Command & Conquer: Renegade – The Story



It was a standard kill-drill for veteran GDI commando Captain Nick “Havoc” Parker: infiltrate the Nod base, take out the power with some C-4, grab some intel, and call in the Orca bombers to level whatever was left.

The mission went off without a snag, except that Havoc got more intel than he bargained for. The files he downloaded from the Nod mainframe reveal an unsettling plan. Kane’s right-hand man, General Gideon Raveshaw, has kidnapped three key GDI research scientists and is using their knowledge of Tiberium for the mysterious Project: Re-Genesis.


As GDI agent Havoc, you’ve got to stop Raveshaw and free GDI scientists Dr. Ignatio Mobius, his daughter Sydney, and Dr. Elena Petrova. As one of Nod’s highest-ranking officials, Raveshaw will be the deadliest foe you’ve encountered yet. In fact, he’s almost as wily and brutal as his personal bodyguard Sakura Obata. Does that name ring a bell? It should. She fought by your side in your days in the Dead-6 Commando unit.


You’ll be belly crawling across battlefields, sniping at Nod Mini-gunners, commandeering their vehicles and infiltrating sprawling Nod bases. And, if everything goes as planned, those bases will be going up in huge balls of flame. All in a day’s work for commando Havoc. Time to rock ‘n roll.

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