Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath – Factions


As in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars there will be once again 3 factions returning in Kane’s Wrath. The GDI and Nod are both back as well as the Scrin who were introduced in Tiberium Wars.

Global Defense Initiative

GDI forces have one mission: to save the world from the spread of Tiberium. Their aim is to abolish The Brotherhood of Nod terrorist organization and reverse the effects of Tiberium on the ecosystem so that the world can return to a sustainable level of habitability.

Resourceful, organized, and heavily armed, GDI forces are direct and dependable. The GDI does sometimes need to cut through bureaucratic red tape to get things done, but once it gets up to speed, it is virtually unstoppable.

In general, GDI forces prefer to stick with the tried-and-true over new-but-questionable technologies. However, GDI is a resourceful organization built to withstand punishment and respond well to unexpected emergencies.


Brotherhood of Nod

Followers of The Brotherhood of Nod do not consider themselves part of any army so much as part of a religion. They believe their leader Kane to be on the forefront of a movement to elevate the human race. Their loyalty to Kane is thought to be absolute and their convictions, unshakable. They are willing to sacrifice everything to bring victory to the Brotherhood.

Nod’s forces are an unusual combination of poorly-equipped third-world militias with highly trained mercenaries armed with exotic weaponry. Nod’s ethos is a guerilla warfare approach on the battlefield. They like to move quickly to attack and then escape without a trace. Their mixture of high-end and low-tech military gear can be exceptionally lethal, but also unpredictable.



Proof that humankind was not alone in the universe came suddenly when the Scrin appeared on Earth and commenced their attack. They seem to thrive in Tiberium and, unlike us, appear to actually be healed, not harmed, by the substance.

The Scrin’s numbers are unknown and their technology seems to be far superior to ours. Most interestingly, their technology seems to have afforded them a level of resiliency to our foreign environment. Humanity has little intel on their motives, but, unless proven otherwise, they will be treated as a serious threat.


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