Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Characters


This is a list of important characters in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and the names of the actors or actresses portraying them. Also see the Co-Commanders page for more characters that play an important role in Red Alert 3.


premier_cherdenkoPremier Anatoly Cherdenko
Tim Curry

Long-time leader of the Soviet Union, who has led the Union in an age of prosperity and military superiority. Once a famous theoretician, he rose to power meteorically even as Soviet forces under his advisement achieved victory after victory against their enemies the Allies. He believes his choices have all been made to advance and protect the Soviet Union. He is convinced that only he knows what;s best for Soviet Russia.

general_krukovGeneral Nikolai Krukov
Andrew Divoff

Having fought and won countless battles against Allied forces, Krukov is a war hero in the eyes of the Soviet people. Those who know him personally, however, are more likely to be deathly afraid of getting on his bad side. He never could have achieved his status without being strict and without being ruthless

gregor_zelinskyDr. Gregor Zelinsky
Peter Stormare

An ingenious and well-to-do scientist responsible for many popular Soviet household goods, a majority of which were appropriated by the Ministry of Experimental Science and eventually turned into weapons. A peaceful man by nature, Zelinsky is ambivalent about his current status as Union’s top military scientist.

natashaNatasha Volkova
Gina Carano

Few know the true character of Natasha Volkova, the Union’s legendary sniper, though her name and exploits are known across the world. A woman of few words, she is a seasoned professional–and, some would say, a cold-blooded killer. She deals with only the most urgent matters affecting the Union. There may be an even darker side to Natasha’s story as well. While government agencies have flatly dismissed or even incarcerated journalists who questioned Natasha’s military conduct or the validity of official sources about her life and career, rumors and gossip of Natasha’s “shocking cruelty” supposedly still circulate among the conscripts who have seen her in combat firsthand.

dasha_fedorovichDasha Fedorovich
Ivana Miličević

Born to a poor family whose 10 children all willingly enlisted in the Soviet armed forces, Dasha was singled out as the most talented of the lot, so much so that Premier Cherdenko himself took notice of her. She now serves as an essential conduit between Soviet commanders across multiple fronts.


ackermanPresident Howard T. Ackerman
J. K. Simmons

This staunch anti-communist and pro-capitalist ideologue is quickly winning over Americans by the millions. He is openly and staunchly supportive of the Allied coalition effort, at least when it comes to fighting back against Soviet incursions. Born and raised on a farm in Idaho, Mr. Ackerman has energized his nation with grass-roots, roll-up-his-sleeves style.

robert_binghamField Marshall Robert Bingham
Jonathan Pryce

The chief of the Allies’ military forces earned his position through decades of selflessly protecting the freedoms of the Allied nations. A wise and rational military and political leader, Bingham is known to have a keen eye for good tactics and talent, and rarely seems affected by the heavy burden of his post. He’s full of compassion and courage and does his best to manage all the other crazies on the world stage. Namely, the current President of the U.S.

tanyaSpecial Agent Tanya Adams
Jenny McCarthy

Although Allied leaders have repeatedly downplayed the personal contributions of Agent Tanya in the ongoing war against the Soviet Union, this has only fueled speculation that Allied forces likely would have long been defeated if not for her. Speculation has also run rampant about her place of birth, real name, military rank, marital status, weight, height, shoe size, number of confirmed kills, age, natural hair color, and more–all closely-guarded secrets. What is no secret, however, is Tanya’s propensity for single-handedly resolving huge military conflicts, typically by somehow neutralizing most every enemy combatant.

eva_mckennaLt. Eva McKenna
Gemma Atkinson

Eva was the best student in her academy classes year after year, and now personally attends to the highest-ranking members of Allied coalition, ensuring a strong chain of command. Affected by the Soviet-Allied conflict from a young age, she has dedicated her life to serving the Allied cause.

Empire of the Rising Sun

yoshiroEmperor Yoshiro
George Takei

The long-time ruler of the Empire of the Rising Sun, cherished as a living god by his people. Emperor Yoshiro is a traditionalist who strictly follows the code of bushido, the samurai way of the warrior. He fundamentally believes that the Rising Sun’s destiny is to rule the entire world. He also believes he is Emperor by divine right and that his fate is preordained. He rarely shows emotion and often speaks in a seemingly wise tone.

tatsuCrown Prince Tatsu
Ron Yuan

Yoshiro’s western educated son is for impatient and scientific than his father. Tatsu’s brilliant mind led to modernized Japanese military unmatched by any in the world.


suki_toyamaSuki Toyama
Kelly Hu

A light and playful girl, it is Suki’s honour to communicate mission information on behalf of the Empire of the Rising Sun.



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