Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – New Soviet Structures



While the Soviet forces took a big hit with Yuri’s defection, as he took parts of their arsenal with him, they quickly filled these holes with new weapons. Both their air presence and artillery fire are improved with the new Siege Chopper, and their new commando unit is capable of disposing of structures from afar. Their already strong vehicle department can now be produced more efficiently, and they compensate their loss of Psychic Sensors with the Spy Plane.


New structures

Battle BunkerBattle Bunker
$400 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: none
This new defensive structure has no actual defences of its own, but it can be fortified by Conscripts to provide formidable firepower. When Conscripts are placed inside a Battle Bunker, it operates exactly like a garrisoned building. Because it is a buildable structure that is fully owned by the player, the Battle Bunker can be repaired when damaged like any other buildable structure, not relying solely on Engineers.

Industrial PlantIndustrial Plant
$2500 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
When built, this structure reduces the cost and build times of all vehicles and Ore Refineries owned by the player who built the Industrial Plant by 25%.
Note: Only one Industrial Plant can be built at a time per player.


New support powers

Spy PlaneSpy Plane
free | Cooldown: 4:00 | Prerequisites: Radar Tower
When fully charged, the Spy Plane can be deployed anywhere on the map. As it passes over the targeted terrain, it reveals the shroud in a single line, allowing the Soviets to see new areas of the map.

Force ShieldForce Shield
free | Cooldown: 5:00 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Once fully charged, the Force Shield can be used on any friendly structures within a large radius, making them completely invulnerable to all damage, even from superweapon attacks, much like the Soviet Iron Curtain. However, the strain of using this device is difficult for your power structure to handle. When you invoke the Force Shield, your base will be without power for a short duration.


Removed structures

With Yuri’s defection, the Soviets lost access to the Psychic Sensor and the Cloning Vats. They are now part of Yuri’s arsenal; the former is repurposed as the Psychic Radar and available at $1000, while the latter is mostly unchanged.


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