GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – Empire of the Rising Sun Structures


e_conyardConstruction Yard
The Empire’s analogue to the West’s Construction Yard comes with a unique spin, the ability to create Nanocores for swift expansion into new lands.


e_instant_dojoInstant Dojo
Yoshiro’s willing subjects undergo rigorous training at the Instant Dojo, and emerge as fearless warriors.


e_instant_generatorInstant Generator
Advanced technology requires advanced power, this is the duty the Instant Generator fulfils.



e_mecha_bayMecha Bay
The honourable technicians of the Mecha Bays produce fleets of warmechs, many of which also transform into aerial combatants.


e_imperial_docksImperial Docks
Mastery of the oceans begins at the Imperial Docks, which produce spectacular sea (and air) domination craft.


e_ore_refineryOre Refinery
Ore Refineries humbly process the vast amounts of resources needed to create maintain the Imperial armies.


e_nanotech_mainframeNanotech Mainframe
The ultimate expression of the Empire technological superiority, the Nanotech Mainframe makes it possible to upgrade units and weaponry to their highest degree.


Variable base defenses that transform for anti-air to anti-ground as required.



e_wave_force_towerWave-Force Tower
Particle beams fired from the Wave-Force Towers cut any enemy foolish enough to attack the Emperor’s forward bases.


e_nanoswarm_hiveNanoswarm Hive
No attack can penetrate a shield produced by the Nanoswarm Hive…. and nothing inside can escape.



e_psionic_decimatorPsionic Decimator
On the Emperor’s order, the horrific power of the Psionic Decimator is unleashed on his enemies to destroy them, their vehicles, and their bases utterly.


e_wallFortress Wall
Breathtaking architecture and bold defense as one, walls must be constructed one piece at a time, and kept in harmony with nature.


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