Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath – Campaign-Only Objects



Global Defense Initiative

kw_gdiadminbuildingGDI Administration Center
This building is a key element establishing GDI presence in major cities.






tw_genericresearchlabRadio Station
This structure is used to emit radio signals. When captured, it acts the same way as the Voice of Kane structure.





A simple barrier. Unlike in most other Command & Conquer games, walls are not buildable.










kw_pulsescannerSteel Talons Pulse Scanner
This defensive structure detects enemy movements, and can even detect stealthed units. Once the alarm is sounded, there is a window of a few seconds after which reinforcements are called.
Note: Marcion’s army does not trigger the Pulse Scanner.





kw_gdistealthlabStealth Lab
A Steel Talons research laboratory in Australia dedicated to analyzing confiscated Nod stealth technology.





kw_gditiblabLiquid Tiberium Research Center
A Steel Talons research laboratory in Australia dedicated to analyzing liquid Tiberium.






tw_genericresearchlabNetwork Research Center
These research facilities in Johannesburg, South Africa contain the blueprints of the Ion Cannon network.





kw_gditreasuryGDI Treasury
The main building of the GDI Treasury Complex in an undisclosed location in the United States of America. It is the workplace of the GDI treasurer Redmond Boyle.






tw_asatbuildingSpaceport Control Center
The control center of the GDI spaceport in Chile. Hosts a lot of crucial information.






kw_ironsideIronside Transport
An experimental transport aircraft. A prototype is parked in a GDI spaceport in Chile.






kw_zocombunkerGDI Bunker
An opening to an underground bunker in GDI’s Rocky Mountains complex, used to deploy reinforcements should the need arise.





tw_asatbuildingCommunications Center
A network of communications centers in GDI’s Rocky Mountains complex, linked to the Tacitus research facility.
Note: Due to a potential error in coding, all three Communications Centers in the mission Tacitus Regained have very low hit points remaining, and will change to a damaged model only when captured.



kw_tacitusfacilityTacitus Research Facility
A special research facility in the Rocky Mountains, United States of America, dedicated to examining and experimenting with the artefact known as the Tacitus.






Brotherhood of Nod

A simple barrier. Unlike in most other Command & Conquer games, walls are not buildable.










tw_nodcommandcenter1Marcion’s Headquarters
The main base of operations of Brother Marcion.






kw_marcionstatueMarcion’s Statue
Literally a shining example of Brother Marcion’s hubris.






kw_marciontransportMarcion’s Transport
The personal transport of Brother Marcion, used when his life is in danger.





An amphibious transport meant to deploy Nod forces on beaches.





A large warship armed with powerful cannons. Inactive in all its appearances.





tw_templeprimeTemple Prime
Nod’s capital structure and Kane’s command center, built near the foundation of the original Temple of Nod from the First Tiberium War in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.





tw_iondisruptiongeneratorIon Disruption Generator
This building jams the signal for the Ion Cannon, preventing it from firing within the Ion Disruption Generator’s area of effect.





tw_nukefactoryIon Shield Research Center
A research facility near Temple Prime which is dedicated to finding ways to prevent the GDI Ion Cannon from firing.





tw_nodcommandcenter3Compound Headquarters
These buildings serve as command centers in major Nod bases.











kw_markedofkanecontrolnodeMarked of Kane Control Node
A network of these nodes, found in Russia and Southeast Asia, controls all Marked of Kane cyborgs.





A barrel containing explosive materials. Spectacle guaranteed when destroyed.





tw_civilianbunkerCivilian Bunker
A fortified garrisonable structure.






tw_civilianmaleDr. Alphonse Giraud
The in-game appearance of Dr. Alphonse Giraud, seen briefly before entering a Nod Carryall. He is not selectable and can not be directly targeted.







tw_tibwallhubTiberium Wall
A special type of wall which prevents the spread of Tiberium. Usually found in Blue Zones.





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