Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun – The Forgotten Units



unknownMutant / Mutant Soldier / Mutant Sergeant
The basic Forgotten infantry, solid against other infantry. While they have three different appearances and names, they are statistically identical. Like all mutant units, they can heal in Tiberium.

rocket_infantryRocket Infantry
This heavy infantry carry a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher that is effective against vehicles and aircraft and deals splash damage in a small radius. Because of the increased weight of the rocket launcher, rocket infantry are slower than light infantry but are more heavily armoured. While they are not effective against infantry, their weapon suppresses them. Unlike other Forgotten units, they are vulnerable to Tiberium, as they are the same as Nod’s rocket infantry.

umagonMutant Sniper
The Mutant Sniper is a unit identical in appearance and statistics to Umagon.


ghostalkerGhost Stalker
A member of the Forgotten, Ghost Stalker carries a small railgun and is armed with C4 charges. His railgun is able to shoot through multiple targets at once, eliminating rows of enemies in a single hit. His C4 charges can be planted at enemy buildings, destroying them instantly. Like all mutant units, Ghost Stalker can heal in Tiberium.

The mutant sniper named Umagon is one of the fiercest members of the Forgotten. Armed with a sniper rifle, she is able to pick off most infantry with one shot and an incredible range. However, her weapon does very little damage against armoured units. She is most effective when teamed up with Ghost Stalker. Umagon is as tough as she is beautiful, moving swiftly among the shadows, commanding respect from those around here. Like all mutant units, Umagon can heal in Tiberium.

mutant_hijackerMutant Hijacker
The hijacker has the ability to commandeer any vehicle he wishes. When the hijacker is selected and the cursor is placed over an enemy vehicle, the cursor becomes an “enter” cursor to signify the vehicle can be stolen. Clicking on a vehicle when the cursor is in this stage sends the hijacker to the unit to steal it. Once a vehicle is stolen, the hijacker cannot be removed from the vehicle until the vehicle is destroyed. When it is, he pops out and is able to steal another vehicle. Like all mutant units, the mutant hijacker can heal in Tiberium when he is not inside a vehicle.



Critical to the financial success of both sides, the Harvester is the only unit capable of collecting Tiberium for refinement. Harvesters will automatically begin to collect Tiberium if they arrive with a Tiberium Refinery, but not if built from the War Factory. If it carries the more valuable, but also more volatile blue Tiberium strain, the Harvester becomes highly unstable, and explodes violently if destroyed, which can be used offensively as a poor man’s demolition truck.

The Powered Assault Armour, or “Wolverine,” is a small bipedal mech piloted by a single soldier. Fast and agile, the lightly armoured mechs excel at suppression fire and in light skirmishes.

buggy_nodAttack Buggy
The Attack Buggy is a recon unit stolen from Nod, armed with a twin machine gun with which it easily counters enemy infantry. Its weak armour is made up for with high speed.

attack_cycleAttack Cycle
Another light recon vehicle, the Attack Cycle is the Forgotten’s fastest ground unit, stolen from Nod. Although it trades armour for speed, the Cycle is capable of sustaining moderate damage before being destroyed. It carries twin rocket launchers capable of hitting both air and ground units. If elite, it can also target enemy air units.

Because of recoil involved, the unit is unable to fire while mobile, and cannot move while deployed. Its range and firepower allow for easy bombardment of enemy structures and infantry, while it is less effective against vehicles. It is poorly armoured, and should be escorted by other unit types.

unknownArmoured Automobile
In an attempt to make the most of the scarce resources available to them, the Forgotten converted civilian vehicles into light combat weapons. The armoured automobile is the lightest such vehicle, armed with an anti-infantry machine gun.

unknownArmoured Truck
A cargo truck used for combat by the Forgotten. Armed with an anti-infantry machine gun.


unknownArmoured Bus
A reinforced civilian bus used for combat by the Forgotten. Armed with a 120mm cannon.


unknownRecreational Vehicle
A reinforced civilian vehicle used for combat by the Forgotten. Armed with missile launchers.


X-66 Mammoth TankX-66 Mammoth Tank
Despite being abandoned by GDI by the time of the Second Tiberium War, this giant still packs a punch. These weapons help compensate for its lack of speed, and enable it to take on just about any target on land or in the air. When this unit takes a lot of damage, it can slowly regenerate its health back up to 50%.



Excellent against infantry and lightly armoured vehicles, the Harpy is the newest generation of combat helicopters. Like all flying units, the Harpy must return to a Helipad in order to reload its weapons.


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