Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – New Soviet Units



While the Soviet forces took a big hit with Yuri’s defection, as he took parts of their arsenal with him, they quickly filled these holes with new weapons. Both their air presence and artillery fire are improved with the new Siege Chopper, and their new commando unit is capable of disposing of structures from afar. Their already strong vehicle department can now be produced more efficiently, and they compensate their loss of Psychic Sensors with the Spy Plane.


New units

$1500 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
Boris is highly effective against infantry, thanks to the rapid firing rate of his trusty rifle. Rather than using C4 charges to eliminate structures, Boris is able to call in an air-strike of MiG fighters to bombard any structure he targets with his laser designator. Boris is immune to mind control and can not be crushed by vehicles, except by one special new unit, the Allied Battle Fortress.
Note: Only one Boris can be trained at a time per player, unless a Cloning Vat is deployed.


MiGs are blazing-fast Soviet jet planes. They arrive from off-screen to the building Boris designates, and destroy it in with two missiles, supposing they are not shot down beforehand. Initially, two MiGs fly in one raiding squadron. As Boris gains veterancy, more MiGs enter the squadron to the maximum of four. A new MiG raid cannot start until all the planes which are currently on the map leave the battlefield or are shot down.

Siege ChopperSiege Chopper
$1100 | Prerequisites: Battle Lab
With the creation of the Siege Chopper, the Soviets now have quick strike capabilities from the air. When flying, this vehicle is effective against enemy infantry units. When deployed, the Siege Chopper lands and reveals a massive artillery cannon capable of quickly destroying buildings and slower units from long range.

CosmonautCosmonaut (campaign only)
$600 | Prerequisites: none
The Cosmonaut is only available in the sixth Soviet mission (Operation: To The Moon). It is an airborne unit like the Allied Rocketeer, and is the only infantry unit apart from the Desolator which can survive in the lunar environment. The Cosmonaut is armed with a laser that is effective against vehicles and structures.


Modified units

Rhino TankRhino Heavy Tank
$900 | Prerequisites: none
The Rhino Heavy Tank is the same as in Red Alert 2, only with a slightly faster build speed as of patch 1.001.

Chrono IvanChrono Ivan
$1750 | Prerequisites: Soviet Spy infiltrates an Allied or Soviet Battle Lab; Allied Spy infiltrates a Soviet Battle Lab
The Chrono Ivan is the same as in Red Alert 2, only more expensive and with different prerequisites.

Psi CommandoPsi Commando
$1000 | Prerequisites: Any faction’s Spy infiltrating a Yuri Battle Lab
The Psi Commando is the same as in Red Alert 2, only with different prerequisites.


Removed units

With Yuri’s defection, the Soviets lost access to the Psi-Corps Trooper / Yuri. This unit is now part of Yuri’s arsenal as the Yuri Clone, available for $800 with a Psychic Radar.


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