Service Depot: Command & Conquer: Renegade Patch History

Always download the latest version of any patch for your game. Unless otherwise stated, each patch version contains all of the updates from any previous version.


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.037

Released on 28 January 2003

  • Fixed a crash to desktop in client and FDS.

Download Renegade_1037_Chinese.exe (22.8 MB)

Download Renegade_1037_English.exe (22.8 MB)

Download Renegade_1037_French.exe (22.8 MB)

Download Renegade_1037_German.exe (22.8 MB)

Download Renegade_1037_Japanese.exe (22.8 MB)

Download Renegade_1037_Korean.exe (22.8 MB)


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.036

Released on 10 December 2002

  • Fixes bug in WOL Gamelist that caused a crash when viewing a server with custom maps/mods.
  • Fixed a bug in the dedicated server map rotation code.
  • Fixed several bugs in the Glacier Flying map.
  • Added GTH_CTF_Object2 script which supersedes old CTF script.


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.035

Released on 31 October 2002

  • Users Sitting idle at team selection screen for too long will now be kicked.
  • Being kicked three times in a row results in a ban (WOL mode).
  • New ‘allow’ console command to remove a WOL ban.
  • Map rotation limit now set to 100.
  • Added new flying multiplayer map Glacier.
  • Servers running maps that the client doesn’t have now show up in the game list.


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.034

Released on 9 September 2002

  • FDS Console logging to disk.
  • FDS Changes to player list format. If you have a program that parses the player list, you will need to change it to work with this build.
  • Ban works in WOL mode.
  • FDS Fix for can’t create channel bug.
  • FDS Fix for servers losing connection to Westwood Online without realizing it.
  • FDS Fix for crash caused by receiving a page while in Westwood Online mode.
  • FDS Ability to reply to a page (can’t page more than once per second).


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.033

Released on 22 July 2002

  • Fixed bug causing mod data to be used when the user played a single-player game after playing a multiplayer mod game
  • The edit_vehicle command now only works in single-play or 1-player multiplayer games.


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.031

Released on 25 June 2002

  • Fixed the superweapon->quit exploit
  • Mods now support editing of armor.ini, strings.tdb
  • Buildings can be made of tiles in addition to terrain
  • Added the “edit_vehicle” console command for physics tweaking


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.030 (Aircraft Patch)

Released on 25 June 2002

  • Two maps and flying vehicles have been added to the game. Flying units are only available on the maps that support flying vehicles: walls air and city air.

Flying vehicle controls:

– Jump to go up: default is
– Crouch to move down: default is
– Hold down Ctrl key while pressing or to strafe

  • Fixed a bug where the harvester lost its path-finding information and could be found driving into walls.
  • Fixed a problem with flickering meshes on ATI cards.
  • Fixed a number of chat bugs on Westwood online.
  • Added support for the mod community.

Multiplay Hosting: The host can now choose a Mod package as the multiplayer game. Note that you cannot host a laddered game using a Mod package.
Includes several performance enhancements that should remove occasional stuttering and pauses. Added support to hosting via GameSpy. The host now has the ability to kick, ban and set up passworded games. At console type “kick” or “ban” followed by their nickname.

  • Fixed the superweapon->quit exploit
  • Mods now support editing of armor.ini, strings.tdb
  • Buildings can be made of tiles in addition to terrain
  • Added the “edit_vehicle” console command for physics tweaking


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.015

Released on 2 March 2002


  • Minor updates to firewall negotiation queuing. This was preventing players joining games in some situations (usually when many players were trying to join at once, or when many players hit the abort button on this dialog).
  • Minor updates to low-level packet handling which were causing server instability when unexpected traffic appeared on the game port.
  • LAN hosting is now allowed on routable IP addresses.
  • Cosmetic fix to game list control which was displaying multiple selected games when the list was refreshed in some cases.


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.014

Released on 28 February 2002

  • Addresses some lag issues and a few other things.


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Patch 1.012

Released on 26 February 2002

New Key Assignment

  • “Q” assigned to “Vehicle Gunner” toggle. This key adds the ability for each user to set whether or not they allow someone else to be the gunner of their vehicle. For this new key configuration setting to work you must erase the CONFIG directory under the DATA directory and restart the game.

Single Player

  • REMINDER!!! The (F6) function key is assigned to the Quicksave function.
  • Bug: Fixed where you could delete level files from the load game menu.


  • Multiplayer balance tweaking.
  • Improved Obelisk targeting.
  • Added GAMESPY support.
  • Added new “version mismatch error” display when trying to join a game server with a different version via GAMESPY.
  • Bug: Fixed the price of a (Beacon) being doubled in certain circumstances. The price will never be doubled.
  • Bug: Fixed the first person hands of a non-stealth soldier appearing to be stealthed under certain circumstances.
  • Bug: Fixed cost doubling not reflected properly when power plant is destroyed, after quitting and restarting a game.
  • Bug: Fixed the case where being shot while crouching and placing a beacon would stop you from re-spawning.
  • Bug: Fixed bug which allowed manipulating the hosting options to generate illegal combinations.
  • Bug: Fixed the situation where you destroy the airstrip while a vehicle is being delivered and the vehicle would be invisible.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.
  • Clan rankings are updated for buddies when “Refresh” is clicked.
  • Various additional (Clan and Ladder) modifications and bug fixes.
  • Various (Chat) modifications and bug fixes.
  • Various (Dedicated Server) modifications and bug fixes.


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