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construction_yard_nodConstruction Yard
The Construction Yard is the foundation of a base and allows the construction of other buildings. You must protect this structure! Without it, you cannot build any new structures. The Construction Yard is fairly strong, but as with almost all structures, it is vulnerable to Engineers. Try surrounding your Construction Yard with walls to keep out unwanted guests.

power_plantPower Plant
This unit provides power to the structures in your base. Power output is directly related to the Power Plant’s condition, so protect them during battles. If they get damaged, you must repair them quickly or else some of your base defenses may cease to function. The Power Plant outputs 100 units of power.

adv_power_plantAdvanced Power Plant
This high-yield structure handles the energy strains of some later, more power-intensive structures. It may cost a bit more than the original Power Plant, but it generates double the amount of power (200 units).

hand_of_nodHand of Nod
This creates elite infantry units for the Brotherhood of Nod. Building multiple barracks will decrease the time necessary to train a soldier.

This structure processes Tiberium into its component elements. Building the refinery immediately deploys a Tiberium harvester and each Refinery can handle an infinite number of Harvesters. The refinery stores 1,000 credits of processed Tiberium.

For broad sweep, short-range protection against heavy assault vehicles. This is the staple of Nod’s base defense, so be sure to have several of these around your base entrances. Fire-power wise, they are the equivalent of a medium tank’s cannon—without the mobility.

sam_siteSAM Site
Fires surface-to-air missiles at airborne GDI units. When the it is recessed in the ground, it is difficult to harm. However, when the launcher is exposed, it will damage more easily. Position these around your base in a triangular layout. This gives you the best chances of destroying aerial threats before they can cause serious damage to your base.

tiberium_siloTiberium Silo
This structure stores up to 1,500 credits of processed Tiberium. When the Refinery fills to its maximum capacity of Tiberium, you will want to build Silos to handle the excess storage load. Guard it carefully. If destroyed or captured, the amount stored is deducted from your account.

comm_centerCommunications Center
Allows the use of the radar screen as long as there is sufficient power. The radar screen allows for long range views of the battlefield and for commanding units over great distances. When playing as Nod against GDI in the solo play missions, destroying the GDI’s Radar Facility will keep GDI from launching A-10 airstrikes against you.

Building the Helipad allows the use of the ORCA attack aircraft. The Helipad is also the rearming station for the ORCA. If the Helipad is lost, the ORCA will not be able to reload. Any ORCA can use any Helipad on your side.

air_stripAir Strip
Nod buys all its units. The Air Strip allows cargo planes to land and deliver equipment. It is functionally equivalent to the GDI Weapons Factory. However, you do not instantly get the unit when it is complete—it must be flown in, so plan accordingly. Building multiple Airfields will increase the ordering speed, and will enable you to have two units delivered at a time.

repair_facilityRepair Facility
The repair facility allows you to repair damaged units. Moving a vehicle onto the repair pad will begin the repair process. All repairs are deducted from your credits. If you run out of credits while repairs are in progress, repairs will stop. Damage to the facility significantly slows repair work.


Obelisk of Light
This high-power laser effectively destroys troops and armament at long range. It is the most powerful on-board weapon in the game. Its slow recharge time means that it cannot be the only weapon defending your base, however. Make sure you have excess power before building these, because damage to your power plants will keep the obelisks off-line.


Temple of Nod
Houses the central computer core that is the hub of all Nod communications and center of Nod command. It is heavily armoured. This structure also gives Nod players the ability to fire nuclear missiles.

sandbag_barrierSandbag Barrier
Used to deter the enemy from advancing. Sandbags provide limited cover and may slow units down. Only explosive weapons such as grenades, missiles, and shells can damage Sandbags.

chain_link_barrierChain Link Barrier
Chain Link functions in the same way that the sandbags do, but they provide more defense. Only explosive weapons such as grenades, missiles, and shells can damage a Chain Link Barrier.

concrete_barrierConcrete Barrier
Concrete walls are the most effective barrier. They are much harder to destroy and will take the enemy much longer to blast through. Only explosive weapons such as grenades, missiles, and shells can damage Concrete Barriers.

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