Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Co-Commanders


Nobody goes into combat alone. These are the Co-Commanders that will aid and assist you during the campaigns. Also included, is the the names of the actors or actresses portraying them. Also see the Characters page for more characters that play an important role in Red Alert 3.


Dimitri Diatchenko

A tank driving caveman and your partner in crime since the Academy. Oleg is overly causal for a man of command rank, but his amusing demeanour and dependability in battle more than make up for it.


Gene Farber

Unpredictable and high unstable, Moskvin’s sadistic streak can be fun to watch…. from a distance. His swings from cool to hysterical rage happen without warning, but his tactics always remain aggressive.


Vannessa Branch

Smart and sophisticated, Zhana focuses on any objective she’s given, and then achieves it. She something to prove to the world, and to you, she believes the Soviet cause is absolutely the right one to prove for.



Randy Couture

Not one for mincing words, he’s survived numerous battles against the Soviet Union through regimented training, raw talent, determination, and tenacity. He’s a born leader and fighter, prepared to defend the Allies’ freedoms to his last breath.


Autumn Reeser

As a former spy serving the Allied Special Forces, Lissette has deep insight into enemy strategies, as well as a one-of-a-kind knowledge of the Allies’ most-sophisticated weapons. Her casual, almost-playful manner hints at years of experience in tense combat situations.


Greg Ellis

Ex-fighter jock, Giles might initially come of as an over eager fop playing soldier, but he didn’t get this far by being stupid. Perceptive and meticulous to a fault, Giles is quick to notice trouble, and quick to deal with it.


Empire of the Rising Sun

Bruce A. Locke

An ancient and calculating warrior, “the Emperor’s Shadow” may begin to see you as his protégé if you are supremely lucky. If not, his withering stare is enough to kill you. His ambitions are great, His tactics, flawless.


Jack J. Yang

Suave, smug and arrogant, Kenji is at best in combat, and his mastery of Imperial technologies can not be equalled. Gain his respect, and he will be your friend for life.


Lyida Look

Notoriously ruthless and uncontrollably violent, Naomi was born on a battleship and has the gun metal grey soul to match. There is no mercy, no peace, in her. If she opens up to you, you will be the first ever.



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