Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – The Story


More than twenty years have passed since the dramatic finale of Tiberian Dawn. The Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and Brotherhood of Nod are still fighting, but a lot is different since the last time your mouse led these warring factions to victory. Tiberium, the alien mineral that arrived on Earth on a meteor grows at an ever-increasing rate. It is rumoured that aliens somehow sent Tiberium to Earth, in order to terra-form it for their inhabitance. Little is known about their agenda.

GDI has ignored all warnings that prolonged exposure to Tiberium could cause gruesome side effects, until it was too late and they were forced to evacuate the remaining world’s population to Arctic territories, where the mineral struggles to survive.

The Brotherhood of Nod, having already suffered a hefty blow by the apparent loss of their leader, Kane, have retreated to underground caves. Without Kane, Nod has become fragmented and factionalized…and more lethal than ever.

Throughout the game, Nod begins to experiment with Tiberium in a search for ways to enhance its population of elite troops and personnel with genetic mutation, while GDI struggles to maintain order in the remaining habitable terrain. A new group enters the fray – The Forgotten, mutants deformed by the effects of Tiberium. They are neglected by GDI and abused by the Brotherhood. And so it begins…

Once again, like in the original, you must choose between the GDI or Nod. Choose GDI, and you assume the role of Commander McNeil and your motivation is simple: eliminate the new Nod attacks and find out what is behind Tiberium’s rapid growth. Choose Nod and you will be Slavik, leader of one of the Nod factions. With Kane’s help you will have to reunite Nod, and defeat the GDI forces to learn more about the newly discovered alien technology.


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