GAMES: Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge – New Tech Buildings


tech_civ_powerplantCivilian Power Plant
Civilian Power Plants are similar to the Power Plants created by each of the three armies. Capturing one with an Engineer significantly increases your current power supply.

tech_civ_mshopMachine Shop
When captured by an Engineer, this structure automatically begins repairing all of your damaged vehicles, regardless of their location on the map.

tech_civ_secretlabSecret Tech Lab
If you capture this Tech building with an Engineer, you will be given the ability to create a special unit that you are not normally able to build. You may gain the opportunity to build Allied, Soviet or even Yuri units, regardless of the army you are leading.

force_shieldForce Shield
Each army now possesses an additional defensive system called the Force Shield. This device begins charging up as soon as you place your Battle Lab. Once charged, the Force Shield can be used on any friendly structure or group of structures, including those of an ally. When used, the Force Shield makes the selected structures completely invulnerable to all damage, even from super weapon attacks. However, the strain of using this device is difficult for your power structure to handle. When you invoke the Force Shield, your base will be without power for a short duration.

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