Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – New Tech Buildings



New tech buildings

unknownTech Civilian Power Plant
Power: +200
Civilian Power Plants have the same function as the Power Plants created by each of the three armies. Capturing one with an Engineer significantly increases the owner’s power supply.

unknownTech Machine Shop
When captured, this structure automatically begins repairing all of its owner’s vehicles, regardless of their location on the map.

unknownTech Secret Lab
When captured, the Secret Lab enables its owner to build a random unit or building that they are not normally able to build. Each Secret Lab has a predefined unit or building that it provides, which is determined when the match starts. Eligible units are:

Demolition Truck
Grand Cannon
Psi Commando
Tank Destroyer
Tesla Tank


Modified tech buildings

unknownTech Hospital
Instead of having infantry units enter the Hospital to heal up, they are now healed automatically throughout the battlefield.


Modified support powers

Cost: free | Cooldown: 4:00 | Prerequisites: Tech Airport
The Paratroopers consist of six GIs (Allies), nine Conscripts (Soviets), or six Initiates (Yuri). The rest of the support power is unchanged.


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