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minigunnerMinigun Infantry
Equipped with the GAU-3 “Eliminator” 5.56mm chaingun, this troop is the key player in the GDI forces. En masse, this unit is very useful against slow-moving armoured units like tanks. Just remember that large tanks can easily crush your infantry and flame-based weapons can quickly reduce entire squads to ash.

The Grenadier is a very useful all-purpose infantry unit. This troop is faster, can see further, and hit harder than normal infantry. The grenade this unit throws can not only go over walls, but can destroy them as well. They ‘splode good, too!!

rocket_soldierRocket Soldier
These infantry units are slower and easier to kill than other infantry, but can tear through armor faster than any other infantry unit. Their major advantage is the ability to attack airborne units. Most effective as a support unit in diverse groups.

The Commando is part of the GDI Elite Forces Unit. This unit uses a Raptor 50cal. assault rifle with suppressor that is able to take out infantry units from extreme range. In addition, the Commando carries C-4 explosives. When placed in enemy structures, these explosives will level the target structure in seconds. Multiplay only. May be available in single-play missions as a unit given to you at the start of a mission or as a mission objective for capture.

Engineers are used to capture enemy buildings. Since they carry no weapons, they are extremely vulnerable on the battlefield and must be directed very carefully. These infantry are very slow, so loading them into an APC is an ideal way to move them about the battlefield.



These all-terrain attack vehicles are fast and very useful against infantry and can wipe-out large numbers of Attack Cycles when used en masse. Its light armour makes it vulnerable to any explosive weapon.

apcArmoured Personnel Carrier (APC)
The Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) transports and protects up to five troops heading to and from battle locations. Its heavy armour, fast speed, and long sight range make it an ideal scouting unit. It is also useful for crushing infantry.

medium_tankMedium Tank
From its single barrel, the Medium Tank fires armour-piercing shells. It is faster, heavier and more destructive than Nod’s Light Tank. This is one of the best all around vehicles in the game. It is effective against both vehicles and structures, but can be taken down by groups of infantry or aerial units.

mrlsMobile Rocket Launch System (MRLS)
Mobile devastation. GDI’s longest-range attacker fires 227mm rockets and is effective against just about everything, including aerial threats. With no short-range fighting ability, this unit needs close-quarter backup. This is an attack only vehicle. Keep it in the background and don’t let enemies in close to it.

mammoth_tankMammoth Tank
Armed with dual 120mm cannons and Mammoth Tusk Missiles, this giant is a very versatile attack unit. These weapons help compensate for its lack of speed and mobility. When this unit takes a lot of damage, it can slowly regenerate its health back up to 50%. When the Mammoth tank is placed in guard mode, it can fire at aerial units.

mcvMobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
The mobile construction vehicle lets you search for suitable base sites. Once one is found, convert the MCV into a full-service Construction Yard and use it to build other structures. Since this vehicle is slow, unarmed, and expensive, you will want to keep it well guarded with other units.

This heavily-armoured unit deploys men and vehicles during amphibious assault. It is not build-able in any missions, including multiplay.

This armour-plated vehicle seeks out and scoops up raw Tiberium, then transports it to refineries for processing. It is slow and unwieldy and will need to be protected. Its good points are that it can take a beating before being destroyed and it is proficient at crushing enemy infantry.


Heavily armoured, and armed with surface-to-surface missiles, this unit is the backbone of GDI’s naval forces. This unit makes special appearances in GDI missions, but is normally unavailable.


Provides field transportation for all infantry, rapidly deploying new troops into, or out of battle. This unit is basically an aerial version of the APC without the weapon.

This vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft carries five salvos of TOW rockets. ORCAs are exceptionally useful for taking out enemy armor like Harvesters. When used in conjunction with Ion Cannon strikes, then can easily destroy enemy structures. When an ORCA runs out of rockets, it must return to base for reloading.

a10Ground Support Aircraft (A-10 Warthog)
These units are highly manoeuvrable, ground-hugging craft that level enemy units with napalm. When playing as GDI in the solo play missions, destroying all Nod SAM sites will give you access to the A-10 airstrikes. Since the A-10 bombs in a line, it is a good idea to pick a target that is part of a group. You can do damage to more enemies this way.

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