GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – Soviet Units


s_mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
The Soviet MCV has been instrumental in pushing communist forces into territories under various pretenses. Not surprisingly, savvy commanders always sent massive military escorts to “safeguard” them. For every Soviet aggression, there is an MCV fuelling the advance.


s_ore_collectorOre Collector
Heavily armoured beasts of burden, the Ore Collectors aren’t fancy when it comes to finding and transporting ore to process, but they do get the job done.


The smaller, cheaper answer to the MCV, the Sputnik spun out of a failed Soviet orbital probe project. Now is specialise in deploying listening posts that can be upgraded into fully realised forward bases.


s_v4_rocket_launcherV4 Rocket Launcher
A mobile rocket launcher, the V4 fire huge, long range ballistic missiles that can demolish nearly any target, or splinter into multiple mortar shells for area damage. The V4 must be stationary to fire, making it a poor front line weapon.


s_apocalypse_tankApocalypse Tank
The Soviet harbinger of death, the massive (and slow) Apocalypse Tank lives up to its name thanks to the two 125mm cannons alone, but then added a magnetic grapple to catch faster adversaries and drag them under its chain treads.


s_hammer_tankHammer Tank
Long the symbol of Soviet might, this bruiser’s 85mm smooth-bore gun packs brutal punch. while the Leech Beam leeches enemy health and weapon strength to boost the Hammer Tank’s own aggressive ends.


Originally designed for riot suppression, this walking gun turret is still excellent for crowd control, and its capable of leaping obstacles in order to reach its objectives.


s_terror_droneTerror Drone
A nasty, spider like robot that attacks infantry and vehicles with equal viciousness. It likes to bore into and dismantle targets from the inside, but can also disable vehicles with its stasis ray.


s_kirov_airshipKirov Airship
The pride of the Soviet military, these war zeppelins are capable of carrying hundreds of heavy bombs to any target in the world, and blowing it out of existence. Kirovs are slow, but achieve a quick burst of speed at the expense of hull integrity.


s_mig_fighterMiG Fighter
Synonymous with Soviet air power, the MiG is a fast attack air to air fighter that boast a remarkable survival rate, largely thanks to its armament of M-type burst missiles. MiGs have earned a reputation for owning the skies.


A dual bladed attack chopper often deployed to mow down enemy infantry or Soviet deserters…. occasionally both. Armed with quad-mounted rocket launchers and twin machine guns, it’s well suited to the task, and doubles as transport for infantry or tanks.


Built specifically to accommodate and fire endless barrages of Molot V4 Rockets on land or sea based targets. Dreadnought are vulnerable in close quarters, but few things on Earth can withstand its devastating bombardments for long.


s_akula_subAkula Sub
The venerable hunter/killer attack sub specializes in locating and destroying enemy ships, then vanishing into the deep. Akulas have multiple torpedo payloads at their disposal, for use on a variety of targets.


Amphibious transports with an unusual troop deployment system, infantry are launched out of a fairly accurate man-cannon, allowing for fast and strategic enemy engagements supported by the Bullfrog’s AA gun.


Mixing a fast attack strike ship with Soviet Tesla weaponry (and crews who don’t know how dangerous that combination is), the Stingray is thing of sick ingenuity, able fire underwater to electrocute everything in its attack radius.


A product of advanced Soviet training programs, Natasha is a hero of the Soviet Union, able to turn the tide of battle with nothing more than her trusty Korshunov rifle and her undying cruelty. She can call in air-strikes to kill larger targets, or snipe pilots to claim their vehicles for Mother Russia. What Natasha’s scopes sees, dies.


s_tesla_trooperTesla Trooper
Enemies of the Soviet Union fear these elite mechanized patriots and their deadly Tesla Cannons. Their only vulnerability comes when they release a devastating EMP attack, rendering their foes and themselves temporarily helpless.


s_flak_trooperFlak Trooper
Gloriously free after years spent in gulag labor camps, brutish Flak Troopers serve Mother Russia by hefting larger anti-air flak cannons and attaching mines to enemy armour. Used on ground targets, their cannons are even more impressive.


Poorly trained, yet high enthusiastic due to mental conditioning and healthy propaganda, Conscripts heedlessly charge into battle firing assault rifles and hurling Molotov cocktails in blind allegiance to the State.


s_combat_engineerCombat Engineer
The best and brightest serve as Combat Engineers, tasked with hacking computers, sabotage, reprogramming enemy units, and digging bunkers to garrison fighting men. They are issued a single pistol for self defense, for all the good it does them.


s_war_bearWar Bear
Born in captivity, trained in combat and light recon, many enemies have fallen to the serrated claws and technologically amplified roars of the Soviet War Bear.


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