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minigunnerMinigun Infantry
Equipped with the GAU-3 “Eliminator” 5.56mm chaingun, this troop is the key player in the GDI forces. En masse, this unit is very useful against slow-moving armoured units like tanks. Just remember that large tanks can easily crush your infantry and flame-based weapons can quickly reduce entire squads to ash.

rocket_soldierRocket Soldier
These infantry units are slower and easier to kill than other infantry, but can tear through armor faster than any other infantry unit. Their major advantage is the ability to attack airborne units. Most effective as a support unit in diverse groups.

flame_throwerFlamethrower Infantry
Effective for maximum close-range destruction. Produces fire which burns more slowly than normal, allowing more effective elimination of humans and armament. Be careful when using these troops in groups—if one unit gets in front of another, chances are that the unit in front will catch some of the damage from the back unit. Spread them out.

The Chem-Warrior is an advanced infantry unit immune to the effects of Tiberium. The chem-blast they carry produces a short-lived toxic cloud of Tiberium gas that will kill any infantry caught within its effects. Multiplay only. May be available in single-play missions as a unit given to you at the start of a mission or as a mission objective for capture.

The Commando is part of the GDI Elite Forces Unit. This unit uses a Raptor 50cal. assault rifle with suppressor that is able to take out infantry units from extreme range. In addition, the Commando carries C-4 explosives. When placed in enemy structures, these explosives will level the target structure in seconds. Multiplay only. May be available in single-play missions as a unit given to you at the start of a mission or as a mission objective for capture.

Engineers are used to capture enemy buildings. Since they carry no weapons, they are extremely vulnerable on the battlefield and must be directed very carefully. These infantry are very slow, so loading them into an APC is an ideal way to move them about the battlefield.


recon_bikeRecon Bike
Mounting twin rocket launchers, the cycles have great flexibility, serving multiple roles in Nod’s forces. Learn to use these units in packs, hunting down lone units or harvesters. When in guard mode, they will shoot at enemy aircraft, making them ideal at destroying incoming aerial assaults. Their speed makes them an ideal scouting unit as well.

buggyNod Buggy
These all-terrain vehicles are armed with an M60 machine-gun in a turret. Faster than GDI’s Hum-vee, the Buggy has sacrificed some armour for this advantage. Used in hit and run tactics on infantry and other lightly armoured targets, the Buggy shines. Against armour, it dies.

light_tankLight Tank
This highly-mobile tread vehicle, delivers maximum weaponry and personnel destruction with minimum weight, maintenance and weaponry. Faster than any other tank on the battlefield, these units can reach a target quickly. Used in conjunction with aerial assaults, these units are very effective.

artilleryMobile Artillery
This massive cannon has great range and ballistic power. This unit is very slow. Any attacks using this unit have to be orchestrated carefully—just getting the unit to its target can be difficult. However, once it gets within range, little stands in the way of its fire-power. By nature, artillery is somewhat inaccurate.

flame_tankFlame Tank
Especially useful against infantry and structures, the Devil’s Tongue Flame Tank can mow through swarms of infantry with little or no damage to itself. To top off its destructive capabilities, the flame tank is fast, able to avoid some of the slower firing weapons and get close to its target quickly.

stealth_tankStealth Tank
This lightly-armoured tank is equipped with the Lazarus shield, cloaking it from enemy sight. This shield is neutralized during firing, giving the tanks the ability to “appear” out of thin air. Although vehicles and most structures are not able to see the tank while cloaked, infantry and Guard Towers will reveal the tank if it gets too close to them.

mcvMobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
The mobile construction vehicle lets you search for suitable base sites. Once one is found, convert the MCV into a full-service Construction Yard and use it to build other structures. Since this vehicle is slow, unarmed, and expensive, you will want to keep it well guarded with other units.

ssm_launcherSurface-To-Surface Missile Launcher (SSM)
The SSM is Nod’s longest-ranged unit, able to fire on the enemy from a great distance. Its napalm rounds are useful at cracking through tough base defenses without any worry of retaliation. Infantry in a large group will also suffer from its high area of effect. The reload rate on this unit is extremely long, requiring other units to protect it during its lag-time.

This heavily-armoured unit deploys men and vehicles during amphibious assault. It is not build-able in any missions, including multiplay.

This armour-plated vehicle seeks out and scoops up raw Tiberium, then transports it to refineries for processing. It is slow and unwieldy and will need to be protected. Its good points are that it can take a beating before being destroyed and it is proficient at crushing enemy infantry.


Provides field transportation for all infantry, rapidly deploying new troops into, or out of battle. This unit is basically an aerial version of the APC without the weapon.

apacheApache Attack Helicopter
Nod’s Apache Helicopter is fast, mobile, and carries a large quantity of ammunition. Used primarily against infantry and structures, the Apache can take down armored units when en-masse. Use them to soften up bases before a nuclear weapon is dropped, or gun through a horde of engineers coming towards your base.

unknownCargo Plane (Antonov AN-22)
This carrier ships purchased units to the Brotherhood of Nod via the Airfield. Any units ordered will be shipped in as soon as possible. Only one transport plane can be on the board (per Airfield) at any one time.

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