Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – New Allied Structures



The additions in the Allied arsenal focus on countering the strengths of opposing factions. The response to Soviet tank battalions are G.I. variants with rocket launchers and the heavy Battle Fortress, while their answer to Yuri’s mind control capabilities are unmanned Robot Tanks.


New structures

Robot Control CenterRobot Control Center
$1000 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: War Factory
The Robot Control Center allows the Allies to build and control Robot Tanks. This building ceases to function if it has low power, leaving the Robot Tanks helpless until power is restored.


New support powers

Force ShieldForce Shield
free | Cooldown: 5:00 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Once fully charged, the Force Shield can be used on any friendly structures within a large radius, making them completely invulnerable to all damage, even from superweapon attacks, much like the Soviet Iron Curtain. However, the strain of using this device is difficult for your power structure to handle. When you invoke the Force Shield, your base will be without power for a short duration.


Modified structures

Service DepotService Depot
$800 | Power: -25 | Prerequisites: War Factory
The Allied Service Depot is the same as in Red Alert 2, only without the ability to sell vehicles as of patch 1.001.


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