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Yuri’s army has mind control and genetic mutation as its central themes. While vastly inferior to other armies in terms of firepower, Yuri uses lighter units in conventional combat. His infantry dominates in urban areas, and mind control capabilities allow him to steal even the strongest units of his enemies. What he can not control, he either drives insane with chaos gas or mutates to either obedience or death. His submarines are unmatched in the sea and decent against ground targets, but his air presence leaves a lot to be desired.



unknownConstruction Yard
Cost: $3000 (MCV) | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: none
The heart of every base is the Construction Yard. This structure is responsible for the creation of all other buildings in your base, from simple walls to the technologically-advanced Battle Labs and superweapons. Because this building controls your ability to expand your base and acquire new technologies, the wise commander protects it at all costs and at all times. In many missions, you will start with a Construction Yard already in place, while in others you will begin with an MCV and must deploy it to begin building.

Bio ReactorBio Reactor
$600 | Power: +150 | Prerequisites: none
The Bio Reactor is Yuri’s main power source. Infantry units can be placed inside a Bio Reactor in one of its 5 slots. Each one will increase the size of the power output by 100. The infantry can be deployed from the Bio Reactor at any time, and are released if the Bio Reactor is destroyed. Mind-controlled units can also be placed in Bio Reactors, but if the unit/structure which controlled them is no longer there, these units will return to their owner’s control.

Slave MinerSlave Miner
Cost: $1750 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Bio Reactor
Rather than using a standard miner, Yuri’s forces depend on the Slave Miner for their economy. The entire miner moves next to a mining site and deploys, releasing up to 5 Slaves to gather ore for processing. When mobile, damaged Slave Miners auto-repair, and when deployed, the structure can be repaired by sending an Engineer into it. Any Slaves killed by enemy action are automatically replaced by the Slave Miner free of charge. It can be built simultaneously from the Construction Yard and the War Factory. If it is destroyed, any surviving Slaves that were attached to it will join the army of their “liberators” as a weak melee unit, or will go neutral if the owner has surrendered.

Cost: $500 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Bio Reactor
The creation of all infantry units from the basic Initiate to the advanced Yuri Clone is performed at the Yuri Barracks. Many of your more powerful and effective structures and base defenses require the presence of a Barracks.

War FactoryWar Factory
Cost: $2000 | Power: -25 | Prerequisites: Slave Miner, Barracks
If you wish to build vehicles (and you will), you will need a War Factory. All ground vehicles are created at the War Factory, although many may require the addition of other buildings to allow for production. The Yuri War Factory is capable of creating one aircraft unit as well – the Floating Disc.

Sub PenSubmarine Pen
Cost: $1000 | Power: -25 | Prerequisites: Slave Miner
Your navy will play an important role both in protecting your base and in attacking the enemy position. All of your naval units, are created and repaired at your Submarine Pen. This structure must be placed entirely in water.

Psychic RadarPsychic Radar
$1000 | Power: -50 | Prerequisites: Slave Miner
Yuri’s Psychic Radar has all of the powers of the Psychic Sensor formerly used by the Soviet army, and more. When deployed, this device allows you to see the orders given to any enemy units planning to attack any friendly units or structures within the device’s radius. When built, the sensor shows the attack target when the target is within range of the Psychic Sensor. It is also capable of uncovering enemy Spies. When placed, the Psychic Radar enables the radar display, provided the power isn’t low, and immediately begins charging the Psychic Reveal support power.

$1000 | Power: -50 | Prerequisites: War Factory
Thanks to his psychic technology, Yuri often finds himself with a number of captured units he’d rather recycle than use. When placed, the Grinder allows for the recycling of any vehicle or infantry unit currently under Yuri’s control. Any unit sent into the Grinder is destroyed instantly, refunding a percentage of the unit’s production cost.

Battle LabBattle Lab
Cost: $2000 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: War Factory, Psychic Radar
Many of the more advanced Yuri units and defenses depend upon additional technology found only at the Battle Lab. To create the Yuri special weapons, you must have a Battle Lab at your base. While expensive to build and requiring a lot of power to run, the units and structures available with the Battle Lab make it a necessary addition to any Yuri base.


Support structures

Citadel WallCitadel Wall
Cost: $100 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Barracks
Walls are a passive defence system designed to stop enemy infantry and vehicles. Up to 4 pieces of wall section can be placed at once if near an existing wall section for quick building.

Tank BunkerTank Bunker
$400 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: none
When placed, this structure has no method of defence on its own. However, any turreted, non-artillery vehicle can be garrisoned inside the Tank Bunker, giving it added protection and an increased rate of fire but immobilizing it in the process.

Gattling CannonGattling Cannon
$1000 | Power: -50 | Prerequisites: Barracks
The Gattling Cannon is equipped with twin 50-caliber machine guns that spin rapidly, spitting out hordes of deadly shells that rip through both infantry and aerial units in just a few moments. A unique feature of Gattling weapons is that the longer they fire, the faster the barrels spin and the more damage the weapons cause, having three firing “speeds”. Because of this, Gattling Tanks are most useful in prolonged firefights. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.

Psychic TowerPsychic Tower
$1500 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: Psychic Radar
The Psychic Tower automatically controls the minds of up to 3 units that come within range of it, turning them against their former owner. These units are fully controllable and can be sent into battle or to the Grinder. Once it controls its maximum number of units, the Psychic Tower is otherwise defenceless against any attacks. It deactivates if the base’s power is low, releasing any mind-controlled units.

Cloning VatsCloning Vats
Cost: $2500 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Stolen from the Soviet army, the Cloning Vat allows you to duplicate any infantry unit you create with your Barracks for free. However, unlike the Soviet version seen previously, it cannot recycle infantry for credits, as that function was given to the Grinder.
Note: Only one Cloning Vat can be built at a time per player.

Genetic MutatorGenetic Mutator
$2500 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
When fully charged and deployed, this device turns all enemy units in its area of effect into Brutes. Both friendly and enemy units are affected by the Genetic Mutator, and all created Brutes fall under the control of Yuri. Animals are not changed into Brutes by the Genetic Mutator – they are simply killed. Like with other superweapons, when the Genetic Mutator is built, all players are notified and the shroud above the device is removed, with a timer visible to all players.
Note: Only one Genetic Mutator can be built at a time per player.

Psychic DominatorPsychic Dominator
$5000 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
When fully charged and deployed, this weapon causes a massive burst of psychic energy that turns all units in the area of effect into units under Yuri’s control, dealing considerable damage to nearby structures in the process. Like with other superweapons, when the Psychic Dominator is built, all players are notified and the shroud above the device is removed, with a timer visible to all players.
Note: Only one Psychic Dominator can be built at a time per player.


Support powers

Psychic RevealPsychic Reveal
free | Cooldown: 4:00 | Prerequisites: Psychic Radar
When fully charged, the Psychic Reveal ability allows Yuri to uncover a sizable radius of the shroud, much like the Soviet Spy Plane.

Force ShieldForce Shield
free | Cooldown: 5:00 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Once fully charged, the Force Shield can be used on any friendly structures within a large radius, making them completely invulnerable to all damage, even from superweapon attacks, much like the Soviet Iron Curtain. However, the strain of using this device is difficult for your power structure to handle. When you invoke the Force Shield, your base will be without power for a short duration.

free | Cooldown: 5:00 | Prerequisites: Genetic Mutator
Mutates all infantry units in the target area into player-controlled Brutes. Animals in the affected area are simply killed instead.

free | Cooldown: 10:00 | Prerequisites: Psychic Dominator
Causes a massive burst of psychic energy that turns all units in the area of effect into units under Yuri’s control. These new additions to Yuri’s army can then be turned on their former friends or sent back to Yuri’s base for a trip to the Grinder or Bio Reactor. Units normally immune to mind control, and garrisoned units, are immune to the effects of the Psychic Dominator. Once a unit is captured by the Psychic Dominator, it can never be mind-controlled or released again. The Dominator’s psychic bursts also deal considerable damage to nearby structures.


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