Command & Conquer: Renegade – Nod Characters



Standard infantry

Arsenal: Pistol, Auto rifle, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 0

This is where you start, grunt. The bottom of the food chain. The common infantry, dyin’s what you’re good at. You’ve got your basic machine gun and a pistol. You’ll do better to hunt enemy infantry rather than vehicles.


Arsenal: Flamethrower, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 0

GDI may have the range, but Flamethrowers bring the heat. Perfect for melting tanks, harvesters, anything that’s big and metal.



Shotgun TrooperShotgun Trooper
Arsenal: Combat shotgun, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 0

Range for power is a tough trade-off to make, but if you decide to take your shotgun out into the world, you’ll need to get in close to be deadly, but in close quarters, you’ll mow’em down.



Arsenal: Chain gun, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 175

Who needs accuracy when your spitting out rounds in a rapid-fire hurry? Not all that effective against vehicles, but you can certainly shred through enemy soldiers.



Rocket Soldier OfficerRocket Soldier Officer
Arsenal: Rocket launcher, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 225

Got tank problems, hm? Here’s where to start. Start pounding rockets into those Medium Tanks and watch them explode before your very eyes.



Arsenal: Pistol, Repair gun, Timed C4 (x1), Remote C4 (x2)
Cost: 0

It’s a thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Weapons? You’re lucky to get a pistol! But, on the other hand, you are lugging around some remote C4, your timed C4 and your repair gun. You can repair infantry, vehicles and buildings, plus that repair gun also disarms C4 and those pesky Ion Cannon beacons.



Chem WarriorChem Warrior
Arsenal: Tiberium chem sprayer, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 150

As the only infantry who can go out into the Tiberium fields without so much as a scratch, use them as your safe spot while you rip through the GDI harvester with your chem sprayer.



Arsenal: Pistol, Repair gun, Timed C4 (x2), Remote C4 (x3), Proximity mine (x5)
Cost: 350

Being an engineer is a thankless enough job, so why would you want to be an advanced engineer? How about the ability to take down a building by yourself? Chuck both of your timed C4’s onto an MCT, add a remote C4 or two, and voila . building destruction, party of one! You also sport the proximity mines, although remember your team can only have a total of 30 proximity mines and remote C4s in play at any one time. Any more than that and they’ll start disappearing.


BH Heavy WeaponsBlack Hand Heavy Weapons
Arsenal: Laser chaingun, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 400

Got Mammoth Tank problems? Here’s a good place to start. The laser chain gun has a long range and rips through that GDI tank armour at a high pace.



BH Stealth SoldierBlack Hand Stealth Soldier
Arsenal: Laser rifle, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 450

Now you see me, now you don’t. The Stealth Soldier has the advantage of being cloaked most of the time (you de-cloak to fire, and you are somewhat visible at close ranges, or when hit), so use it to your advantage. Sneak up behind tanks or snipers and give them a little C4 love, or let your laser rifle rip into them. Careful, though, the AGT (Advanced Guard Tower) isn’t fooled by your stealth suit.


BH SniperBlack Hand Sniper
Arsenal: Sniper rifle, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 500

Like pulling up the rear, huh? Well, the Sniper Rifle will let you do just that. Find a nice dark corner, hide out and pick off enemy infantry at your leisure.



Gideon RaveshawGideon Raveshaw
Arsenal: Railgun, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 1000

The Railgun has a long range and pinpoint precision. It doesn’t pound quite as hard as GDI’s Personal Ion Cannon, but you also don’t have to take as long to reload either.



Sakura ObataSakura Obata
Arsenal: Ramjet sniper rifle, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 1000

For those times where the sniper rifle just isn’t enough, try the Ramjet rifle. Designed to penetrate through infantry armour, the Ramjet rifle truly is a sniper’s best friend.



Carlos MendozaCarlos Mendoza
Arsenal: Volt auto rifle, Pistol, Timed C4 (x1)
Cost: 1000

The Volt Auto Rifle doesn’t have the range of the Personal Ion Cannon, nor is it as great at annihilating infantry as the Ramjet Rifle, but when you need to stop Mammoth Tanks, there’s nothing better.



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