Command & Conquer – The Story


Command & Conquer takes place almost 50 years after the events in Red Alert. The great Eurasian war was eventually won by the Allied forces, the USSR has collapsed and all of its states have become free democratic countries.

In the early 90’s a meteorite carrying the extraterrestrial mineral Tiberium crashes down on Earth. Tiberium is soon found to have limitless possibilities and becomes the world’s leading article, radically changing many aspects of life on Earth.

The Brotherhood of Nod, a century-old quasi-terrorist group with communistic leanings, eagerly takes advantage of the seemingly unlimited possibilities of Tiberium to wage war on their born enemies, the thriving countries in the West. To counter the Brotherhood’s offensive the Global Defense Initiative, the United Nations’ global anti-terrorist organization, is dispatched. And so two super-powers clash in brutal battle for control and domination, in a world that has changed more than anyone suspects.


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