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The Brotherhood of Nod relies on stealth and the element of surprise instead of brute force. While their units are generally more fragile, they require finesse to be put to best use. Their stealth technology allows them to deny their enemies any insight on their armies, and are able to create sneak attacks with subterranean units. They have excellent advanced defense buildings and late game aircraft, as well as a mighty artillery piece.



nod_e1iconLight Infantry
Cost: $120 | Prerequisites: none
Light Infantry is the mainstay of the GDI and Brotherhood troops. Armed with an M16 Mk. II pulse rifle, they deliver light damage to most targets. Although slow, infantry are capable of movement over varied terrain types with little loss in speed. They are also able to pass through certain terrains or hazards that are inaccessible or damaging to vehicles. They are best used for scouting.

rocket_infantryRocket Infantry
$250 | Prerequisites: none
Nod’s heavy infantry carry a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher that is effective against vehicles and aircraft and deals splash damage in a small radius. Because of the increased weight of the rocket launcher, rocket infantry are slower than light infantry but are more heavily armoured. While they are not effective against infantry, their weapon suppresses them.

Cost: $500 | Prerequisites: none
Slow and unarmed, Engineers are nonetheless very useful in their own right. They are able to capture enemy structures, repair damaged friendly structures and repair damaged bridges (if a bridge hut is nearby). Note that the engineer unit will be lost when any of these actions are performed.

$650 | Prerequisites: none
Cyborg infantry are the result of recent Nod experiments in melding Tiberium-mutated humans with machines. They are armed with heavy body armour and a high-power pulse rifle that is particularly effective against infantry and light vehicles. They are resilient to anti-infantry weapons, but are more vulnerable to anti-armour ones. If a Cyborg is badly damaged, his legs are detached so that the rest of the body can fight on. Cyborgs heal in Tiberium.

cyborg_commandoCyborg Commando
$2000 | Prerequisites: Temple of Nod
Those cyborgs that perform well are further modified and promoted to the Cyborg Commando ranks. Packing enough firepower to take out entire bases, a single Cyborg Commando is a large threat on the battlefield. Armed with a plasma cannon, the Commando can make quick work of any ground target. He is resilient to anti-infantry weapons, but is more vulnerable to anti-armour ones. If a Cyborg Commando is badly damaged, his legs are detached so that the rest of the body can fight on. The Cyborg Commando heals in Tiberium.
Note: Only one Cyborg Commando can be trained at a time per player.

mutant_hijackerMutant Hijacker
$1850 | Prerequisites: Temple of Nod
A member of the Forgotten, the hijacker has the ability to commandeer any vehicle he wishes. When the hijacker is selected and the cursor is placed over an enemy vehicle, the cursor becomes an “enter” cursor to signify the vehicle can be stolen. Clicking on a vehicle when the cursor is in this stage sends the hijacker to the unit to steal it. Once a vehicle is stolen, the hijacker cannot be removed from the vehicle until the vehicle is destroyed. When it is, he pops out and is able to steal another vehicle. Like all mutant units, the mutant hijacker can heal in Tiberium when he is not inside a vehicle.
Note: Only one Mutant Hijacker can be trained at a time per player.

mutant_hijackerChameleon Spy (campaign only)

This infantry unit is only deployed in stealth operations. While unarmed, the Chameleon Spy wears a suit which cloaks him, making him invisible to enemies. He is most often ordered to scout an area and/or to infiltrate a specific building.

weaticonToxin Soldier (campaign only)

These soldiers are only deployed in special operations. In normal circumstances, they utilize a toxin rifle that instantly disposes of enemy infantry and which causes splash damage in the immediate vicinity. If they are after a specific target whom they wish to capture rather than assassinate, they use a toxin of lesser power which makes the target susceptible to their control, making extractions easier. They are, however, helpless against vehicles, aircraft, and structures.



Cost: $1400 | Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
Critical to the financial success of both sides, the Harvester is the only unit capable of collecting Tiberium for refinement. Harvesters will automatically begin to collect Tiberium if they arrive with a Tiberium Refinery, but not if built from the War Factory. If it carries the more valuable, but also more volatile blue Tiberium strain, the Harvester becomes highly unstable, and explodes violently if destroyed, which can be used offensively as a poor man’s demolition truck.

buggy_nodAttack Buggy
$500 | Prerequisites: none
The Attack Buggy is Nod’s primary recon unit, armed with a twin machine gun with which it easily counters enemy infantry. Its weak armour is made up for with high speed.

attack_cycleAttack Cycle
$600 | Prerequisites: none
Another light recon vehicle, the Attack Cycle is Nod’s fastest ground unit. Although it trades armour for speed, the Cycle is capable of sustaining moderate damage before being destroyed. It carries twin rocket launchers capable of hitting both air and ground units. If elite, it can also target enemy air units.

tick_tankTick Tank
$800 | Prerequisites: none
This battle tank has the ability to burrow itself into the ground to increase its durability and perform mobile battery defense. When burrowed, only the turret and a small part of the unit remains above ground. However, even when mobile, it deals considerable damage to enemy armour and structures.

mobile_repairMobile Repair Vehicle
$1000 | Prerequisites: none
This robotic vehicle is capable of repairing damaged vehicles on the battlefield. It features an extendible arm which houses all of the tools needed to repair a vehicle to battle readiness. Placing this unit in guard mode will enable it to automatically repair any vehicles in its immediate vicinity.

$975 | Prerequisites: Radar
Realizing that they needed a way to deliver damage without fear of retaliation, Nod developed a new long-range artillery platform. Because of recoil involved, the unit is unable to fire while mobile, and cannot move while deployed. Its range and firepower allow for easy bombardment of enemy structures and infantry, while it is less effective against vehicles. It is poorly armoured, and should be escorted by other unit types.

nod_lpstMobile Sensor Array
$950 | Prerequisites: Radar
The Mobile Sensor Array is a vehicle equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor package that can detect the presence of enemy units even if they are cloaked or burrowing underground when it is deployed. Detected units will not be “uncloaked”, but will be displayed on radar and tactical view, allowing a commander to take the necessary measures to destroy the hidden unit(s).

subterranean_apcSubterranean APC
$600 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Subterranean APC is capable of carrying up to five infantry units underground. It is then invisible to the enemy, but can be detected by a Mobile Sensor Array. The APC cannot surface from under certain terrain types, such as rough terrain, water, or inclines.

mcv_nodMobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
Cost: $2500 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
As you will see in the section on Nod buildings, the heart of every base is the Construction Yard. When deployed, this vehicle becomes a Construction Yard, providing you with all of the benefits of that building. To deploy an MCV, select the vehicle and hold the cursor over it. If the cursor changes to a white circle with four arrows, left-clicking on it will deploy the vehicle. If the cursor has a red circle with a line through it, there is either not enough room to deploy or something is in the way. Move the vehicle (or the offending object) to find a suitable deployment site. The MCV must be protected at all costs.

devils_tongueDevil’s Tongue Flame Tank
$750 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
Terror is a formidable weapon, and the sheer sight of this nightmarish unit is enough to cause GDI troops to tremble. Capable of burrowing though all but the hardest of surfaces, the Devil’s Tongue can unleash deadly jets of flame on unsuspecting targets with impunity. The flame is especially effective against infantry and structures, although prolonged exposure to its blasts can even melt steel.

stealth_tankStealth Tank
$1100 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Stealth Tank is a light battle tank that is able to cloak itself in order to remain undetected by enemies. The tank is unable to remain cloaked while firing due to the enormous power drain of the stealth generator. Infantry and base defenses can reveal the stealth tank if it comes too close. Mobile Sensor Arrays can detect a stealth tank’s presence at longer range.

weed_eaterWeed Eater
$1400 | Prerequisites: Tiberium Waste Facility
This vehicle is essentially a reworked Harvester that is used to harvest Tiberium veins for use in a Chemical Missile. It dumps its cargo at a Tiberium Waste Facility, not a Refinery. It is the only ground vehicle that isn’t damaged from exposure to Tiberium veins.

hunter_seekerHunter-Seeker Droid
Cost: free | Prerequisites: Temple of Nod
The Hunter-Seeker Droid is a lighting-fast drone that is deployed to “clean up” the battlefield. Hunter-Seeker Droids randomly search out an enemy unit or structure and ram it. The unit cannot be controlled and will automatically seek prey when released.

montaukMontauk (campaign only)
The Montauk is Nod’s mobile command center. Commander Slavik and his crew use it to travel between battles. Capable of burrowing underground, the Montauk typically remains safely away from the battlefield so as not to endanger the command crew.



$1000 | Prerequisites: none
Excellent against infantry and lightly armoured vehicles, the Harpy is the newest generation of combat helicopters. Like all flying units, the Harpy must return to a Helipad in order to reload its weapons.

$1500 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
Experiments with recovered alien technology have allowed Nod to develop the next generation of fighting aircraft. Codenamed the Banshee, this sleek craft is capable of decimating any unit or structure with its twin plasma cannons.


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