Service Depot: Command & Conquer DOS Patch History

Always download the latest version of any patch for your game. Unless otherwise stated, each patch version contains all of the updates from any previous version.

Command & Conquer – Patch 1.22

Released on 21 February 1996

This is the latest official update patch for Command & Conquer DOS. Don’t apply this patch if you have the Command & Conquer Gold (Windows 95) version of the game. This update is for the English version of Command & Conquer DOS.


  • The ability to sell a building and then stop the selling process in order to gain bonus infantry has been fixed.

Command & Conquer – Patch 1.19/1.20

Released in early 1996

This appears to be the same patch, with version 1.19 being for the English release, and 1.20 for the French and German releases.


  • Some people discovered a way to cheat using versions 1.18P and 1.07 such that it is possible to place a structure at any position in the map, breaking the normal adjacent building rule. This has been fixed in version 1.20P but you should be aware that 1.20P still connects to 1.18P and 1.07, so a person cheating with the older versions (if connected to the version 1.20P) will cause a modem or IPX game to fail with a “Games are out of sync” message. You read it here first.

Command & Conquer – Patch 1.18

Released in early 1996

  • Fixes money refund problem when selling silos – the money refunded when selling a silo was being credited incorrectly. This has been fixed. In order for a fixed version to play with an unfixed version – possible when in a multiplayer game – a special command line option must be used. Pass the parameter “-o” to the C&C.EXE executable.
  • Cost of Nod turrets changed to 600 credits – this addresses a balance issue regarding Nod turret production.
  • Nuclear crate collection allows Nod nuclear missile – collection of the special nuclear crates in certain Nod missions will allow a nuclear missile to be launched from the Temple of Nod in the final mission of the game.

Command & Conquer – Patch 1.08a

Released on 15 October 1995

  • Windows 95 modem play – this patch improves modem play under Windows 95 for some people. It is still highly recommended that you turn error correct/data compression off on your modem with the correct initialization string. Check your modem manual for more information about this.
  • USR 14,400/28,800 UART speed – addresses US Robotics modem connect problems at 14,400 or 28,800 baud.
  • Diamond Viper pallette/color problem – addresses a special problem detected in DIAMOND VIPER video card support. If you experience new palette problems try adding the following line to the CONQUER.INI file under the [OPTIONS] section.
    Save the CONQUER.INI file with the new changes.
  • Movies do not play when CD is swapped – addresses the fact that briefings and cutscenes do not appear if you choose the NOD disk when playing from disk 1, or any time that you swap disks.

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