponry, Mach-3 capabilities, and piloted by the best hotshots in the Allied nations.


a_century_bomberCentury Bomber
Made in the USA, these sturdy planes can carpet-bomb fortified enemy compounds into dust, then deploy paratroopers to mop up.


a_aircraft_carrierAircraft Carrier
A floating fortress capable of deploying squadrons of short range Sky Knight fighter drones and devastating Blackout missiles that fry all electronics in the blast radius.


a_assault_destroyerAssault Destroyer
The Allies fearsome amphibious warship, featuring a powerful gauss cannon, depth charges, and magnetic armour for drawing fire away from unprotected friendlies.


A light skiff made for surveillance and defense but carrying two nasty stings: a 20mm Icarus cannon and weapon jamming system.


Trained, weaponized dolphins capable of scouting enemy fleets or engaging them with anti-ship sonic disruptors.


When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed, the Allies send Tanya. Here liberal use of machine pistols and C4 explosives makes her more than match for nearly any opponent. Tanya also has a time belt that allows her to jump back 10 seconds in time…. in case of accidents.


The Spy is tuxedo-clad master of disguise, able to camouflage himself as the enemy and infiltrate their bases of operations with ease. Spies go into the field unarmed, but their abilities to steal enemy intel, sabotage bases and bribe enemy troops into changing sides are invaluable.


a_javelin_soldierJavelin Soldier
Heavy support troopers operating Specially designed missile systems good for surface to air and anti-vehicle use. Devastating as their weapons are, Javelin Soldiers can “paint” enemy targets for even more damage.


The front-line soldiers of the Allied military, Peacekeepers are equipped for defensive postures first, but don’t lack for aggressive moves. Their combination of shotguns and riot shields often prove decisive in combat.


Engineers look unarmed, but their briefcase are full of gadgets perfect for fixing or commandeering various technologies, and building medic tents to triage wounded troops. Top Engineers can take over an enemy factory single handedly in seconds, but they rarely get far without armed escort.


a_attack_dogAttack Dog
Specially trained German Shepherds, Attack Dogs excel in sniffing out ambushes during field recon, guarding important locations, and light combat. Allied sonic technologies have amplified their bark to stun enemy soldiers.

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