Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – New Allied Units



The additions in the Allied arsenal focus on countering the strengths of opposing factions. The response to Soviet tank battalions are G.I. variants with rocket launchers and the heavy Battle Fortress, while their answer to Yuri’s mind control capabilities are unmanned Robot Tanks.


New units

Guardian GIGuardian G.I.
$400 | Prerequisites: none
Like a normal G.I., the Guardian G.I. fires a machine gun from a standing position. When deployed, the Guardian G.I. can not be crushed and switches to a powerful rocket launcher that is effective against vehicles and aircraft. Guardian G.I.s cannot be used to garrison structures.

Robot TankRobot Tank
$600 | Prerequisites: Robot Control Center
The main strength of the Robot Tank is that it cannot be mind-controlled because there is no human driver on-board this assault vehicle. Robot Tanks hover, allowing them to cross water. These cease to function if the owner’s base has low power or the Robot Control Center is destroyed, and will lower to the ground (or sink underwater if hovering above the waves) if this is the case.

Battle FortressBattle Fortress
$2000 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
The Battle Fortress is a heavily armoured vehicle that acts like a troop transport, with 5 slots and a machine gun in the front. What makes it stand out among other transports is that infantry units can fire from within it, making it a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to its unique, bulky design, it can crush most vehicles and all infantry, even those which were previously uncrushable.


Modified units

$1000 | Prerequisites: Airforce Command HQ
Navy SEALs remain the same as they were in Red Alert 2, except that they can now be trained in skirmish and multiplayer matches in addition to the campaign.

$1500 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Tanya has been improved and is now very deadly. Not only can she blow up structures and ships, but now she can plant C4 onto vehicles. Tanya is immune to mind control and can not be crushed by vehicles, except by one special new unit, the Battle Fortress.
Note: Only one Tanya can be trained at a time per player, unless a Cloning Vat is deployed.

Psi CommandoPsi Commando
$1000 | Prerequisites: Any faction’s Spy infiltrating a Yuri Battle Lab
The Psi Commando is the same as in Red Alert 2, only with different prerequisites.

IFVInfantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
$600 | Prerequisites: none
The IFV is largely the same as in Red Alert 2, but with an amended list of weapons based on new units that can garrison it:

  • missile launcher: empty, Attack Dog, Slave
  • machine gun: G.I., Conscript, Spy
  • pyrokinetic dome: Initiate
  • flak cannon: Flak Trooper
  • advanced missile launcher: Guardian G.I.
  • crane for repairing vehicles: Engineer
  • sniper gun: Sniper
  • toxic sniper gun: Virus
  • advanced machine gun: Navy SEAL, Tanya, Chrono Commando, Psi Commando, Boris
  • advanced rad cannon: Desolator
  • suicide bomb: Crazy Ivan, Chrono Ivan, Terrorist
  • Tesla cannon: Tesla Trooper
  • psychic blast dome: Yuri Clone
  • prism cannon: President, neutral animals


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