GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – Soviet Structures


s_conyardConstruction Yard
The glorious Soviet Construction Yard builds many good structures which maintain and expand Russian forces in the field.


Harsh training programs in the Barracks turns scores of worthless serfs and criminals into feared, expendable infantry.


The beating heart of the Soviet base, it brings needed power to all structures and productions.



s_war_factoryWar Factory
Self-propelled guns, missile launchers, Terror Drones and tanks all roll off the War Factory’s assembly lines.


s_naval_yardNaval Yard
Only the finest, most reliable ships put to sea from the Soviet Naval Yard, built by happily indentured workers.


Russian pilots rule the skies with powerful aircraft constructed on Airfields, in numbers that blot out the sun.


s_ore_refineryOre Refinery
Ore Refineries convert plain rocks into bountiful wealth all citizens will some day share in, and generously come with an Ore Collector.


Soviet expansion is accelerated by the use of Outposts.



s_super_reactorSuper Reactor
An incredible power source, fuelling many structures and unlocking new technologies, the Super Reactor is also quite volatile. Few survive its destruction.


s_battle_labBattle Lab
The pinnacle of Russian ingenuity, Battle Labs engineer ultimate weapons and defenses, virtually guaranteeing a glorious Soviet victory.


s_crusher_craneCrusher Crane
One of the many Soviet advantages, a Crusher Crane allows commanders to double production speed, repair damaged units, and scrap useless units for credits.


s_flak_cannonFlak Cannon
The Soviet anti-air Flak Cannons rapidly fire metal shards to guard the skies.



s_sentry_gunSentry Gun
While Flak Cannons guard the skies, Sentry Guns sweep the ground clean of Allied and Empire trash.



s_tesla_coilTesla Coil
Upgraded base defenses with deadly electrical weaponry. Tesla Troopers can super charge Tesla Coils to make them even deadlier.


s_iron_curtainIron Curtain
This super weapon protects the citizens by making them temporarily invulnerable to puny enemy weapons.


s_vacuum_imploderVacuum Imploder
The ultimate Soviet weapon. Everything in the target area is sucked in annihilated…. people, vehicles, and whole bases.


s_wallFortress Wall
A marvel of State engineering, the wall is purchase one segment at a time, masterfully keeping decadent rabble out and the proletariat in.


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