Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – Nod Structures



The Brotherhood of Nod relies on stealth and the element of surprise instead of brute force. While their units are generally more fragile, they require finesse to be put to best use. Their stealth technology allows them to deny their enemies any insight on their armies, and are able to create sneak attacks with subterranean units. They have excellent advanced defense buildings and late game aircraft, as well as a mighty artillery piece.



construction_yard_nodConstruction Yard
Cost: $2500 (MCV) | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: none
The heart of every base is the Construction Yard. This structure is responsible for the creation of all other buildings in your base, from simple walls to the technologically-advanced Temple of Nod and superweapons. Because this building controls your ability to expand your base and acquire new technologies, the wise commander protects it at all costs and at all times. In many missions, you will start with a Construction Yard already in place, while in others you will begin with an MCV and must deploy it to begin building.

nod_power_plantPower Plant
$300 | Power: +100 | Prerequisites: none
Power Plants provide power for base structures and are critical to keeping base defenses online.

tiberium_refinery_nodTiberium Refinery
Cost: $2000 | Power: -30 | Prerequisites: Power Plant
The refinery converts the harvester loads of Tiberium into credits for the player. It also stores a certain amount of Tiberium. Once a Refinery is full, Tiberium Silos must be created in order to store excess Tiberium. If there is no available storage capacity at a Refinery or Silos, excess Tiberium will be lost. Each Tiberium Refinery comes with a free Harvester.

hand_of_nodHand of Nod
Cost: $300 | Power: -20 | Prerequisites: Power Plant
The Hand of Nod allows infantry units to be trained. It also a prerequisite for basic defensive structures.

nod_war_factoryWar Factory
Cost: $2000 | Power: -30 | Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery, Hand of Nod
This structure allows for the construction of vehicles and mechs. Certain advanced vehicles require additional structures before they can built by a War Factory.

Cost: $1000 | Power: -40 | Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
A Radar station allows commanders to view the battlefield and the relative locations of friendly and enemy units. In order for the radar view to remain active, the Radar station must be constantly powered.

nod_advanced_ppAdvanced Power Plant
$500 | Power: +200 | Prerequisites: War Factory
An Advanced Power Plant generates twice as much power as a regular Power Plant.

Cost: $500 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Radar
The Helipad allows for the construction and rearming of aircraft. Without the Helipad, aircraft cannot be constructed and cannot be rearmed when returning to attack. One pad can only host one aircraft at a time, but aircraft can land on open ground.

nod_tech_centerTech Center
Cost: $1500 | Power: -100 | Prerequisites: War Factory, Radar
The Tech Center is where Nod conducts its advanced weapons research. This structure is required prior to the construction of certain high-tech units and structures.

temple_of_nodTemple of Nod
$2000 | Power: -200 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
Within the halls of this mysteries structure, Nod continues its Tiberium experiments and conducts cutting-edge research. Construction of the temple enables you to release the Hunter-Seeker Droid, and allows the construction of the highest-tier Nod units and technologies. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.
Note: Only one Temple of Nod can be built at a time per player.

tiberium_waste_facilityTiberium Waste Facility
$1600 | Power: -40 | Prerequisites: Missile Silo
The Tiberium Waste Facility serves as the drop-off point for the Weed Eater. This structure refines and concentrates harvested Tiberium veins for use in the chemical missile. Once enough of this Tiberium substance has been collected, it is automatically loaded into a Chemical Missile, provided a Missile Silo is available. If more Tiberium veins has been harvested than is necessary for a Chemical Missile, that excess is stored internally for future Chemical Missiles, accelerating their construction. A Tiberium Waste Facility comes with a free Weed Eater.
Note: Only one Tiberium Waste Facility can be built at a time per player.


Support structures

Cost: $75 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Pavement is designed to protect your base from burrowing units as well as prevent heavy weapons fire and explosions from making craters in your base. Certain units like Harvesters will move faster on pavement than on normal terrain. Pavements also prevent spreading of Tiberium, but not Tiberium veins.

nod_wallsConcrete Walls
Cost: $100 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Walls are a passive defence system designed to stop enemy infantry and vehicles. Up to 4 pieces of wall section can be placed at once if near an existing wall section for quick building.
Note: Multi-piece wall construction introduced in patch 1.13.

Cost: $250 | Power: 0 | Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
Gates prevent enemy units and Tiberium growth from entering a base. They automatically open to allow friendly units to pass, but will not open for enemy units.

tiberium_silo_nodTiberium Silo
Cost: $150 | Power: -10 | Prerequisites: Tiberium Refinery
Tiberium Silos store excess Tiberium once Tiberium Refineries are at maximum capacity. If a Tiberium Refinery is filled to capacity and there are no empty Silos available, excess Tiberium from a Harvester will be lost.

$300 | Power: -40 | Prerequisites: Hand of Nod
The Laser turret is Nod’s main anti-surface defense. Like its larger cousin, the Obelisk of Light, the Laser turret fires a focused beam at enemy units. Recent advancements in laser technology allow Laser turrets to generate their own power, so they can remain operational during low power conditions.

sam_siteSurface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Site
$500 | Power: -30 | Prerequisites: Radar
The Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Site is the primary defense against enemy aircraft. It can only be used against flying units. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.

emp_nodElectro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Cannon
Cost: $1000 | Power: -150 | Prerequisites: Radar
The EMP Cannon can fire a high-powered blast of electro-magnetic energy that renders any mechanized unit (including cyborgs) or structure inoperative for a short period. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.

laser_fencingLaser Fence
$200 | Power: -25 (hubs only) | Prerequisites: Advanced Power Plant
Laser Fencing consists of emitter posts that project a continuous laser beam between them, effectively stopping vehicles and infantry. Up to 4 pieces of wall section can be placed at once if near an existing wall section for quick building. However, Laser Fencing does require significant external power to remain online, and when it is powered down, wall sections are traversible.

obelisk_of_lightObelisk of Light
$1500 | Power: -150 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Obelisk of Light is a frighteningly powerful weapon. It has undergone significant improvement since it was last seen on the battlefield. Power output has been increased, and few units can survive a single hit from an Obelisk’s laser bolt. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.

stealth_generatorStealth Generator
$2500 | Power: -350 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Stealth Generator can cloak all units and structures in a large area. The base will remain cloaked until the Stealth Generator is turned off, the base becomes underpowered, or the Stealth Generator is destroyed. Buildings and units under the effect will uncloak when firing or leaving the area of effect, or if enemy units are very close to them. It should be noted that units exiting from a War Factory or Hand of Nod, and harvesters exiting a refinery will be visible briefly before the Stealth Generator adjusts and cloaks them.

missile_siloMissile Silo
$1300 | Power: -50 | Prerequisites: Tech Center
The Missile Silo allows Nod to launch long-range weapons at an enemy, specifically a Multi-Missile and, with a Tiberium Waste Facility built, a Chemical Missile. It deactivates if the base’s power is low.


Support powers

pulsiconElectro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP)
free | Cooldown: 4:30 | Prerequisites: EMP Cannon
Fires a high-powered blast of electro-magnetic energy that renders any mechanized unit (including cyborgs) or structure fully inoperative for a short period.

detniconHunter-Seeker Release
free | Cooldown: 12:00 | Prerequisites: Temple of Nod
Releases the Hunter-Seeker Droid, a lighting-fast drone that is deployed to “clean up” the battlefield. Hunter-Seeker Droids randomly search out an enemy unit or structure and ram it. The unit cannot be controlled and will automatically seek prey when released.

mltiiconMulti-Missile (a.k.a. Cluster Missile)
free | Cooldown: 10:00 | Prerequisites: Missile Silo
Launches the Cluster Missile to the target location. When the missile reaches its destination, it breaks off into several smaller missiles which disperse in the surrounding area, damaging everything they crash into.

chemiconChemical Missile
free | Cooldown: 0:15* | Prerequisites: Missile Silo, Tiberium Waste Facility
Launches a missile filled with chemicals derived from Tiberium veins to the target location. While the initial explosion is relatively mild, it releases a highly corrosive gas that heavily damages both units and structures until it disperses.
*Cooldown depends on whether the Tiberium Waste Facility has enough resources to create a new missile. This value is valid for situations when this is the case.


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