Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath – Epic Units


How do you turn the tide the tide of battle and cripple your opponent during the ultimate war for Tiberium? With the new epic units, of course.

Each faction will have a unique hero-type “epic unit” designed to wreak destruction on the battlefield. Each epic unit has it own construction facility designed for the sole purpose of building one and the unit itself costs 5000 credits. The M.A.R.V. can garrison 4 infantry units, the Eradicator 3, and the Redeemer is limited to 2. The infantry will create turrets on the epic units, but cannot be degarrisoned. Each epic unit will announce its arrival on the battlefield to all players.

Epic units have an interesting role in the Global Conquest mode, as they can be strategically placed on the global map between missions.


Global Defense Initiative

g_epic_marvMammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle (M.A.R.V.)

A massively armoured and heavily armed (it sports a three-barrelled railgun, or sonic cannon for ZOCOM) vehicle which can instantly harvest and process Tiberium by driving over it, giving the player an immediate cash bonus. It has four garrisonable hard-points in its four corners, the ability to crush any vehicles, even high-tier units and walkers.



Available infantry upgrades (4 slots available):

  • Rifleman Squad: anti-infantry autocannon
  • Missile Squad: anti-armour/anti-air missile launcher
  • (Combat) Engineer: self-repair module; addition of a multiple Engineers will repair the unit more rapidly
  • Grenadier Squad: anti-infantry grenade launcher
  • Sniper Team: anti-infantry sniper bunker
  • Zone Troopers: anti-armour railgun turret
  • Zone Raiders: anti-infantry/anti-armour sonic grenade launcher


Brotherhood of Nod


A giant quadrupedal walker which looks like the bigger version of the Avatar Warmech which garrisons infantry to increase firepower and specialization. The Redeemer’s special ability is to be able to charge up a rage generator in it which, when used, makes all enemy units attack their allies. Its standard weapon is a triple-barrelled laser arm.




Available infantry upgrades (2 slots available):

  • Militant Squad/Confessor Cabal/Awakened: anti-infantry autocannon
  • Militant Rocket Squad: anti-armour/anti-air rocket launcher
  • Saboteur: self-repair module; addition of another Saboteur will repair the unit more rapidly
  • Black Hand Troopers: anti-infantry/anti-structure flamethrower (capable of clearing garrisoned buildings; does not benefit from the Purifying flames upgrade)
  • Tiberium Troopers: anti-infantry/anti-structure liquid Tiberium cannon (capable of clearing garrisoned buildings)

Note: The Redeemer will become stuck if a lone Confessor that is otherwise attached to a Militant (Rocket) Squad or a Black Disciple attempt to enter it. Vanilla Nod Awakened received from the Redemption support power can not enter a Redeemer.



s_epic_eradicatorEradicator Hexapod

A massive, spider-like biomechanism which gains credits by processing the hulks of destroyed enemy units. Utilizes plasma discs as its primary weapon. It also has three garrisonable hardpoints.





Available infantry upgrades (3 slots available):

  • Disintegrators: anti-armour cutting laser
  • Assimilator: self-repair module; addition of multiple Assimilators will NOT repair the unit more rapidly
  • Shock Troopers: anti-armour/anti-air plasma disc launcher
  • Ravagers: anti-infantry/anti-armour Tiberium shard launcher
  • Mastermind/Prodigy: teleportation ability (frees up the Mastermind/Prodigy slot for training)


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