Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Factions


Global Defense Initiative (GDI)

Founded October 12, 1995, the Global Defense Initiative has always stood to enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act by providing nations at war with assistance, and to suppress terrorist acts.

Not long after the formation of GDI, were they forced to contend with the quasi-terrorist group known as the Brotherhood of Nod, during the first great Tiberium war. They emerged victorious, and to this day have managed to maintain a way of life among the planets population despite the ever dangerous alien mineral Tiberium.

Now, twenty years later, the mineral continues to grow stronger and engulf an increasing amount of the earth’s land mass. Rumour has it that the leader of the Brotherhood, Kane, has survived, and is in the process of rebuilding his empire. GDI is now faced with several new and dangerous problems. Problems of such magnitude that only time will tell if they will survive…


Brotherhood of Nod

The Brotherhood of Nod, previously believed to be only a small terrorist operation, are now considered to be the most powerful and well-equipped organization out there. Their have considerable economic and political strength allows them to secretly purchase military hardware.

During the First Tiberium War, Nod’s leader Kane battled the Global Defense Initiative for control of the alien mineral Tiberium. Things didn’t go well for The Brotherhood, and they were not successful. Kane was believed to be killed when the Temple of Nod was destroyed.

Twenty years have passed, and Nod has moved underground to build up their forces. Assuming the role of the leader is Hassan, and The Brotherhood plans on making a second attempt at taking control of the Tiberium. But, there is some turbulence within The Brotherhood, as it is rumoured that Kane has survived, and he has quite a backing. Before they can start the attack on GDI, they will first have to settle their differences. And Nod doesn’t settle its differences over a cup of tea…


The Forgotten

In the years that followed the First Tiberium War, the Earth became more polluted, more toxic and mutated. The green glowing crystals had once held bright promise of technological miracles. Now the had become the most dire of curses, turning animals into monsters, plants into toxic blooms and people into something less than human, or perhaps a bit more.

The GDI, in its wisdom, began the global evacuation, taking large segments of the First World population but largely forgetting the Third World. After all, it was the wealthiest nations that paid GDI’s bills, so the wealthiest citizens got the first trips to space and the first trips to the Arctic poles, where Tiberium grew more slowly.

Even First World citizens weren’t guaranteed safe passage. Large parts of the inner cities were ignored, as were poor rural areas. If you were in the middle of upper class, paid your taxes, voted, had no criminal record and were healthy you mad the cut, if not… were forgotten.

Being Forgotten meant finding ways to live with Tiberium, It meant watching the crystals sprout from your skin, watching you children being born with green eyes and watching world it die a slow, tortured death.

It also meant fighting The Brotherhood of Nod. While the GDI ignored you. Nod took sharp interest indeed. At first, The Brotherhood seemed benevolent, giving food to the hungry, medicine to the sick, and there were many sick. But then people started disappearing. At first it was one or two a week. The mutated animals were blamed. Then it was scored of people, entire neighbourhoods cleared out overnight.

One day those that had disappeared returned, after a fashion. They were Nod cyborgs, mindless killing machines. They had the faces of disappeared loved ones.

This was a crime unforgivable. The Forgotten declared war Nod. They were brave warriors, with unique skills and Tiberium enhanced bodies, but they lacked the numbers and fire-power it would take to defeat The Brotherhood.

Reluctantly they would form an alliance with GDI.


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