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Yuri’s Revenge patch v1.001

Author: Westwood Pacific

Purpose: Official patch

Download YURI-1001-CHINESE.exe (2.4 MB)

Download YURI-1001-ENGLISH.exe (2.4 MB)

Download YURI-1001-FRENCH.exe (2.4 MB)

Download YURI-1001-GERMAN.exe (2.4 MB)

Download YURI-1001-KOREAN.exe (2.4 MB)

The latest official patch for Yuri’s Revenge, as was released on 3 December 2001. You can read the full changelog here.


FinalAlert 2 Yuri’s Revenge v1.02

Author: Matthias “Matze” Wagner

Purpose: Map editor

Download fa2yr102.zip (2.4 MB)

The latest version of the semi-official map editor for Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. While v1.01 was the final official version endorsed by Westwood, this release can read ecache(md)##.mix files, which makes the editor more compatible with mods.

Map packs

Official Yuri’s Revenge map pack 5 (cumulative)

Author: Westwood Pacific

Purpose: Map pack

Download officialyurimappack5.zip (1.0 MB)

This is the fifth official map pack for Yuri’s Revenge. It also includes maps from packs 1-4. If you’re playing Yuri’s Revenge on CnCNet, these maps will be installed automatically.

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